Now that the holidays are here, you might be wondering which are the best shows and movies that you can engage your children with. Fret not! We’ve got the answer: Educational. Tech. Shows. And movies!

The team at Coding Lab has compiled our top recommendations for your child’s fun and enriching holiday, whether they are aged 4 or they are teenagers. Not only can they stay entertained, but they will also be able to learn a thing or two about technology and the world.

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Note: Most age ratings are based on Common Sense Media‘s recommendations with information from the streaming platform.

1. Ask the Storybots

For Ages: 3+

Available on: Netflix, select episodes on Netflix Jr on YouTube

What it’s about: How do computers work? How do cell phones work? How do airplanes fly? This Netflix Original animated series answers questions from kids through song and fun, with Storybots characters who live in computer parts. To complete their tasks and find the answers to questions, they travel to the “Outer World”. In their journey, they meet other characters who explain how things work and through animation, it makes it easy for young ones to understand and fun for older kids too!

What we like: This two-time Emmy-winning series has an animation style that combines the real world with bright-coloured main characters. Each episode even includes guest stars that make it even more exciting, such as the rapper Snoop Dogg guest-starring as the Operating System in the CPU who explains all about binary codes. Overall, the show depicts the Storybots’ journeys to finding answers in an enjoyable way for kids, full of humour for older ones and educational for all. With big concepts made simple, amazing animations and catchy songs, it is sure to captivate the tiny tots in an educational time!

Duration: 20-28 minutes per episode

2. Brainchild

For Ages: 7+

Available on: Netflix

What it’s about: This show covers topics such as social media, space, motivation, and more in an exciting way. Through scientific experiments, interactive games and illusions, it explores and answers questions that your children might have on the various topics. Hosted by Sahana Srinivasan, the young girl is relatable as she introduces topics and keeps you intrigued. 

What we like: It’s a refreshing take with a witty and humorous host, and a colourful show that gets your children into science, in touch with their emotions, learn more about technology and filled with life lessons about teamwork and kindness. Produced by the creators of the popular Brain Games series, you can be sure that it is engaging and entertaining for a family of various ages! The only downside of it is that it only has 1 season with 13 episodes and many viewers asking for more. 

Duration: 22-24 minutes per episode

3. Coding Bytes

For Ages: 7+

Available on: YouTube

What it’s about: These small, byte-sized video tutorials by our passionate Coding Lab educators invite your little ones to join in the fun to code their own projects at home with Scratch, MIT App Inventor and text-based Python programming language. Through easy-to-follow videos, your children can choose from an array of projects, ranging from a colourful Augmented Reality game to a maze game, as well as a phone app to catch fishes, and more!

What we like: We love that the videos are short and sparks little ones’ interests to explore the programming world even further. There are also checkpoints in the video to encourage children to pause and code alongside to successfully code a project of their own. With simple explanations, demonstrations and colourful graphics, it is engaging and sure to keep your little ones entertained and occupied!

Duration: 5-11 minutes per episode

4. Big Hero 6 – Movie and The Series

For Ages: 7+

Available on: Disney Plus (movie, series)

What it’s about: You may remember how robotics prodigy Hiro and inflatable healthcare robot Baymax captured many hearts when it took to the silver screens 8 years ago. The animated comedy film and its high-tech superhero stars is worth a watch for the young kids (and nostalgic rewatch for the parents!), and you can now continue following the adventures of Hiro and Baymax in a show series as they go up against scientifically-enhanced villains!

What we love: There are lots of possibilities with coding and technology, and we love that the premise of both the movie and series of Big Hero 6 stretches one’s imagination of the world that could be. With a gorgeous animation style, an Asian lead, lots of laughs and heartwarming scenes, it is an enjoyable film that also imparts life lessons (and a great refresher before Baymax! releases end-June.). It also might just inspire your little one to explore more tech!

Duration: 1h 48mins for movie, 24-26 minutes per episode

Did you know? Our students Ages 10 to 12 learn to develop their very own Baymax, a personal healthcare companion, in our Python Junior 1 course. Find out more here!

5. Ron’s Gone Wrong

For Ages: 8+

Available on: Disney Plus

What it’s about: This film is set in a world with social media and follows awkward teenager Barney and his new “Best Friend out of the Box” robot named Ron, whose algorithm was originally designed to help one make friends. Ron then turns out to be a defective robot who goes against his programming. Catch the action-packed adventure as Barney navigates friendship and life with Ron!

