Thinking of the perfect gift this year? Toys our techies would love: Be it to kickstart or further their interest in technology, these STEAM gadgets and games are sure to bring hands-on joy to children aged 4 to 18 this season! 🎁

The Coding Lab team has compiled this Christmas Gift Guide (and arranged it by age groups) to save you from the endless browsing and last-minute shopping frenzy for the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones!

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STEAM Gift Ideas for Christmas - Ages 4 to 6
STEAM Gift Ideas for Christmas - Ages 7 to 9
STEAM Gift Ideas for Christmas - Ages 10 to 12
STEAM Gift Ideas for Christmas - Ages 13 to 18

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Tiny Hands, Mega Minds. At Coding Lab, we believe that age and size do not matter when it comes to coding and tinkering. At preschool ages, it’s important to select educational toys for our budding tots to achieve their key milestones in life. Here are some great ideas for a headstart in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)!

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Photon Robot

Educator holding an iPad with junior coders surrounding her and in front of Photon robot
Our Educator passionately sharing with our Junior Coders how Photon Robot works

Photon robots are an adorable introduction to hands-on robotics for tiny tots, and that’s exactly why we include it in our Junior Coders Programme curriculum.

With an iPad, little ones can tinker and program their interactive and educational Photon companion to make sounds, lights and go on a treasure hunt! It’s perfect to improve their logical thinking skills and build up the basic computational skills – all essential life skills and basics of STEAM.

Find out more here.

$318 when you order from Coding Lab (U.P. $348), call us at +65 6528 2282

The Learning at Home Set from Learning Beautiful

Let your kids learn how computers work… without using a computer.

Developed in and inspired by Montessori classrooms, these wooden toys designed at MIT impart computational thinking. The hands-on materials ethically manufactured in USA include a wooden binary tree, pixel boards, a handbook with more than 30 activities, and more – all to impart computer science concepts. You’re never too young (or too old) to start learning the basics! With this, you can truly learn beautifully with your tiny techie. 

Find out more and get FREE activities here.

$268.30 (15% off for December when you subscribe to their mailing list) at Learning Beautiful Singapore (U.P. $315.65)


Hands-on, screens off! Think building blocks – tiles – but magnetic. You have Magna-Tiles. 

These 3-dimensional magnetic building sets stand by encouraging and integrating math, science, creativity and imagination. The vibrant tiles have magnetic sides that come in various shapes and sizes for your child to connect them together with a ‘click’ sound.

A butterfly, a castle, your child can build anything! The simple idea behind Magna-Tiles is that if you can click it, you can create it. 

Find out more and get FREE activities here.

$29.90 to $249.90 at Playhao, Pupsik Studio, The Children’s Showcase and Le Petit Society

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We believe that everyone should get acquainted with STEAM (including coding!) – and that it should be fun for everyone. Here are some presents that can help you with that, and maybe even jazz up learning for your young ones:

Wild Singapore Comics from Piqolo Kids

What better way to discover Singapore and STEAM than through a local comic series?

June Techtivities - Piqolo Kids STEM Comic Book

For the ones who love to read, do activity books or collect cards, Wild Singapore comic series will keep them occupied! Join little space explorers Peppy and Lili on a mission and learn about local wildlife, wilderness and explore Singapore. Recommended for ages up to 9, they even have a Young Explorer’s Journal with over 50 curated and open-ended exploration activities.

Find out more here.

From $8 at Peppy and Lili. Get 5% off all products when you use the code CODINGLAB2021 (valid until 31 January 2022).

Snap Circuits JR

Introduce your children to electronics with this exciting, hands-on box with more than 100 projects to work on!

Easily create working circuit boards by sliding switches, snapping wires, an alarm circuit, a speaker and more to recreate what you would find in televisions, doorbells, and other everyday electronic devices. Your children will get to experiment and witness first-hand how electronics work (without soldering or tools) – it’s just a snap.

Find out more here.

$56.83 from Amazon


Looking for a fun and affordable robot for a beginner programmer? You’ve got the mBot. 

