Yesterday, more than 1000 kids from Woodlands Ring Primary learnt about line-following sensors and how Robots make use of them to find their way out of the maze!

Kids at Woodlands Ring Primary
Kids at Woodlands Ring Primary

Some comments of joy:

“What? You mean Robots have brains too??”

  • Yes! We program the algorithm to tell the robot what to do when it encounters different scenarios on its sensors.

“Go Right! No Go Left!! No no there! YAY!!!”

  • The excitement of seeing the robot finish the maze and playing the Victory Music was indescribable.

The Robot Going through the maze

Eager to catch a glimpse of the robot
Eager to catch a glimpse of the robot

Kids were treated to a hands-on opportunity to control and touch the robots, getting a good sense of where the sensors were located, how the robot was built, and how the algorithm was programmed. How fun it is for us to be bringing STEM concepts to schools in this way!


Coding Lab Team