What we like: This animated comedy is perfect for family movie night with younger kids. With endearing characters and a heartwarming story, it touches on how technology can help us while also emphasising on the importance of maintaining human connection. We love that it touches on codes, algorithms and digital security – giving a great insight into what goes on behind the technology that we see – while also entertaining through the many antics of Barney and Ron!

Duration: 1h 52mins

6. Veritasium

For Ages: 12+

Available on: YouTube

What it’s about: Want more technology videos for your children to think about? Veritasium explores science and engineering, featuring experiments, expert interviews, demonstrations, and discussions with the public about science. This Youtube channel was created and narrated by Derek Muller, an Australian-Canadian science communicator, filmmaker, television personality and inventor.

What we like about it: Each video is packed with content that will be eye-opening and intriguing. With the help of Derek’s extensive experience in his field, Veritasium is able to explore a myriad of topics in a comprehensive way, with complementary visuals and graphics. You should definitely give this a go and let your children explore whatever topic they are interested in. Given the nature of these topics, you can also join your children in this learning experience and enjoy some quality family bonding time!

Duration: Around 6-30 minutes per video

7. Steve Jobs

For Ages: 14+ (Coarse Language)

Available on: Netflix

What it’s about: Your teenagers may know of Apple, iPhone and Macs, but do they know the story of the fearless visionary who made it? Inspired by the life of Steve Jobs, this film covers the events of the Macintosh launch in 1984, being forced out of Apple, the NeXT Computer in 1988 and then after returning to Apple, the launch of the iMac in 1998. It showcases the genius behind Apple and his flaws, while also putting human connection at the heart of it all. 

What we like: It’s been 11 years since Steve Jobs passed away, so it’s a good way to introduce one of the greatest innovators in recent years to your teenager. With witty lines, great acting and scenes that will make you hold your breath, this is the better film on his life (compared to the film Jobs). There is much to learn from the story of Steve Jobs as he led in art, design and the man that has revolutionised the very world that we are living in today. 

Duration: 2h 2mins

8. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

For: Family time with children of All Ages

Available on: YouTube

What it’s about: This German-based YouTube channel creates amazing animated videos that explain a broad spectrum of topics, from quantum computers to futurism, medicine and biology, and so much more. Kurzgesagt aims to spark curiosity about these topics, while laying out the facts, and also hopes to inspire others to learn through good humour and engaging storytelling.

What we like: These short, “in a nutshell” videos explain complicated issues in a clear and concise way, with brilliant animations to accompany it. With a narrator explaining concepts clearly and so many video topics to choose from, it is perfect for your child to find out more about the world. It is also no wonder that Kurzgesagt has racked up almost 2 billion views! Its great pacing, narration and colourful animation will have your children hooked from start to finish and interested to find out more!

Duration: Around 6-15 minutes per video

9. The Speed Cubers

For: Family movie time for children of All Ages

Available on: Netflix

What it’s about: For all the competitive spirits out there, this documentary explores the world of competitive Rubik’s Cube speed solving. It follows the unusual friendship of two speedcubing champions, Feliks Zemdegs and Max Park. 17-year-old Max with autism, as they grow and overcome adversities.

What we like: Did you know that a speed cuber can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under seven seconds? It’s a seemingly simple subject that is interesting even if you do not know how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. This inspiring and positive documentary imparts values of sportsmanship and friendship. Above all, it teaches one that winning is not everything, and is a good opened for many conversations that you can have with your children.

Duration: 40 minutes

10. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

For: Family time with older children Ages 12+
(This show is rated PG13 – Parental Guidance advised for ages 12 and under)

Available on: Netflix

What it’s about: Based on the impressive real-life story of 13-year-old William Kamkwamba in Malawi, Africa, the Netflix Original tells the story of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Against all odds, the determined young boy was inspired by a science book and skills learnt in school to invent an unconventional way to save his village from famine and other environmental disasters. Even though the title gives away the ending, the movie does a wonderful job of telling the story, which is filled with father-son moments as well.

What we like: This heartwarming movie touches on climate change, technological breakthroughs, the importance of education, family and determination, and is a real tearjerker. It’s also a great story to inspire your child to impact the world and to show them that age doesn’t matter when it comes to inventions. 

Duration: 1h 53mins

We hope that these recommendations will help you to make the most of the June holidays as it entertains and educates your children and family! After all, learning can take place everywhere, not just in the classroom.

