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Special Programme
Microsoft Minecraft Cup (7 - 18)Olympiad in Informatics (13 - 18)SenseTime AI Bootcamp (13-18)

Microsoft Minecraft Cup Japan 2023

Ages 7 – 18

Banner for Minecraft Cup

Creativity and Code Combined
Combine a love for Minecraft with creativity, code, and care for the environment!
Cross-cultural Teamwork
Cross borders and work together with participants from various countries!
Full support from Coding Lab
Build a sustainable Minecraft World with help from our experienced, dedicated educators!

Innovate, Automate, and Create a beautiful, sustainable Minecraft World with Code!

The Microsoft Minecraft Cup is an annual competition that focuses on The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aims to allow students’ creativity to come alive as they develop Minecraft worlds that are in line with these goals.

A collaboration with our sister campus, Coding Lab Japan, we are inviting our Coding Lab students (ages 7-18) to participate in this competition! Comprising of students from both Singapore and Japan, participants will work together in teams to come up with innovative ideas and make them come to life in the Minecraft World through code.

Minecraft Cup - Team Urban Coders
Team Urban Coders winning the Sustainable City Award in 2022

The winning entry by team Urban Coders (Ages 13-18) in 2022

Participants will get the full support from both Coding Lab Singapore and Japan, as they will be coached by our experienced, dedicated educators weekly until the project completion date. Our impressive track record of winning the Sustainable City Development Award (2022), the Creativity Award (2021), and the Best Coding Award (2019) speaks for itself!

What’s more, winning teams will get the opportunity to travel to Japan for the awards ceremony and presentation! (Details to be confirmed, dates likely to be in September 2023)

No experience with coding on Minecraft Education? No need to worry as we have special training camps available where participants will learn to program on the Minecraft Education Platform! Participants just need to have prior experience in coding (see Prerequisites below).

Got any questions? Check out our FAQs below!

Why Join the Minecraft Cup?

  • Complimentary Official Minecraft Cup Registration + 1-year Minecraft Education License (worth $12.99)
  • Full support from Coding Lab tutors through our training camps and weekly coaching sessions
  • Practice and learn new coding skills
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Research and learn about Sustainable Development Goals
  • Learn PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Access to Minecraft servers
    1. Servers maintained by Coding Lab
    2. 10am – 10pm, during competition

Pre-requisites for Participants

  • Ages 7 to 18
  • Grouping will be based on student’s age as of 1 April 2024.
  • No prior experience in Minecraft Education needed
  • Prior experience in coding required:
    1. Ages 7-9: Must have completed P102 Scratch 2
    2. Ages 10-12: Must have completed P206 Python Junior 2
    3. Ages 13-18: Must have completed S112 Python 2

Course Fees

  • Ages 7 to 9: $845 ($912.60 w/GST)
  • Ages 10 to 12: $845 ($912.60 w/GST)
  • Ages 13 to 18: $875 ($945 w/GST)

Minecraft Cup 2023 Competition Training Package (ONLINE)

Students must attend the following:

(1) Minecraft Education Training Camp*
– 12 June – 16 June 2023 (Mon – Fri)
– 5 sessions x 2 hours
– 1115 – 1315 (Ages 7-9, Ages 10-12) / 1400 – 1600 (Ages 13-18)

*Students Aged 10-12 can opt to attend our holiday special P21S: Minecraft Code Your World  (Physical Class) instead

(2) Weekly Minecraft Coaching Sessions
– 28 May – 6 August (Every Sunday)
– 11 sessions x 2 hours (1 hour Group meeting + 1 hour Minecraft Coding)
– 1615 – 1815 (Ages 7-9) / 1715 – 1915 (Ages 10-12, Ages 13-18)
– All participants must attend the 4 core meetings (Compulsory dates: 28/5, 4/6, 30/7, 6/8) AND
– At least 3 optional meetings (See Course Schedule), although full attendance for all meetings is encouraged

