Best-in-class Curriculum for Coding

Awards (600 x 129)
Founded by an MIT Master’s alumnus who worked in Silicon Valley, our award-winning curriculum challenges students to develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Our structured learning roadmap is carefully designed to take students through their programming journey from ages 4-18.

Ages 4-6

Animation | Robotics | Play Doh Circuits
Start your child on their journey in logical thinking – program an animation and direct a robot to retrieve treasure.
Ages 7-9

Scratch | Game Development | Young Computer Scientists
Beginning with Game Development, students master 12 research areas under our award-winning Young Computer Scientists programme.
Ages 10-12

App Development | Python | Advanced Computer Scientists
Let your child excel in Computational Thinking with our progressive learning roadmap which takes them through App Development, Micro:Bit and Python.
Ages 13-18

Python | Electives | C++
Be future-ready with our proprietary Python courses ranging from Math simulations to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

IB (Java) | GCE ‘O’ Level Computing
Taking Computer Science for the International Baccalaureate or GCE ‘O’ Level Computing? Ace the examinations with our specialised coaching program.
Special Programmes

Gifted Coders | Olympiad | Competitions
For students who wish to pursue specialised training in a particular area of interest. By Invitation Only.

Experience our award-winning curriculum and high quality teaching. Our track record speaks for itself; Our students have won medals at the National Olympiad in Informatics, emerged as champions at the Inter-School Robotics Competition, entered the school of their choice via the Direct School Admissions (DSA) exercise and secured stellar grades for their IB or GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level examinations.

Coding Lab also operates in Japan, Australia and Singapore.

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