Did we miss your child’s favourite educational tech show? Let us know at [email protected]

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(Written by Cheryl Tang and Oliver Zhang)

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Hooray, June School Holidays are coming! What are you up to this month? Looking for exciting things you can do in our little red dot? We’ve got you! Here are plenty of fun and educational techtivities that you can plan and visit this month.

For June’s #TechFact, did you know that an AI completed Beethoven’s unfinished 10th Symphony? It made its premiere in 2021 – nearly 2 centuries after the composer’s death!

Image for #TechFact (June Techtivities)

Now that we’re all warmed up, keep scrolling on to discover techtivities that you and your family can indulge in this month! ✨

The World of Nickelodeon

Singapore’s first-ever Nickelodeon-themed entertainment centre is sure to be a hit with your child, who will finally get a chance to meet their favourite characters! Look forward to a variety of immersive games set in famous cartoon locations. Watch Paw Patrol, Bikini Bottom and more come alive through interactive screens, extra fun with games, bumper cars, climbing walls, bouncy castles and more – all made possible with technology.

Image of The World of Nickelodeon for June 2022 Techtivities
Photo Credit: HHWT

When: Until 19 June 2022
Where: Marina Square
Price: From $32
Learn more here.

i Light Singapore

Asia’s leading sustainable light festival, i Light, is back in Singapore after a two-year hiatus! Immerse yourself and your family in various art installations and programmes. Get excited to view interactive artworks displayed using projection mapping, which helps digital artworks come to life! Did you know that this is also one of the technologies that fall under augmented reality? (Psst! Our students ages 7 to 9 learn all about augmented reality and code their very own games with it. Find out more here.)

Image of i Light Singapore for June 2022 Techtivities

When: 3 – 26 June 2022
Where: Marina Bay
Price: Free
(*charges may apply for certain programmes)
Learn more here.

Let’s Play @ D’Marquee

A pop-up inflatable playground with both indoor and outdoor areas is coming our way! Suitable for the young and the young-at-heart, the various activities are for all ages. Bounce around and fight it out in a gladiator ball or through virtual reality, journey on dinosaur rides and transform into a king kong robot, interact with tech and make great memories for the family!

Image of Let's Play @ D'Marquee for June 2022 Techtivities

When: Until 9 August 2022
Where: Downtown East, D’Marquee
Price: From $28
Learn more here.

Gardens by the Bay and Jumptopia: Wonder Garden

This holiday, Kiztopia is bringing their inflatable playgrounds to Gardens by the Bay. With 8 unique garden-themed play concepts, the indoor garden playscape is the perfect escapade from the heat and humidity! It’s also another great reason to bring the family on an outing to Gardens by the Bay – full of learning opportunities for the little ones to know more about the architectural marvel, amazing technology and futuristic green space in our city.

Our recommendation? Go on the Best of Both Worlds itinerary that covers the best of the indoors and outdoors – with tidbits about the tech that makes this megastructure possible – and ends with the popular (and free!) Garden Rhapsody light-and-sound show.

Image of Jumptopia for June 2022 Techtivities

Image of Gardens by the Bay for June 2022 Techtivities

Details of Jumptopia:
When: Until 3 July 2022
Where: Gardens by the Bay, Bayfront Pavilion
Price: From $16.20
Learn more here.

June Holiday Coding Camps 2022

Make it a fun and educational school holiday for your children (and give them a headstart in school!) as they learn what’s behind their favourite games – and create their very own ones! Coding Lab’s award-winning coding curriculum for Ages 5 to 18 is thoughtfully designed and curated. The MIT-inspired coding courses seek to instil a passion for coding in every student as they learn to code in a hands-on and fun-filled way.

Bonus! Join in the special Minecraft course debuting this holiday, which teaches advanced coding to create structures such as The Great Pyramids in a click on the popular gaming platform. Whether they are a new adventurer stepping into the world of Minecraft or seasoned and battle-hardened veterans of the game, students will benefit greatly from this course. Sign your child up today! 🖱️

June Summer Holiday Coding Camps 2022 Banner

When: 30 May – 24 June
Where: Parkway Parade, Bukit Timah (KAP Mall), Seletar Mall, United Square and Online
Price: From $401.52
Sign up here.

Sign up for your Coding Lab class now!

