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P100 : Starting from Scratch
Level 1: Your child will fall in love with Coding and build a strong foundation in computational thinking with our P100 series of courses. We will be using Scratch, a Top 20 global programming language used by Harvard to introduce Computer Science to undergraduates, and is specifically designed for teaching young children programming. MIT Scratch Logo
P200: Mobile App Developer
 Level 2: Completed our P100 series? Students will now progress to phase 2 of their coding journey by learning to develop mobile apps. Our P200 courses teach students to create fully functional mobile Apps that run on mobile phones.MIT App Inventor Logo 
P300: Python
Level 3: Our young coders are now ready to take their first step into syntax based programming with Python, a popular real-world programming language taught our P300 courses.

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P100: Starting From Scratch
P200: Mobile App Developer
P300: Python