Minecraft Cup 2023 Timeline

Date  Meeting Details
28 May 2023 (Sun) Core Meeting (Compulsory to attend)
– Kick-off Meeting
– Initial Planning/ Idea
4 June 2023 (Sun) Core Meeting (Compulsory to attend)
– Decision of Team Lead, Project Ideas and Focus of Project
11 June 2023 (Sun) Optional Meeting
*All participants to attend at least 3 optional meetings
18 June 2023 (Sun) Optional Meeting
*All participants to attend at least 3 optional meetings
25 June 2023 (Sun) Optional Meeting
*All participants to attend at least 3 optional meetings
2 July 2023 (Sun) Optional Meeting
*All participants to attend at least 3 optional meetings
9 July 2023 (Sun) Optional Meeting
*All participants to attend at least 3 optional meetings
16 July 2023 (Sun) Optional Meeting
*All participants to attend at least 3 optional meetings
23 July 2023 (Sun) Optional Meeting
*All participants to attend at least 3 optional meetings
30 July 2023 (Sun) Core Meeting (Compulsory to attend)
6 August 2023 (Sun) Core Meeting (Compulsory to attend)
– Final meeting
– Project to be completed by this date


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a Coding Lab student. Can I still participate?

We require our students to meet certain pre-requisites in coding experience based on our Coding Lab curriculum. As such, we will only accept Coding Lab students.

Why do I need prior experience in coding if you are already training me for Minecraft Education?

While we will train participants in Minecraft Education, we require prior experience in coding as this would make learning how to code using the Minecraft Education interface much easier. This would also enable the participants to get the most out of their training camps and be able to contribute meaningfully to the competition.

Which weekly coaching sessions am I supposed to attend?

Participants are required to attend all 4 of the compulsory Core Meetings, as well as at least 3 of the Optional Meetings. Participation in all weekly meetings is strongly encouraged. This is to ensure that all participants take part in working together with their teammates in coming up with ideas, taking part in the creation of their project, and completing their project in time before the project completion date.

What can I expect to learn during this competition training?

Participants will get the full support from both Coding Lab Singapore and Japan, as they will be coached by our experienced, dedicated educators weekly until the project completion date. Our impressive track record of winning the Sustainable City Development Award (2022), the Creativity Award (2021), and the Best Coding Award (2019) speaks for itself!

Whats Included

  • Complimentary Official Minecraft Cup Registration + 1-year Minecraft Education License (worth $12.99)
  • Full support from Coding Lab tutors through our training camps and weekly coaching sessions
  • Access to Minecraft servers (Servers maintained by Coding Lab 10am – 10pm, during competition)

What You’ll Learn

  • Practice and learn new coding skills
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Research and learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • Learn PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Be creative and innovative
I have previously participated in previous Minecraft Cup Competitions in 2022 and 2021. Will the training requirements for me differ if I wish to sign up for the Minecraft Competition in 2023?

As the themes for the Minecraft Cup differ from year to year, we still encourage students to participate in the full training workshops allocated so as to be able to ensure they are well prepared to contribute optimally for this year’s competition. On a case-by-case basis, students with prior experience may be allowed to skip (1) Minecraft Education Training Camp and attend (2) Weekly Minecraft Coaching Sessions only.

Please contact front desk at +65 6977 9641 or email for assistance to register your interest, subject to final approval.

Why do I need to attend only 3 of the optional meetings? Can I attend all of the optional meetings?

Participants are encouraged to attend ALL the optional meetings. In previous years, participants usually have attended a majority of the weekly meetings. As every participant needs to contribute meaningfully to the final project in terms of the code and design, we strongly recommend attendance at all meetings.

That being said, we understand that students may be busy and may have other things on on weekends (e.g. Family dinners, etc.), and that’s why we allow the flexibility of choosing which Sundays to attend. The fees for the training is also based on a minimum attendance of 3 optional meetings (i.e. we do not charge for the other 7 that we hope you’ll attend!). The important thing is to learn and contribute, and have fun along the way!


Minecraft Cup 2022 (Ages 7-9) – District A

For 2022, our students from Coding Lab Singapore and Japan worked together to create a city called CodeTropolis District A. They focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15 and made a sustainable city connected to nature. Their project was so impressive that they were even selected for the Tokyo Bay eSG project, where they presented their project to the Governor of Tokyo! Watch their beautiful city here.

Minecraft Cup 2022 (Ages 10-12) – CodeTropolis Sea

Comprising of students from Coding Lab Singapore and Japan, students crossed borders and worked together to create a city called CodeTropolis Sea. They focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 and built an undersea sanctuary for all animals on Earth. Watch their amazing project here!

Minecraft Cup 2021 – Creativity Award

Congratulations to our students at Coding Lab Japan who attained the Creativity Award in this year’s Microsoft National Minecraft Cup in Tokyo, Japan!
Their Minecraft World called New CodeTropolis let them receive one of the 14 awards given to the top teams, emerging as winners out of more than 3000 entries! Watch their winning entry here.

