Scratch 1

Ages 7 – 9

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Start learning about Scratch
Scratch is a visual programming language that will kickstart the students’ interest in coding.
Be exposed to Programming Blocks
Motions, Events, Control and many more are must-have essentials for every Scratch creation.
Logical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
How do I make my character move in circles? Why isn’t this code running the way I want it?

Step into the World of Programming

Specially designed for curious young minds who are new to coding / programming: This course introduces a must-have skill to equip your children with, for their futures. We believe in engaging children to be thinkers and creators through hands-on and project-based learning, for a purpose.

GIF Banner for Scratch 1Journey through Space by Javen, 8 years old
GIF Banner for Scratch 1Platformer Game by Flynn, 9 years old

Students will design their own interactive stories, animations and gaming ideas using Scratch, a visual programming language. Students will combine visual blocks creatively and instruct the computer to breathe their creations to life.

The beauty in what we teach is not the language that matters, but the practice of thinking through a problem and applying a solution. This logic is essential to any coding language and applicable even beyond the scope of the course.

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Lynette loves her scratch 1, 2 and advanced. There is a need to code. There is a need to compute and put in the logic for actions to take place and determining the actions. Behind each automation, there are a lot of coding.Wan Soon, Mother of Lynette (9)


Introduction to and exploration of Scratch
Understand Motions and Events
Learn about (x, y) coordinates
How to initiate events with different user input

Control of characters using Commands
Relative versus Absolute commands
Setting sizes
Give instructions to your Characters

Step-by-step Animation
Loops and parallelism techniques
Customize costumes, colours and pick music

Creation of in-game variables
Score, Timer

Class Format

5 x 2 Hours
5 sessions, 2 hours per session
Weekly / 5 days intensive
$395 ( $422.65 w/GST)
2 Full-Day Camp
2-day, full day camp | 9am-4pm
Lunch and snacks provided
$445 ( $476.15 w/GST)

For Students

Ages 7 to 9
No prior experience required

Course Structure

All materials and equipment provided
Maximum 1:8 Instructor-Student ratio
10 hours

Locations & Schedules

Bukit Timah

9 King Albert Park (KAP Mall) #02-21, 598332

Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #10-06, 449269

The Grassroots Club

190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, 568046
[Holiday Camps Only]

Coding Lab Online

Learn from the comfort of your home
[Live Online E-Learning]


Coding for kids – What do children learn?

What does a quality Computer Science education entail? What do kids learn at Coding Class? How can this help them at school?

Experience the joy and wonder of creation as our kids bring you through the experience of a coding class with Coding Lab. Regardless of ages 4 all the way to 18, there’s never a dull moment!


Our student, Jake was featured in #ALittleSomebody, by Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报. Congratulations to Jake and his cute family! We are glad his brother liked the game. Doing our part to train up our young coders to become future leaders in technology!

I can get a head start on Algebra

“I think it is very useful in school as I can get a head start on Algebra on coordinates… which I’m not supposed to learn now. I’m supposed to learn it in P6 I guess..”, Jake, 8 years old, Singapore March 2016 Holiday Programme

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