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I'm the Best Coder Challenge (16-19)Data Analytics (13 - 16)Olympiad in Informatics (13 - 18)Basic Computer Skills (6 - 8)Coding @ The Learning Lab (5 - 12)

I’m the Best Coder Challenge 2019 – Shopee x Coding Lab

Ages 16 – 19

Best Coder Training Workshop (Pretertiary) v2

Shopee x Coding Lab present: The largest data analytics competition in Singapore

Python meets Math Workshop

Date: 15 September 2019 (Sunday)

Duration: 09:00am–04:00pm
Venue: PSB Academy Lecture Theatre 4 (PSB Academy City Campus, 6 Raffles Blvd, #03-200 Marina Square, Singapore 039594)

As Part of the Competition – I’m the Best Coder! Challenge 2019

I’m the Best Coder! Challenge 2019 is a one-day data analytics competition, open to all students and professionals. The competition consists of 2 rounds of data analysis problems designed by Shopee tech teams. Participants must analyse the dataset, draw insightful conclusions and solve the problems in a specified amount of time. Not only will participants get a chance to code to generate insights that solve real industry problems, but this competition will also provide them with an opportunity to test their coding skills and understand the importance of data analytics skills required in Shopee.

Date: Mid-October 2019

Coding Lab is proud to be an appointed training partner of I’m the Best Coder! Challenge 2019.

Introduction to Data Analytics: Social Media Insights

Ages 13 – 16

Data Analytics Banner


What is Data Analytics?
Learn critical concepts in Data Science, Coding and build a strong quantitative foundation for any high-value, analytical job of tomorrow’s economy
Applying analytics to Social Media
Use Python to extract and analyse data from a live Twitter feed, and gain insights into the online sentiments of famous Twitter users
FREE Talk on Programming Skills & Admissions to Top US/UK Universities
Get details about university and career pathways for students interested in computer science, programming, or STEM in general – where the jobs of the future are.

Crimson Education x Coding Lab presents:

Introduction to Data Analytics: Social Media Insights

Coding is the new literacy, and data is the new fuel. In this program, students from 13 to 16 years old are equipped with tools that will help them learn this new language, introducing them to basic data science concepts that will prove useful in an increasingly digital world.

Run by our lead educator and self-confessed tech geek, Mona Tan, students will learn the essentials of Python (one of the most frequently used programming languages in the world!) including how to install, set up, and run it.

They will then apply their knowledge in a world that they are familiar with: the social media vortex. By the end of the workshop, students will be able to use Python to extract and analyse data from a live Twitter feed!

*Complimentary: A talk on the university and career pathways open to students with computer science skill sets, after Day 1 of the workshop!

Exclusive – Talk on Cracking the Code: Programming Skills & Admissions to Top US/UK Universities

Get details about university and career pathways for students interested in computer science, programming, or STEM in general – where the jobs of the future are.

In a world where technology is constantly disrupting and creating new industries, learning how to code and read data effectively is a valuable investment for a thriving career (ruling over all the robots and automation of tomorrow’s workplaces). But did you know that coding and data analysis can actually be your path to the best universities in the world such as Stanford, MIT, Cambridge, and Harvard, and help you gain an edge over other strong applicants?

In this information packed talk open to the parents of participants of the “Introduction to Data Science” workshop, Foo Yong Ning, the founder of Coding Lab® and MIT Masters graduate, will discuss the importance of coding and data analytics as well as potential career pathways that are enabled by computer science skill sets.

Crimson Education’s Senior Academic Advisor and Yale graduate, Quek Xin Er, will also dissect how students can leverage interests in these areas to build extracurricular portfolios worthy of admissions into the world’s top universities, including case studies of students who showcased their passion in computer science and data science when applying to universities like MIT, Stanford and Cambridge!

Date: Coming soon (June 2019)
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm (after Day 1 of the workshop. Refreshments will be served at 6pm)


Quek Xin Er – Yale University, former head girl and canoe captain at Raffles schools in Singapore

Xin Er was Head Girl and canoe team captain at the Raffles schools. She was accepted at Oxford University to read PPE and Yale University, where she chose to study. She launched her career in the U.S. in economic and management consulting firms working with technology giants in Silicon Valley before returning to Singapore to help other students reach for the best global opportunities.