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NOI Preparation

By Invitation Only

Banner of NOI Preparation Course

The National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI)
The National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) is a computing competition organized by National University of Singapore. It is modelled after the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) and is one of the most prestigious competitions for programming in Singapore.
Why Take Part in NOI?
Top NOI winners will represent Singapore in the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) competition. An Olympiad medal is highly recognised for admissions to top universities around the world.
NOI Preparation Programme
Selected students will receive best-in-class coaching to giving them a high chance of succeeding and attaining a medal in the competition.

Invitation to NOI Training

A highly rigorous programme, our NOI Training course requires a strong foundation in Mathematics, a passion for programming and the fortitude to persevere through countless hours of thinking through highly difficult coding challenges.

Designed and taught by top IOI and multiple NOI Gold Medallists, combined with the signature Coding Lab style of instruction, this course is conducted over one and a half years and will cover topics such as Sorting, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming and Graph Data Structure and Algorithms.

This programme is by invitation only. We have a highly selective systematic process to identify suitable candidates within our current pool of students attending our Python programme. You may also wish to indicate interest by sending us an email at Alternatively, you may also speak to your tutor to indicate your interest.

There’s so much that you can do just using variables, functions, and loops! I understood this when I was learning Python, but only truly appreciated it when I began learning algorithms and C++ to take part in the NOI.Sarah Go, 17, Hwa Chong International


C++ Syntax
Sorting Algorithms and their Application
Linear Data Structures
Divide and Conquer
Non-Linear Data Structures
Dynamic Programming
Graph Traversal
Shortest Path Algorithms
Directed Acyclic Graph and Trees
Challenges and Puzzles

Class Format

Term Based (Quarter)
Weekly classes, 2 hours per class
10 Classes per Term
$895 ( $966.60 w/GST) / Term (Quarter)

For Students

By Invitation Only. Students must undergo a placement and selection test in order to qualify to attend this class.

Course Structure

All materials and equipment are provided
Maximum 1:10 Instructor-Student ratio

Locations & Schedules

Bukit Timah

9 King Albert Park (KAP Mall) #02-21, 598332

Next Intake: Jul 2022


Coding Lab Featured Student: Sarah, 18

Coding Lab Student Feature: Sarah Go, 18, Scholarship Recipient (USA)

Meet Sarah, our talented young coder. She’s gotten an honourable mention at the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), volunteered with the community, and clinched a prestigious scholarship to study Computer Engineering in the USA.

Lauren in Python class

Coding Lab Student Feature: Lauren Yeo, 14, Methodist Girls’ School, (IB) Programme

Meet Lauren, the child music prodigy who, at the age of 9, sang at Carnegie Hall after winning 1st place at the American Protégé International Voice Competition in New York. Also a self-confessed Science nerd, and a member of her school Science Club and MENSA, Lauren is living proof that arts and science can go together.


Josephine - RGS - Coding Lab Testimonial

Coding Lab Student Feature: Josephine, 14, Raffles Girls School

Meet our talented student, Josephine, 14. A member of her school’s Infocomm club, she started with Coding Lab in 2017, where she was first introduced to Python programming. She has since progressed upward and can now count programming in C++ as another skill under her belt.

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IMDA x SenseTime x Coding Lab – AI Bootcamp

Ages 13 – 18

2022 - SenseTime AI Bootcamp v4 (1200x400px)

Build A Digital Future
Get a headstart in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Era. Coding Lab is honoured to work with IMDA and SenseTime to teach Python programming and advanced deep learning concepts in this 5-day bootcamp.
Learn, Code and Create
Experience SenseStudy, an online AI learning platform, through interactive and hands-on activities and experiments about topics such as facial authentication, image processing and so much more.
Experience A Hackathon!
Create projects that solve real-world problems, apply new skills learnt, and win attractive prizes. Watch abstract concepts come alive with image filters and facial authentication, and understand how AI is applied to everyday gadgets.

SenseTime AI Bootcamp for Ages 13-18

Young student using SenseTime on his laptop

With just 5 days in the coming holidays, secondary and JC students can gain insights into what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about! Organised by IMDA and in partnership with SenseTime and Coding Lab, you can join the SenseTime AI Bootcamp to learn how AI is integrated in our lives today and how you can use it in a digital-first future.

About the Bootcamp

You’ve probably come across image filters, AR effects, or heard of self-driving cars. With the rise of AI and the many possibilities of changing the world to the advent of mobile phone technologies utilising AI, what do you know about AI? How is your information being processed and used? 

As a participant, you’ll be in for a treat with 5 days of learning and fun. You’ll also get to connect with experts in the AI industry and stand a chance to win attractive prizes! Plus, all participants will be invited to participate in the 4th Annual International Artificial Intelligence Fair (IAIF) hosted by SenseTime to showcase their projects and ideas. 

What You’ll Learn

In this SenseTime AI Bootcamp, equip yourself with the core concepts of Python programming and AI foundational theories. Using SenseStudy, an online AI learning platform, find out more about concepts such as facial recognition and image processing through interactive lessons! You’ll also learn how you can better protect your own digital information and understand how such AI technologies are used in social media and marketing. At the end of the bootcamp, apply that knowledge to create your very own real-world, functioning AI project in an exciting hackathon! 

Who Should Apply?

Secondary and JC students Ages 13 to 18 can apply to join this bootcamp. Students from Infocomm Media related CCA clubs will be given priority to participate. When signing up, you can form a group of up to 5 members. All teams will have a maximum of 5 members. If you sign up individually or sign up with less than 5 members, you will then be assigned your teams later when registrations are closed. Note that we have limited slots available and seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Screenshot of SenseStudy interface with codes to add sunglasses and moustache to the image
Learn all about Augmented Reality and create your very own filter on SenseStudy!
Screenshot of SenseStudy - Experiment 4-1 - Image Fundamentals
Understand how your favourite camera filters and effects work and then create your very own!

About Coding Lab

Founded by an MIT Alumnus who worked in Silicon Valley, Coding Lab’s award-winning curriculum seeks to instill a passion for coding in every one of our students. Coding Lab offers coding classes for ages 5-18 in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Find out more here.

Click to

Comprising a global curriculum team based out of Japan, New York and Singapore, Coding Lab’s award-winning curriculum is second to no other. Our students have won medals at the National Olympiad in Informatics, emerged as champions at National and Global competitions, and secured stellar grades for their IB Computer Science or GCE ‘O’ Level Computing examinations.

Coding Lab also works with various organisations to bring coding to children, including The National Library Board, PSA, Cisco, IMDA, Brands’, Raffles Girls’ School, Dunman High School, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School, Eunoia Junior College and many more. The company also works regularly with not-for-profit organisations to bring Coding to the needy and less fortunate.

About SenseTime

SenseTime is a leading AI software company focused on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation. It pursues the advancement of AI technology to bridge physical and digital worlds, drive sustainable productivity growth and seamless interactive experiences. 

Find out more here.

Click to

SenseTime has built one of the largest and most capable research teams in Asia to drive state-of-the-art AI research. It was founded in 2014 by Professor Tang Xiao’ou together with core members of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Multimedia Lab which he established in 2001. SenseTime’s intellectual capital lays the foundation for a comprehensive and integrated innovation system from AI research to production, allowing us to offer industry-leading, full-stack AI capabilities.

SenseTime has cooperated with 52 top-tier universities, including the CUHK, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and 15 joint labs globally. It is recognised by over 70 first-prize awards in global academic competitions, more than 600 top-tier academic paper publications as well as over 8,000 AI patents and patent applications.

Programme Schedule

Day 1
(4 Hours)
– Opening and Icebreaker
– General Syntax and Python Programming
– Booleans and Comparators
– Conditionals and Loops
– Mini Project and Recap
Day 2
(4 Hours)
– Functions and Lists
– 2D Array
– Errors and Exception
– SenseTime Image Fundamentals
– Mini Project and Recap
Day 3
(4 Hours)
– SenseTime Colour Transformation, Spatial Transformation, Image Warping, Facial Keypoint Detection, Animated GIFs, Kernels
– Introduction to Design Thinking
– Project Launch Brief and Ideation
– Students to form Groups
Day 4
(8 Hours)
– Joint Hackathon for AM and PM sessions with Coding Lab and SenseTime mentors
Day 5
(4 Hours)
– Presentation Opening by SenseTime Guest Speaker
– Final Project Presentation
– Judges Deliberation
– Awards Presentation and Closing

Guest Speaker

Team Photo - Yong Ning, Founder and Educator

Yong Ning Foo
Founder and Lead Educator, Coding Lab
S.M. Computational Engineering, MIT
B.Eng. Elec. Engineering (First-Class), NUS
Director (Asia-Pacific), Danaher
Six-Sigma Black Belt, Caterpillar
R2 Technologies (Hologic), Silicon Valley

Yong Ning graduated with a Masters in Computation for Design and Optimisation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under a full scholarship and spent a year working in a technology startup in Silicon Valley prior to returning to Singapore, where he was born and grew up in.

