Remember our 10 Medallists at the 26th National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) earlier this year? 

We are dedicated to nurturing future leaders in technology, and as educators, we are always delighted to hear our students’ achievements and their kind words of appreciation for our efforts. We caught up briefly with our student, Ziv who had some words for us:

The countless days spent practicing on websites, as well as attending classes at Coding Lab, have greatly contributed to achieving this milestone. However, I want to express my deepest gratitude to my parents, teachers, and friends, who have been like stars in the sky, always standing by me, watching over me, and guiding me through the treacherous jungle of life. Thank you for being my guiding light.”

– Ziv Lim, Zhonghua Secondary School and Silver Award Winner (NOI 2023)

Once again, congratulations on your Silver Award for NOI 2023 – and on your very first try! This prestigious competition is very reputable, and it is amazing to see what you achieved after all these years. Thank you, Ziv, for your message to us, and we’re incredibly proud to have played a part in your coding journey! We’re honoured to have been your guiding light, and we eagerly anticipate your future accomplishments.

Ziv - NOI Silver Award Winner (2023)
Ziv Lim – NOI Silver Award Winner (2023) – His very first NOI Competition

Did you know Ziv has been featured on our blog before? Having started Coding with us since 2018, when he was a young 10 year old, his first claim to coding fame was when he was part of the winning team for the IMDA National Code: Xtreme Apps Competition in 2019. Ziv was in the Top 10 Finalists of the Young Coders Global Hackathon 2020. We’re proud to see him grow and glow as he blossoms into a fine young leader in the area of technology! Read his previous blog feature here!

(Written by Thinzar)

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