Foo Yong Ning – S.M (Computational Engineering), MIT and former Regional (Asia-Pacific) Director at Danaher

Yong Ning graduated with a Masters in Computational Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under a full scholarship and spent a year working in a technology startup in Silicon Valley prior to returning to Singapore, where he was born and grew up in.

Rapidly rising through the ranks and previously a Regional (Asia-Pacific) Director with a US multinational, he realised how big a part his coding knowledge helped in advancing his career. He continues to do programming in his free time as a hobby and founded Coding Lab®. He is a highly sought-after expert and his work with children has been featured on Lianhe Zaobao. He has also been called upon as a consultant with various parenting magazines and is regularly invited to share his views at parenting talks and seminars.

Please RSVP as soon as possible.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.


Day 1: Introduction to Python

  • Learn to install, setup and run Python
  • Basic Syntax and Variables
  • Numerical data and Mathematics operators
  • Learn booleans and conditionals
  • Syntax of if, if-then-else, if and elif
  • Logical operators and truth tables
  • While loop and For loop

Day 2: Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Understanding data on the internet and social media
  • Inspecting Webpages
  • Web scraping with BeautifulSoup
  • Create a program to extract text from a webpage

Day 3: Twitter API and tweepy package for Python

  • Creating and using Twitter token
  • Writing requests to query Twitter
  • Processing returned results from Twitter

Day 4: Introduction to Sentiment Analytics

  • Contextual Understanding and Tone
  • Running sentiment analytics using Python to tell if tweets are positive or negative

Day 5: Mini project

  • Pick a twitter profile to analyse and work on your analysis.

Class Format

June 2019
5 sessions, 2 hours per session
4pm – 6pm (Mon – Fri)
*Talk held on Day 1 of workshop, 6.30pm – 7.30pm

For Students

Ages 13 – 16
No previous data science or computer science knowledge is required.

Course Structure

All materials and equipment are provided
Maximum 1:10 Instructor-Student ratio
Duration: 10 Hours

Locations & Schedules


Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #10-06, 449269



NOI Preparation

By Invitation Only

Banner of NOI Preparation Course


The National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI)
The National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) is a computing competition organized by National University of Singapore. It is modelled after the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) and is one of the most prestigious competitions for programming in Singapore.
Why Take Part in NOI?
Top NOI winners will represent Singapore in the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) competition. An Olympiad medal is highly recognised for admissions to top universities around the world.
NOI Preparation Programme
Selected students will receive best-in-class coaching to giving them a high chance of succeeding and attaining a medal in the competition.

Invitation to NOI Training

A highly rigorous programme, our NOI Training course requires a strong foundation in Mathematics, a passion for programming and the fortitude to persevere through countless hours of thinking through highly difficult coding challenges.

Designed and taught by top IOI and multiple NOI Gold Medallists, combined with the signature Coding Lab style of instruction, this course is conducted over one and a half years and will cover topics such as Sorting, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming and Graph Data Structure and Algorithms.

This programme is by invitation only. We have a highly selective systematic process to identify suitable candidates within our current pool of students attending our Python programme. You may also wish to indicate interest by sending us an email at Alternatively, you may also speak to your tutor to indicate your interest.

There’s so much that you can do just using variables, functions, and loops! I understood this when I was learning Python, but only truly appreciated it when I began learning algorithms and C++ to take part in the NOI.Sarah Go, 17, Hwa Chong International


C++ Syntax
Sorting Algorithms and their Application
Linear Data Structures
Divide and Conquer
Non-Linear Data Structures
Dynamic Programming
Graph Traversal
Shortest Path Algorithms
Directed Acycli Graph and Trees
Challenges and Puzzles

Class Format

Term Based (Quarter)
Weekly classes, 2 hours per class
10 Classes per Term
$845 / Term (Quarter)

For Students

By Invitation Only. Students must undergo a placement and selection test in order to qualify to attend this class.