Rapidly rising through the ranks and previously a Regional (Asia-Pacific) Director with a US multinational, he realised how big a part his coding knowledge helped in advancing his career. He continues to do programming in his free time as a hobby and founded Coding Lab®.

He is a highly sought-after expert and is on the expert panel of several educational publications in Singapore. His work on coding with children has been featured in various National media, including The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. He has also been called upon as a consultant with various parenting magazines and is regularly invited to share his views at parenting talks and seminars.


Photo of Elton Lor - Guest Speaker - SenseTime Senior Project Manager

Elton Lor
Senior Project Manager, SenseTime Research Singapore
B.A. Economics and Psychology, University of Chicago

Elton is currently the Senior Project Manager of SenseTime Research Singapore, where he is in charge of product management, business development, and operational planning. He also leads the international platform of SenseTime Education solutions.

His accomplishments include the establishments of The Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence (a joint laboratory between the Chinese University of Hong Kong and SenseTime) and the Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance (an NGO platform for international AI communications). Prior to joining SenseTime, Elton worked several years as an academic instructor in Hong Kong and as an asset management risk analyst in Chicago, where he oversaw 13 hedge-fund managed portfolios. Elton graduated from the University of Chicago double-majoring in Economics and Psychology.




Photo of SenseTime Mentor - KendrickTeoKendrick Teo
Project Officer, SenseTime Research Singapore
Collaborator at NTU
B.Sc. Applied Physics (Hons), NTU

Photo of SenseTime Mentor - Kevin LongKevin Long
Project Officer, SenseTime Research Singapore
Collaborator at NTU
B.Eng. Aerospace Engineering (Hons), NTU

Photo of SenseTime Mentor - Ju ChuangJu Chuang
Research Engineer, SenseTime Research Singapore
Collaborator at NTU
M.Eng. Computer Science, NTU
M.Eng. Analytics, NTU

Team Photo - Hovan, EducatorHovan Tan
Educator and Assistant Curriculum Team Lead, Coding Lab
B.Eng. Computer Engineering (Hons), NUS
Air Liquide
Anglo-Chinese School (International Baccalaureate)

Team Photo - Shannon, EducatorShannon Goh
Educator, Coding Lab
B.Sc.Data Science & Business Analytics (Hons), UOL
Ministry of Education
Pro-Teach Schoolcare

Testimonials and Case Studies

Smart Nation and U - Heng Swee Keat

Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Emerging Tech Workshop Series

Coding Lab is proud to have partnered IMDA to support Singapore’s efforts towards building an inclusive Smart Nation. We’ve been a part of IMDA’s SG:Digital Wonderland for two years, where we brought exciting cool tech and coding activities for everyone to enjoy and learn together.

The virtual experience aimed to promote digital literacy and get the public acquainted with emerging technologies. We’re honoured to have taught young participants about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through the exciting Emerging Tech workshop series

Additionally, Coding Lab recognises the rise of AI and have incorporated this in our MIT-inspired, award-winning coding curriculum. Our teenagers ages 13 to 18 learn all about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in our S200 Advanced Electives courses, where they learn the fundamentals of digital assistants, self-driving cars, analyse real world data and train their very own basic learning system.

SenseTime Education has promoted the development of science education with advanced and sophisticated AI education products and services. They have provided strong support to cultivate AI talents and have made our school a leading school in China on AI.He Li, Principal of Shanghai Luwan Senior High School
Coding is very interesting, and I really enjoyed what I had done in class. It is a challenge that I take on, for me to better improve my skills in many other things.Elijah, 13, ACS(I) and Youngest Medallist at the National Olympiad in Informatics 2019

Coding Lab Achievement Photo Sarah

Sarah Go
Scholarship Recipient, Computer Engineering, USA
Hwa Chong International

At 19 years old, Sarah Go received a 4-year scholarship from the University of Texas, Austin, which is ranked 18th in the world for Computer Science. Previously, she had garnered an Honourable Mention at the National Olympiad in Informatics in 2018, less than six months after she first learnt to code with Coding Lab. 

