Picture of Yong Ning - Founder of Coding Lab
Yong Ning Foo, Founder and Educator

S.M. Computational Engineering, MIT
B.Eng. Elec. Engineering (First-Class), NUS
Director (Asia-Pacific), Danaher
Six-Sigma Black Belt, Caterpillar
R2 Technologies (Hologic), Silicon Valley

Yong Ning graduated with a Masters in Computation for Design and Optimisation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under a full scholarship and spent a year working in a technology startup in Silicon Valley prior to returning to Singapore, where he was born and grew up in.

With his strong background in Mathematics and Programming, his key expertise lies in developing and applying analytics to ensure sound business decisions.

Rapidly rising through the ranks and previously a Regional (Asia-Pacific) Director with a US multinational, he realised how big a part his coding knowledge helped in advancing his career. He continues to do programming in his free time as a hobby and founded Coding Lab®. He delights in working with children and inspiring them to uncover their love for coding.

Team - Li Jia
Li Jia, Curriculum Advisor

M.S. Computational Finance, Carnegie Mellon
B.Sc. Computer Science (First-Class), NUS
VP, Credit Suisse, New York (USA)
Developer, EllieMae (Silicon Valley)

Li Jia had his first encounter with coding on an Apple II at the age of 5 and the rest, as they say, is History.

Moving on to Secondary school where he had loads of fun writing programs to solve various math problems, he credits his early brush with coding to having led him to where he is today, as a VP with one of the world’s leading investment banks, with more than 10 years of experience in the development of stocks and options trading software.

His hobbies revolve around coding and hardware, many of which are adapted into our coding classes for kids. His latest coding hobby (on top of his intensely game-changing work projects) involves building his home surveillance system – using Raspberry Pi.

Currently based in New York, Li Jia holds a Master of Science in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Picture of Julius - Curriculum Adviser
Julius Ang, Curriculum Advisor

B.Comp. Computer Engineering (Hons), NUS
Microsoft (Japan)

LinkedIn (Silicon Valley)

With his extensive experience in agile software, web and game development platforms, Julius has been developing and shipping software for Microsoft Office, Kinect and Hololens for the last 10 years.

As a native speaker of English and Mandarin and being professionally fluent in Japanese, he has worked with teams across different parts of the world, including Singapore, Redmond, Seattle and Tokyo.

Currently based in Japan as a Senior Software Engineer with Microsoft, his recent activities include the development of Docs.com and Office Lens, as well as Microsoft’s next generation presentation platform, Sway.com.

Julius’ passion lies in bringing the frontier of innovation to young children, with the aim of demystifying today’s technology to enable them to become inventors of tomorrow’s reality.

Picture of Candice Wang
Candice Wang, Operations

B.Sc. Life Sciences, NUS
Minor in Scientific Computation, Multimedia and Communications


Candice’s experience in Sales and Marketing spans across various Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. She enjoys translating her corporate experience into an organisation that impacts children and strongly believes that programming is a must-have skill in today’s economy.

Having first discovered her passion for teaching children when she taught IT classes to lower secondary students at her Alma mater, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School, she is excited to do her part in shaping the education of kids in the 21st Century.

As a mother to 2 young ones, she can’t wait to introduce them to the world of coding and has already started them on tinkering with the latest tech (toddler-friendly) gadgets.

She holds a Bachelor of Science with a Minor in Scientific Computation, Multimedia and Communications from the National University of Singapore.

Picture of Lisa, advisor to Coding Lab, a coding school for children
Lisa Loke, Education Advisor

Principal, Agape Centre for Excellence (Perth)
Consultant, Internet Training (STA)
B.Acc. Accounting
Minor, Law & Finance

The Principal and Founder of Agape Centre for Excellence in Perth and the education partner for Coding Lab, Lisa has extensive experience in the education arena, running a premium enrichment centre for kids.

Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting and minor in Law & Finance and found her calling in Education, especially in the area of technology back in 1995 when she founded Paideia (now defunct), a pioneer in Internet training services. As the appointed consultant to the Singapore Telecoms Academy (1995 – 1997), the company received numerous awards for best website conceptualisation and design.

Her passion is to make a difference especially with children, as they are the leaders of tomorrow. Having a child herself, she understands the needs of school going children and wants to empower them with the academic, social and emotional skills to help them reach their fullest potential.

TP - Team Mona round (450 x 450)
Mona Tan, Lead Educator

B.Sc. Statistics, NUS
Minor in Computing
NUS High School
Two-time Winner, Singapore VEX Robotics Championships (SILVER) 

Mona’s love for all things tech began when her parents brought home a Macintosh when she was 3. She started playing computer games and fell in love with technology. Her interests in technology extend beyond software, and you can often find her taking apart hardware to take a look at what’s inside.

A self-confessed tech geek who has done and taught robotics for almost a decade, Mona started her teaching career right after she graduated from the prestigious NUS High School, teaching robotics and various other math and science subjects. She was also part of the team of the NUS High Robotics Club which won twice at the Singapore VEX Robotics Championships (Silver).

Mona holds a Bachelor of Science (Statistics) with a minor in Computing from the National University of Singapore. She delights in translating her passion and talent for coding into the bright young minds of children, hoping that many, like her, will discover the joys of STEM learning and go on to build and create their favourite things. She firmly believes that computer literacy is the language of the future and that everyone should at least give it a try.

Picture of Si Rui, an educator with Coding Lab
Yeap Si Rui, Educator

B.Comp. Computer Science (Hons), NUS
Winner, Best Game Award (2016)

Gifted Education Program, Singapore

Si Rui’s love for technology sparked as she watched her siblings play computer games back in the 90s. She knew then that she wanted to make games to bring joy to and inspire others. Fast forward 15 years, Si Rui graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the National University of Singapore, and one of her games, Gravity, had won Best Game Award in the 2016 computing faculty showcase. She was also previously a student from the Gifted Education Program (GEP), part of the top 5% of Singapore’s cohort.

Enjoying working with children of all ages and backgrounds, Si Rui has acted as a mentor to less privileged children, facilitated children’s events, provided tuition, and taught baking classes. She believes that computer literacy is of utmost importance no matter what one is eventually involved in in life. Her own background in technology has positively influenced the way she handles daily situations and business problems. She hopes that her students will have fun, learn responsible coding skills, and develop good character in her classes.

TP - Team Joshua Foo (300 x 300)
Joshua Foo, Educator

B.Eng. Computer Engineering, NUS
Software Engineer, PALO IT
Web Developer, Tocco Studios

Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer doing IT consulting, Joshua enjoys translating business ideas and incorporating high-end web technologies into core products for the company. His job involves coaching the junior developers, a role which he enjoys very much, given his passion for teaching – he previously worked as a teacher before entering college.

Joshua strongly believes that each child should be given the chance to learn to code and frequently experiences priceless moments of joy when young children understand the coding principles he has taught in class.

Joshua majored in Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore.