Hey Coding Lab Students! 👋


The results are out for our annual International Coding Showcase 2022 (SG-JP)! 🌏

We were awed by the many incredible presentations and awesome projects that came from Japan, Singapore, and many other countries worldwide, including the USA, Germany and Indonesia!

A huge applause for all participants for their effort in our International Coding Showcase 2022 (SG-JP).🏆 💚 Congratulations to our Distinction Award and Judges Choice Winners!



Again, we’d like to congratulate and thank all participants who have put in their best and we truly appreciate the blood, sweat and tears in every project that we received. We hope that you keep on coding and creating awesome projects for the whole world to see. 🌏


People’s Choice Award – Vote for your favourite project


Check out our playlist of awesome projects done by our Distinction and Judges’ Choice (Best Presentation) participants and show your support by voting for your favourite! 🗳️




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🗓️ Voting ends 31 March 2023
🏅 Results will be out 14 April 2023


See you all next year!


It’s our annual International Coding Showcase 2022 (SG-JP)! 🌏

We want to provide our students ages 7 to 18 with a platform to show off their amazing coding powers with their projects and video presentations. ⭐️ Last year, the projects of our talented coders reached more than 30,000 people – your project could be next. 😉

Be it an awesome Scratch program you dedicated your time and effort into, an App you’ve invented, or a Python project you’re passionate about, we want to see it! 🤩

International Coding Showcase 2022 Photo

Do your best and be awarded:

ALL participants are guaranteed an award and a certificate. 🏅🏆

Selected Top Coders will even be featured on our social media and blog!


🌟 Are you ready to show the world what you’ve got? 🌟


Our showcase has 4 categories and is open to our students ages 7 to 18 enrolled in or who have completed any ONE of the following courses:


(or born in the year 2013-2015)
Young Computer Scientists
(Our Young Computer Scientists students, Scratch to be used)

AGES 10 TO 12
(or born in the year 2010-2012)
Advanced Computer Scientists
(Students can use Scratch, App Inventor or Python)

AGES 13 TO 18
(or born in the year 2002-2009)
S100 Python
(For those in our Python/ Python Perfect classes)

AGES 13 TO 18
(or born in the year 2002-2009)
S200 Electives
(For those who have taken at least one S200 Elective)


Registration Deadline
8 January 2023,
JST 1800 / SGT 1900

Video Submission Deadline
8 January 2023,
JST 1800 / SGT 1900

Results Release
28 February 2023,
JST 1000 / SGT 1100


We want our young coders to hone their coding, presentation and video skills, build confidence and challenge themselves to code their very best! 💪 This showcase is also a way for us to discover outstanding coders and to provide them with opportunities to put their projects out there. Selected recipients will get their projects featured on Coding Lab’s website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)!

Participation Fees: $30




  1. Open to all Coding Lab students (current and former) in 4 categories.
  2. Participant has to submit a video presentation and project.
    • The video has to be a minimum of 1 minute and should not exceed 3 minutes. Optional: The video can be edited, if needed.
    • The video should show: participant’s face, codes, playing through your project. It should cover:
      i) Describe your project and codes
      ii) What inspired you to make it?
      iii) What is the purpose of your project?
    • Not sure how you can do a video presentation?
      a) You can do a one-take with Zoom, which allows you to simultaneously record your face and your screen. You can access our guide to recording a video presentation by clicking here.
      b) Alternatively, you can also use your screen recorder tool, a webcam or even stitch together videos made with your phone or DSLR.
      c) Ask your parents to help you with it and you can get creative together!
  3. The project submitted should be original, not copied or remixed without any tweaks or edits.


How to Participate:

Register yourself / your child by clicking “Register Here”.
Registration Deadline: 8 January 2023 (same as Submission Deadline!)

Choose your favourite project that you did in class or your own original project – any project that you want to show the world. Enhance it the best you can!

Record your 1 to 3-minute video presentation (showing your face and screen recording of your project and codes).

Submit your video with your project link! (After you’ve registered, a link will be provided for you to upload your submission.)
Submission Deadline: 8 January 2023

All participants will receive a certificate. Our Top Coders will receive features on our social media and blog!
Results Release: 28 February 2023

(See last year’s winners and see their projects here)



Judges will assess each submission on:
Code efficiency, complexity, readability and re-usability.


Video Presentation
Is the project clearly presented with enthusiasm and confidence? Does the video cover the content within the duration?