Sarah was accepted under the prestigious Electrical and Computer Engineering program, the 8th best programme for Computer Engineering. As an out-of-state student, she faced tough competition for a place in the program. Yet, her coding and teaching experience (she had a teaching stint during the Winter term) at Coding Lab allowed her to clinch a place at this top university.

After learning about graphs and data structures, I saw how coding can be used for modelling and organising real-world information – just thinking about it makes me excited! You’ll definitely encounter problems and get frustrated at times, but with patience, there’s nothing that you can’t achieve. There’s no one who can’t or shouldn’t learn how to code. Sarah Go
“Interaction not only makes artificial intelligence education more interesting, but also highlights the practical application advantages and future development boundaries of artificial intelligence. The multi-modal interactive solutions by SenseTime Education are very important for the popularisation of AI education.”Xie Zuoru, head of Wenzhou Middle School Maker Education Studio


Prizes icon

We will be awarding projects for the following categories:

Commendation, Accomplishment and Distinction
Best Overall
Best Concept
Best Design

*All participants will be awarded certificates.

Registration is now CLOSED!

Bootcamp 3: 14 Nov – 18 Nov 2022, 9am-1pm
Bootcamp 4: 14 Nov – 18 Nov 2022, 2pm-6pm
*Thursday, 18 November will be 8-hour joint Hackathon days for all participants from 9am to 6pm

Venue: The Arc – Learning Hub North
63 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 636922,
Level 1 · Nanyang Technological University

Registration has closed on 31 October. Selected participants will be notified via email by 4 November.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at +65 6977 9641.


How much does the bootcamp cost?

This bootcamp is supported by IMDA and SenseTime and conducted by Coding Lab. It is FREE to participate!

Do I need coding experience to participate?

This bootcamp is open to all students of any experience level, and the perfect introduction even if you do not have any coding background.

What hardware/software is required?

There are no specific requirements for laptops as long as they can support internet access with browser capability. Chrome is preferred, while Internet Explorer and Safari are not recommended. iPads and tablets cannot be used.

As SenseStudy is an online experiment platform, it is easily accessible from all students’ laptops. It is recommended that students’ laptops be used with a mouse, alongside a working webcam and microphone. During the bootcamp, students will be provided with access to the SenseStudy platform and the relevant training content.

Where is the bootcamp held at?

The bootcamp will be held in-person at The Arc – Learning Hub North, 63 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 636922, Level 1, Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Please note that AM and PM bootcamp sessions will gather together on Day 4 (Hackathon session) for the full 8 hours (9am – 6pm). Lunch will be provided  for all participants on Day 4.

Can I choose to attend online only or physical only for the entire bootcamp?

Every bootcamp will be conducted in-person at NTU. Here are the schedules for your reference:

Bootcamp 3 (AM Session) Bootcamp 4 (PM Session)
14/11 Day 1 (Mon) 0900 – 1300 14/11 Day 1 (Mon) 1400 – 1800
15/11 Day 2 (Tues) 0900 – 1300 15/11 Day 2 (Tues) 1400 – 1800
16/11 Day 3 (Wed) 0900 – 1300 16/11 Day 3 (Wed) 1400 – 1800
17/11 Day 4 (Thu) 0900 – 1800 (Full Day) – Lunch provided
18/11 Day 5 (Fri) 0900 – 1300 18/11 Day 5 (Fri) 1400 – 1800
Must students be from the Infocomm Media-related CCA Clubs to join this bootcamp?

Students from Infocomm Media-related clubs will be accorded priority to attend this bootcamp.

Note that all teams will have a maximum of 5 members. If you sign up individually or sign up with less than 5 members, you will then be assigned your teams later when registrations are closed. 

Can I form teams with students from other schools?

Yes, you can do so if your teacher/parent/guardian permits. All teams will have a maximum of 5 members. If you have less than 5 members, you will then be assigned your team later when registrations are closed. 

I have less than 5 people signing up. Can I still join?

Yes, our form allows students to sign up individually or in teams of up to 5 members. Note that all teams will have a maximum of 5 members. If you sign up individually or sign up with less than 5 members, you will then be assigned your teams later when registrations are closed. 

What do I need to do before the workshop?

It is recommended that you create a account before the workshop. Other than that, come for your workshop all ready with your laptop for an exciting coding time!