Congratulations to our students at Coding Lab Japan who attained the Creativity Award in this year’s Microsoft National Minecraft Cup in Tokyo, Japan! 🏆

As one of the 14 awards given to the top teams, we are extremely proud of our students for emerging as winners out of more than 3000 entries! They showcased their coding capabilities and creative talents in making their own Minecraft world that they called New CodeTropolis.

Click to watch the impressive and awe-inspiring New CodeTropolis world by our students!

This year, our students brainstormed solutions to build a wonderful Minecraft world with Affordable and Clean Energy to solve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. You’ll be able to watch a timelapse of them speed building and spot some of the cool features that they’ve added to their Minecraft world, such as:

  • Hydroelectric Dam & Wind Farm
  • Solar Farm
  • Hyperloop Train
  • Vertical Farms ⁣⁣⁣
  • … and more!

It is also a testament to how versatile Minecraft can be, imparting coding skills, as well as encouraging creativity and problem-solving. Well done, students! 🥳 You can check out the full results here.

Did you know that our Coding Lab SG-JP team previously won Best Coding Award at the Microsoft Minecraft National Cup 2019? Read all about it here.

Coding Lab SG-JP Team’s CodeTropolis project for the Microsoft National Minecraft Cup 2019 in Tokyo, Japan!

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You can find out more about Coding Lab Japan here.

(Written by Cheryl Tang)

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