Course Structure

All materials and equipment are provided
Maximum 1:8 Instructor-Student ratio

Locations & Schedules

Bukit Timah

9 King Albert Park (KAP Mall) #02-21, 598332

Every Saturday, 7 – 9 pm (2018 Enrollment Closed)
Next Intake: May 2019


Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #10-06, 449269

Next Intake: May 2019




Sarah and her family, trekking in the USA

Coding Lab Student Feature: Sarah Go, 17, Hwa Chong International

Meet Sarah, our talented young coder. Starting from ground zero, she has come a long way – after all, she clinched an Honourable mention at the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) in March 2018, in just less than six months of learning to code.


Lauren in Python class

Coding Lab Student Feature: Lauren Yeo, 14, Methodist Girls’ School, (IB) Programme

Meet Lauren, the child music prodigy who, at the age of 9, sang at Carnegie Hall after winning 1st place at the American Protégé International Voice Competition in New York. Also a self-confessed Science nerd, and a member of her school Science Club and MENSA, Lauren is living proof that arts and science can go together.


NEW! Python Meets Mathematics

Coding Lab Student Feature: Josephine, 14, Raffles Girls School

Meet our talented student, Josephine, 14. A member of her school’s Infocomm club, she started with Coding Lab in 2017, where she was first introduced to Python programming. She has since progressed upward and can now count programming in C++ as another skill under her belt.

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Basic Computer Skills for Kids

Ages 6 – 8

Basic Computer Skills

Learn How to Type Efficiently
Efficient Typing is an essential skill that students will utlilise when they enter into the world of programming.
Computer and Web Navigation Skills
Exploration and navigation is a stepping stone to accomplishing computer literacy.
Motor Skills and Finger Dexterity
How do I type using all of my fingers or use the mouse properly? Learn to type with the correct posture and method.

Start your digital journey

In today’s world of technology where our kids are often first introduced to devices which are only equipped with a touch screen interface, it is increasingly valuable for them to learn how to use the keyboard properly or save their favourite image into the computer.

This 2-hour introductory course helps children to be well equipped for their upcoming Scratch classes. Students will pick up the basics of computer operating systems, strengthen their reaction speed and eye-hand coordination skills. They would then come together and compete to see who has faster hands!

Want to find out more? Check out our FAQs.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Computer Peripherals
Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad
Proper hand placements and sitting posture
Select and edit texts
Typing practice

Understanding the Web
Web Browser User Interface
Entering Website links
Internet safety

Who is faster?
Final Project: Speed Test

Class Format

2 Hour Class
2 Hours

For Students

Ages 6 to 8
Basic typing and motor skills

Course Structure

All materials and equipment provided
Maximum 1:8 Instructor-Student ratio

Locations & Schedules

Bukit Timah

9 King Albert Park (KAP Mall) #02-21, 598332

Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #10-06, 449269


Coding for kids – What do children learn?

What does a quality Computer Science education entail? What do kids learn at Coding Class? How can this help them at school?

Experience the joy and wonder of creation as our kids bring you through the experience of a coding class with Coding Lab. Regardless of ages 4 all the way to 18, there’s never a dull moment!


Our student, Jake was featured in #ALittleSomebody, by Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报. Congratulations to Jake and his cute family! We are glad his brother liked the game. Doing our part to train up our young coders to become future leaders in technology!

I can get a head start on Algebra

“I think it is very useful in school as I can get a head start on Algebra on coordinates… which I’m not supposed to learn now. I’m supposed to learn it in P6 I guess..”, Jake, 8 years old, Singapore March 2016 Holiday Programme

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Coding Camps @ The Learning Lab

Ages 4 – 12

Course Banner for Coding Camps at The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab
For over 16 years, The Learning Lab has been the leading national provider of tuition and enrichment services.
Various Courses for Ages 5 - 15
A specially curated list of coding classes during the holidays for children ages 5 – 15
@ United Square
Available only at TLL @ United Square, in central Singapore

The Learning Lab x Coding Lab presents:

K1 – S3 Coding Workshops


In collaboration with The Learning Lab, we are bringing the following programmes to TLL @ United Square:

  1. Junior Coders (K1-K2)
  2. Scratch 1 & 2 (P1 – P3)
  3. App Inventor (P4 – P6)
  4. Young Computer Scientist (Selected Themes)

June Holiday Camps 2019 Launched! View Schedule here.


Locations & Schedules

TLL @ United Square

United Square 101 Thomson Road, #03-03 Singapore 307591