We invited 2 passionate brothers, Lucas and Louis Tang, who first began their coding journey with us 4 years ago when they were 9 and 6 years old respectively. They have since accelerated across our S100 Python for teens, and are already pursuing our  S200 Electives course at the ages of 12 and 10. Lucas will also be commencing his studies at Hwa Chong Institution in 2023.

Let’s hear from them regarding their experience so far!

Click to watch the video version of our interview with Louis and Lucas Tang! 👆

What do you love about coding? What about it keeps you going?

Lucas: I enjoy it because it is satisfying! It is like maths. Because I love maths, that is why coding is fun! Once you solve a problem, it gives you this satisfying feeling, and I am quite enthusiastic about this. I feel like somehow, when I have questions in the first lesson, somehow the second lesson will answer it!

The teacher will help us recall what we learned the previous time so that we can remember what we have learned in the previous lesson, and she will first address any question we may have about the last lesson.

Coding is fun and challenging! Firstly, coding is fun because when I test my project after working very hard on it, I find that I feel relieved! I feel that it is fun playing with the game that I have created.

– Louis Tang

Image of Louis Tang
Meet Louis, who enjoyed learning about the intersections of Mathematics and Coding in our Python 2 class!

Louis: Coding is fun and challenging! Firstly, coding is fun because when I test my project after working very hard on it, I find that I feel relieved! I feel that it is fun playing with the game that I have created.

I also feel that it is actually challenging as sometimes I might not know the topics being taught, as I am usually one of the younger ones in the class, so I might not know much of the maths! For example, for some of the quadratic equations, I do not know them. So I can only rely on the formulas as I do not fully understand them. The teacher will help me with the tough maths challenges, as I am weaker in these areas, and I didn’t know how to create a plot in Python!

What do your friends and family say when they hear that you are a coder?

Lucas: Coding really revolves around Math. Once I solve a problem, I feel accomplished, and I am quite enthusiastic about this. For both Coding and Math, I really need to be very familiar with formulas. The best part is that once you solve a question, it feels satisfying!

Louis: I think coding is very fun and figuring out how to do the programs help me relieve stress! Sometimes the Math needed for programs can be challenging and I have not yet learned them at school as I’m only in P4. For example, quadratic equations – The teacher will help me with these tough Math challenges in class and it took me 3 days to understand and complete the project!

What is your favourite project that you have worked on in Coding Lab?

Lucas: My favourite project was mental sums, it was a task where you have to make an unlimited number of questions using the random module, where you can create simple mental sums!

I like to use it as sometimes when I feel that my mind is unproductive, I will just use the programme for a while to enhance my reaction time and awaken my brain! It was a Coursemology project, so I had to do it to earn experience points to progress to the next level.

Here is how Lucas’ Mental Math game looks like! Why don’t you give it a try? 😉

Louis: My favourite project is the phonebook. You can add someone’s name and then their contact. You also can update it, delete it, and you also can view it. So an example is that when you run it, it can act like WhatsApp, you can search for someone’s name and find their contacts easily by just typing their name! I find it interesting but challenging, as it requires many codes, but it is fun to play with!

This is Louis’ favourite Phonebook program, which he learnt in our Python 2 classes! 😀

Lucas is an independent student who displays great problem solving skills. He has a strong foundation in coding and is able to grasp new concepts quickly. It is evident when he is attempting challenges in class where he uses and applies concepts in the right way, even adding his own customisations to further improve the program.

– Educator Thinzar

What would you say to someone who is new to coding? Is there any advice you would like to share with them?

Lucas: Do not memorise all the modules! Trust me, it uses unnecessary brain power. If you memorise all the functions, you will not be putting all your energy into solving the problem! You will just be trying to memorise the modules and how to use them. You can use a cheat sheet to solve the problems instead!

Coding, like maths, requires formulas, like modules. It feels so good every time you complete one assignment. You will also get to exercise your brain!

Louis: I would tell them to join (Coding Lab), as personally, coding is not very extremely hard. They might not know some of the topics, but the teacher will go through all of the topics clearly, and help them understand more. I think coding is very fun and a way to relieve stress!

If the project is very hard, just do not give up as eventually, you can solve it. For example, for the quadratic equation, it took me 3 days to finally understand it and complete the project!

Because I love maths, that is why coding is fun! Coding really revolves around maths. For both of them, you really need formulas. For example, for coding, you need to use functions. Other than functions, you can use modules also. In maths, it is called formulas too. The best part is that once you solve a question, it feels satisfying!

– Lucas Tang

Image of Lucas Tang
Lucas loves attending his Coding Lab classes with Educator Thinzar, and has progressed wonderfully under her supportive guidance.

Just a few more questions! Is there anything you would like to say to Educator Thinzar?

Lucas: I like your class because you always joke around and you help us when we have any questions. Thank you for making coding so fun!

Is coding something you want to do in the future?

Louis: Yes. Coding is something that I want to do in the future, as my dream job is to be a programmer! I want to program robots to help me do my work!

This is as I am quite lazy and I don’t want to do my work on my own! Usually, today I have HBL as it’s PSLE, so I just woke up at 6.30 in the morning, as my brother also wakes up to go to his PSLE. I then finish all my work in the morning, so that in the afternoon I can just slouch back.

What is the feeling that you get when you have solved a code?

Louis: Well, I feel very relieved and excited! I also feel happy as I feel accomplished after I’ve finished my code.

I feel happy and excited, because I want to test out the code. I like to test out the code as it’s very fun and exciting, and usually after doing a large volume of work, some parts might not work, but I really wanna test it to make sure it works.

Louis is a bright student who always asks additional questions to understand concepts in-depth. I really appreciate his questions as it shows his keenness for learning and helps to equip him with a strong foundation. 

– Educator Thinzar

Thank you Lucas and Louis for sharing your personal stories with us, and for the invaluable advice that you have given to new coders that are just starting out! 😄

We are incredibly impressed by your enthusiasm for the intricacies of coding, and are heartened to have witnessed your growth in Coding Lab under the caring guidance of our nurturing Educators!

Many of our students have overcome various challenges, advanced far beyond their own expectations, and forged their own path in programming, and we are so proud of them. Our #CodingLabStudents series features some of our exceptional and resilient students, and aims to put a spotlight on their dreams, goals and achievements!  🌱

Find your own starting point to this journey here with us by browsing our course catalogue today!

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(Written by Thinzar and Gracia)

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