Towards Better Learning

The Coding Lab team has gathered tips for you on how you can guide your child towards better learning! Ensure that your child’s learning experiences are the best they can be – especially if it’s coding.

From tips for meaningful learning to motivating, progression of knowledge and skills, and more… Our beautiful infographics paints a thousand words. Keep calm, code on and most importantly, have fun on their coding journey!

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Happy Easter Header

Coding Lab wishes all our parents and students Happy Easter! We had a whale of a time last Thursday, where 12 students attended our Easter parent-child online coding workshop.

Each parent-child pair drew and decorated their own set of digital Easter eggs, and programmed their bunny to respond to keyboard commands.


As a gift from the Coding Lab Team this Easter, the full workshop notes are available for you to download. We hope you will enjoy creating the game with your child.

Check out our students’ work here and do upload your games once you have made yours. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday! 2020
Happy Easter Sunday! Can you catch the eggs? Try it here!

Class in session
Class in session

Programming their Game
Programming their Easter Bunny Game

Some Participants at the Easter Parent-Child Workshop
Some Participants at the Easter Parent-Child Workshop

Best Math & Science TV Shows for Kids that are Worth the Screen Time

Dear parents,

How have your September holidays been? I hope you have been having fun with your kids, and for those studying for their exams, they deserve huge hugs and cuddles everyday. Let’s continue to encourage them to do better!

After their exams are over, you may want to let them relax, unwind and if you’d like, here is a nice list of Tech and Math related TV shows to keep them engaged. Enjoy!


Best Math & Science TV Shows for Kids that are Worth the Screen Time