Image for #TechNews (June Techtivities 2022)
Ever wanted your daily cup of coffee to be served with a side of cutting-edge technology? 

In this month’s Tech News, meet Ella. You may recognise this robot barista, but did you know that it was created by Singaporean start-up Crown Digital? Ella is a robot barista which can brew up to 200 cups per hour and is currently hard at work at the Tokyo and Yokohama railway stations in Japan. 🗾

Future plans for Ella to be deployed at 30 MRT stations in our sunny Singapore are in the works! 🇸🇬 Read more here.

If you haven’t seen our previous techtivity recommendations, check out our May #TechtivitiesOfTheMonth, which includes more cool, tech-related activities you can do with friends and family!

(Written by Thinzar and Edited by Cheryl)

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Here at Coding Lab, we’re on a mission to spread the joy of coding to as many children as possible. At our Parkway Parade and Bukit Timah (KAP Mall) campuses, we constantly upgrade our digital devices and laptops for our students’ use. While doing so, we also recognise that not everyone has access to a laptop.

Educators packing laptops for Bridge the Digital Divide
Our Educators Evan and Rachel packing our laptops for Bridge the Digital Divide!

To encourage the enrichment of lives through digital technology, we partnered with Bridge the Digital Divide to donate our laptops in early 2022 as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the privilege for every child and everyone to have a laptop of their own. Whether it’s for remote learning or work, Bridge the Digital Divide helps to redirect donated laptops to low-income families.

“Our sincere thanks to the Coding Lab team for your thoughtful donation to Bridge the Digital Divide! Your donated laptops will definitely contribute to creating more digital inclusion in Singapore!”

– Kathy, Bridge the Digital Divide

Our 26 laptops, worth close to $20,000, were redirected by Bridge the Digital Divide to their partnering non-profit organisations. Bridge the Digital Divide is a social initiative that aims to promote digital inclusion in Singapore by redirecting donated working devices to their partnering non-profit organisations, such as the charity organisations Aidha and Pass-It-On Singapore, who would then distribute it to organisations and individuals who will put them to good use.

Bridge the Digital Divide CSR - Aidha
Bridging the digital gap with our laptop donation!
(Photo credit: Bridge the Digital Divide)

With more than 300 students in their programmes, Aidha needed laptops for their Essential Computer Skills class. This charity aims to empower migrant domestic workers and low-income women in Singapore through courses in financial literacy, computer literacy and entrepreneurship. We’re glad that we were able to provide them with laptops for their beneficiaries’ learning and to promote an inclusive digital society!

Our laptops were also distributed to individuals through Pass-It-On Singapore, a project that distributes useful items to those in need, and Ain Society, an organisation that supports cancer patients, survivors and their families.

Akid Danial, a polytechnic student who required a laptop for school and home-based learning for him and his school-going sibling, thoughtfully penned a note to convey his thanks. He wrote, “You have saved my family time and money in finding a laptop for my tertiary education in Poly. … I promise to make good use of it. Lastly, I would like to thank you for giving a step towards my success.”

You can read Akid’s full note in the Facebook post below.

Coding Lab CSR (2) - Header

“We are heartened to know that students and adults have benefitted from the donation of our laptops. These laptops have played a key role in supporting our students’ learning, and we are happy to see that it will continue to support the growth of others. While we continue to work hard to develop and grow Coding Lab, we are also committed to continue finding opportunities to contribute back to our community and bridge the digital gap.”

– Yong Ning Foo, Founder and Lead Educator of Coding Lab

We believe that sharing is caring and we know that our laptops will be of good use to the recipients! If you have used or spare devices in working conditions (laptops, tablets or phones), do also consider donating them to Bridge the Digital Divide’s cause.

Bridge the Digital Divide CSR - Photo of Laptops
Our laptops have played an important role in teaching our students to code.
(Photo credit: Bridge the Digital Divide)

Find out more about Bridge the Digital Divide here.

Find out more about Aidha here.

Find out more about Pass-It-On Singapore here.

We will strive to keep on sharing the goodness of tech with the community and we look forward to working with more partners on initiatives to continue nurturing future leaders in technology. Let’s all play our part in ensuring that each and every single one of us achieves digital literacy! 💚💻

Read More: Tiny Thinkers bringing computational thinking to everyone – Lunch with Minister Vivian Balakrishnan

(Written by Cheryl Tang)

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We are honoured to be the winner of multiple awards.
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