This four-wheeled STEAM education robot lets children learn about machinery and electronics, fundamentals of programming, and develop their design and logical thinking skills. The cute mBot comes with an instruction manual (so it’s easy to set up and pair with the app, Scratch and Arduino) and also motivates kids to experience the joys of making, which is why we have it as part of our Young Computer Scientists curriculum.

Find out more here.

From $109.90, available in blue and pink, from Toytag and Playhao.

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Coding is the new literacy. We’ve all seen the might of technology and coding seems to be the next ‘it’ thing. Here are toys that can help to pique your child’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).

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STEAM Crystal Science

Fancy having some crystals that you can call your own? This is a learning experience for both kids and parents!

Embark on a science and geology experiment together as you learn about the complexity of growing gorgeous crystals of your own. This kit has everything that you’ll need to grow over 10 crystals (including glow-in-the-dark ones!) and can last indefinitely. Display your finished work and tell your guests all about the wonderful time your family grew crystals together! 

From $42.86 at Amazon and My Toy Shop

Arduino Starter Kit

This kit is for the more serious tech tinkerers to dip their toes in STEAM and to self-learn even more with Arduino. 

We often have curious parents asking if we teach Arduino here. Our answer? If they can do basic programming (Scratch included!), then they can transfer that knowledge to Arduino. These kits have hardware (i.e. programmable boards, sensors, mechanical parts) and open-source software, which introduces concepts such as electricity and Arduino code. Activities and tools include sensors, buttons, and more! 

Find out more here.

Access free tutorials here.

$128 for the Starter Kit from Duck Learning


Take coding one step further with one of the world’s smallest programmable computers. 

Image of children trying out the maze game with Micro:bit controls

Pop two AAA batteries in, and you’re ready to create your projects. The pocket-sized computer has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and a compass, which you can work with Scratch, Python, Microsoft MakeCode, and more. Created by news agency BBC, it was distributed to children in the United Kingdom – Singapore is following suit with select schools – to heighten curiosity and interest in coding. Join in the fun! Make a random number generator, light-up compass and more – like what we do in our Young and Advanced Computer Scientists courses!

Find out more and get FREE activities here.

$30 from Coding Lab, call us at +65 6528 2282

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We nurture future leaders in technology, so we recognise that it’s important to be tech-literate in today’s world. Here are some tech gift ideas to keep our teens curious and hungry for more knowledge:

Raspberry Pi

Nope, we’re not talking about raspberries or the magical 3.14 number. 

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable, pocket-sized computer that could be the key to unlocking the door of physical computing. You can connect it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Learn with Scratch, use Python, make websites and more!

It makes picking up computing more accessible and seamless, so people are able to harness the power of computing to solve problems and express themselves creatively.

Find out more and get free learning materials here.

From $35 from Argon and Cytron

Laptop or Tablets

Remember the moment you first got your own desktop or laptop? 

Our ACS student exploring the course

Perhaps now is the time for your teen to experience that moment too. Many of us have fond memories of tinkering with our own blogs, using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, playing Maple Story, navigating Friendster and the old Facebook. Whether it’s a laptop or tablet that you purchase, it will be a great time for your teen to take on the responsibility of a device, hone his or her typing skills, get familiar with technology and have knowledge and information at his or her fingertips! 

Psst, Apple fans! Tertiary students (University, Polytechnic, JC, ITE) can get Apple Education prices.

Kiwico Crates and The Afterschool Club Boxes

At a complete loss as to what fun and enriching presents you should get, and you only know the child’s age? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The STEM projects and kid-friendly content by KiwiCo is delivered in a crate. Whether you’re interested in Science and Tinkering or Art and Design, monthly, 3-month, 6-month and annual subscriptions, they have it all! With so many crate choices, they have filtered it by ages and various interests for you to narrow down the perfect one.

Or #SupportLocal and get curated STEAM boxes from The Afterschool Club. Whether it’s a one-off or subscription that you choose, each box aims to provide educational and fun activities for kids to do – and their boxes are also broken down into the different ages and categories if you’re spoilt for choice. 

From $20.16/month from KiwiCo, $28/box or $29.67/month from The Afterschool Club

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