Whether you’re having your Easter Holidays or it’s back-to-school, here are more fun techvities to mark in your calendar this month, especially with the easing of safe management measures! 

For April’s #TechFact, have you ever wondered what Sir Stamford Raffles looked like in real life while staring at his statue by the Singapore River? Today, using AI and machine learning, you can now generate realistic pictures of historical figures and anything you can imagine with just a click! Give it a try with Artbreeder here.

Image for #TechFact (April Techtivities)
Generate pictures with your very own computer and machine learning model Artbreeder!

Now that we’re all warmed up, keep scrolling on to discover techtivities that you and your family can indulge in this month! ✨

‘Weird But True!’ Exhibition: Learn Interesting Facts With National Geographic

National Geographic is having a Weird But True! Exhibition packed with visually stunning photos and colourful graphics. Your little techie is sure to have a fun and exciting outdoor trip as they plunge into the fascinating worlds of the plant and animal kingdom. 🌱

Spanning 290 square metres in Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, visitors can expect captivating, larger than life photos, colourful graphics and catchy texts. The photographs are a curated collection from National Geographic’s extensive library. 🤩

Image of Weird But True (April Techtivities)

When: 22 Feb – 31 July 2022
Where: Crystal Mountain (Level 4) at Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest
Singapore Residents – $12/adult, $8/child, $8/senior
Standard – $20/adult, $12/child
Learn more here.

Got more time to spare?
Find out more Weird But True! fun facts about animals, places, abilities and more random things here.

Fungus Humongous

Get ready for a trip for the whole family as you venture into Fungus Humongous, a magical forest where everything, from fallen branches to all kinds of fungi, has been scaled up to huge proportions! 😮

Did you know? The arts space that you see today was designed based on what children thought about the concept! Experiential workshops were conducted by the artists to collect insights and research, which inspired them to design for a better experience. Special considerations were also paid to the flow of the space, its material selection, and interactive touch points – to make it enjoyable for children of all abilities. So rest assured that your child will have a wonderful time as they play and learn! 🙌

Image of Fungus Humongous (April Techtivities)

When: Until 8 May 2022
Where: The Artground
Price: Free
Learn more here.

Changi Experience Studio

Grab your little techie for a journey of fun and discovery through the exciting virtual world of Changi Airport! From interactive games to amazing projection experiences and immersive shows, engage in wonderful technological adventures. ✨

In this first-of-its-kind digital attraction, the whole family can experience the magic of technology while learning about aviation and what it takes to keep one of the world’s best airports going. How awesome!

Image of Changi Experience Studio (April Techtivities)

When: Permanent
Where: Changi Airport L4
Singapore Residents – $19/adult, $13/child, $13/senior
Standard – $25/adult, $17/child, $17/senior
Learn more here.

Easter Holiday Coding Camps

This upcoming Easter Holidays, come walk through our Coding Lab doors and enter the wide wonderful world of coding! 🤩 With a curious mind, dedicated educators and stunning workbooks, your child is all set to embark on their exciting coding journey. 🛣

 Whether they are attending physically or online – we’re excited for everyone to experience the joy of coding. 🥰 Sign up here or feel free to drop us an email, call us or WhatsApp us to get in touch!

Banner of 2022 Easter Coding Camps

When: 4-14 April
Where: Parkway Parade, Bukit Timah (KAP Mall) and Online
Price: From $401.52
Sign up here.

2-Hour Easter Coding Workshops

Celebrate Easter with some fun learning how to code in our exciting 2-hour coding workshops! 👩‍🏫 Best of all, you don’t need prior coding experience. This means that you can bring a friend who’s new to coding to join in the fun. 🤗

  • Our young techies can create a fun game of Catch The Easter Egg as they discover key concepts like loops and conditionals in Scratch Junior (Ages 5 to 6). 🐇
  • Scratch warriors will get a fun introduction to programming functions like clone and sensing as they program the rabbit to collect eggs that spawn randomly (Ages 7 to 9). 🥚
  • Python enthusiasts will get to familiarise themselves with pattern recognition and loops as they use Python Turtle to create an Easter Day Card (Ages 10 to 12)! ✨ 
Banner of 2022 Easter Coding Workshop

When: 16 April
Where: Bukit Timah (KAP Mall) or Online
Price: From $65
Sign up here.

Image for #TechNews (April Techtivities 2022)

You might’ve spotted this while on the road. This month’s exciting tech news is about National Parks Board (NPark)’s animal detection system!

Pairing CCTVs with analytics technology, LED lights will activate whenever the system detects animal activity. 💡 To help reduce roadkill and keep wildlife safe on the road, NParks has developed this to alert road users of wildlife crossing so that they would reduce their vehicles’ speed. 🚗 It was first deployed at Old Upper Thomson Road and is now at Rifle Range Road. 

Learn more about the animal detection system here!

Bonus: Brickman Wonders of the World LEGO Brick Exhibition

Looking forward to finally travel but you can’t go just yet? This LEGO exhibition at the Science Centre Singapore deserves a special mention this month!

With more than 50 of the world’s most iconic landmarks built by a LEGO Certified Professional, the world is brought to you – no passport required. This interactive and educational journey includes a 3.6-metre tall CN Tower from Canada, a Titanic ship build that weighs 120kg, and the St Basil the Blessed Church from Russia, which took 320 hours to build. You can even get creative with the one million LEGO bricks in the Master Builder Zones!

Image of Lego Brick Exhibition (resized)

When: 25 March – 3 July 2022
Where: The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore
Price: From $23
Learn more here.

If you haven’t seen our previous techtivity recommendations, check out our March #TechtivitiesOfTheMonth, which includes more cool tech-related activities you can do with friends and family!

(Written by Zulaikha and Trinh)

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