Creativity & Originality
Use your imagination to create original projects or tweak other projects in unique ways.


How easy is it to use your project? Are the controls intuitive? Are there instructions (if needed)?


*The video presentations and projects are evaluated on their own (not in comparison to other participants).

What Last Year’s Participants Say

I liked the experience of learning and exploring new ideas.Participant
It’s a good opportunity to develop my child’s skills.Parent of Participant
It would be interesting to see what project I will make next year!Participant
Good learning experience, it was very fun.Parent of Participant
I would participate again next year because it is FUN.Participant
Thank you for the fantastic support from the Coding Lab team!Parent of Participant
I don’t know where I’ll be, but I’ll be willing to join again!Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a Coding Lab student. Can I still participate?

This showcase is only meant for our students. As such, we only accept Coding Lab students.

Don’t be disheartened, you can still keep a lookout for our Youth Coders Global Hackathon which is open to everyone ages 7 to 18!

Why is there a participation fee?

The participation fee of $30 is to cover the fees for trophies and certificates, as well as the time and effort our judges are putting in to ensure that everyone’s projects are judged fairly and all participants receive the appropriate commendations for their creativity and hard work!

What should my video presentation contain?

Your video presentation should be between 1 and 3 minutes long.

It should show:
a) Your face
b) Codes
c) Playing through your project.

Some points that you can talk about in the video:
i) Describe your project
ii) What inspired you to make it?
iii) What is the purpose of your project?

How do I do a video presentation?

You can do it with Zoom, a free tool, that you can download here. You can also access our guide to recording a video presentation by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can also use your screen recorder tool, a webcam or even stitch together videos made with your phone or DSLR. Get creative!

My video exceeded 3 minutes! Can this be accepted?

The maximum duration of your video presentation is 3 minutes. You can use any video editing software (eg. iMovie, Microsoft Photos, Adobe Premiere Pro, phone app editor) to edit your video to meet the required duration. If your submitted video is more than 3 minutes in length, our judging panel will only watch to the 3 minute mark in your video to ensure fairness to all participants.

I've submitted my application. Where do I upload my project and video presentation to?

Firstly, ensure that you’ve registered. The submission link and instructions to upload your project and video presentation will be sent in the confirmation email upon registration.

Can I make some changes to my project?

You may re-submit at the same link as long as it is before the submission deadline. Your most recent submission will be the one that the judges will grade.

Can I have more than 1 submission?

Yes, you can have more than 1 submission! We’re glad that you have made many projects that you would like to show the world. However, take note that we only accept 1 submission for each category, and you will need to register separately for each category.

For example, if you are 10 to 12 years old, you can submit a project in that category using Scratch/ App Inventor/ Python. If you want to submit in the 13 to 18 years old category (perhaps because you have taken our teen courses), you are welcome to do so as long as it is a different project!

Please remember that you can only submit 1 project in each category. You will need to fill in the registration form separately for every category you want to submit in.

If you have submitted more than one in the same category, write to us at community@codinglab.com.sg to let us know which project you would like us to look at and grade. Otherwise, we will grade your most recent submission.

What's the difference between S100 Python and S200 Electives?

For S100 Python category, this is suitable for students who are in our Python/ Python Perfect 1 to 3 classes. The platform would be using Python.

For S200 Electives category, this is suitable for students who have taken at least one S200 elective. The reason for differentiation between these two categories is that students are exposed to other platforms in the S200 Electives and learn more advanced concepts. Students entering in this category are welcome to use any platform that you have been exposed to during your S200 Electives, e.g. Unity, HTML, etc.

I need help! Who do I contact?

If you’re not sure how you can tweak or further improve your project, your Coding Lab Educator is there to guide you along the way. Just reach out to them!

Got questions about the showcase?
You can email us at community@codinglab.com.sg or call +65 6977 9641 (Singapore) / 03-6450-3265 (Japanese) / 03-6450-3266 (English).

Having issues with submission?
You can email your project / project link to us at community@codinglab.com.sg.

Will I get a certificate and a trophy?

ALL participants are guaranteed a certificate and a trophy! The only difference between the participants is the award they receive – Distinction, Accomplishment or Commendation.

The International Coding Showcase 2022 (SG-JP) Committee reserves the right to amend the rules and conditions without prior notice. For any enquiries, please contact community@codinglab.com.sg. The Judges’ decisions are final. No appeals will be entertained.

For more info, contact us: