Scratch 1

Ages 7 – 9

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Rigorous Program that drives Results
Experience our award-winning curriculum that has turned learners into winners of National and Global Code competitions.
MIT-Inspired, Age-Appropriate Curriculum
Our curriculum utilises Scratch, a “low-floor and high-ceiling” program, which allows young users to create a myriad of projects, from basic to advanced.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills
Students are guided to come up with their original solutions to problems in their code and learn debugging skills.

Give your child a technological edge.

We believe in engaging children to be thinkers and creators through hands-on and project-based learning. It is increasingly recommended that coding is an essential skill for everyone – not just people who aspire to be programmers and computer scientists. This is because it teaches computational thinking, which knows no age limit. Computational thinking is about solving problems efficiently, by breaking them down into more manageable pieces. It also includes learning abstraction, seeing the larger picture from minute details. 

Increasingly, students are exposed to basic programming at school. Whether they’ve done 6 months of basic Scratch, Sphero or Robotics, our rigorous programme goes significantly beyond, focusing on the cognitive development of our students in the area of computational thinking, regardless of platform. We have designed a curriculum that introduces computational thinking at an age-appropriate level. Our students very quickly progress on to modelling advanced concepts; building programs such as a fidget spinner, platformer game, or utilising the power of Artificial Intelligence to build a car number plate recogniser. Scratch is a platform for our students to develop and showcase their intellectual powers, as compared to merely flitting around various software programs in a touch-and-go manner.

Take a look at our student achievements to know why this is the case. There’s a reason why our students have placed first in National Hackathons and Global Competitions.

Flying Kirby by Joe, 8 years old, in P101 Scratch 1
Get started on your coding adventures with Scratch – the perfect, gentle introduction to coding! Design your first game or animation based on your favourite characters like Joe’s Flying Kirby.
Fight Covid-19 by Jun Min, 11 years old
Perfect for beginners AND the advanced – make complex projects like Jun Min’s Covid-19 simulator which uses exponential modelling! He still constantly goes back to Scratch despite moving onto other platforms.
GIF of Car Plate Reader for YCS Cognitive Artificial Intelligence
Create a smart program that can identify car plate numbers for better security! Go on a journey to become an expert by exploring various fields such as Cognitive Artificial Intelligence in computing in our P11S Young Computer Scientists course.

We encourage our students to explore the limits of their imagination. Our course culminates in an actual guided hackathon, where students put together characters and functions to create games, stories or animations of their choice. 

Whilst plenty of guidance is given, students are given the opportunity to debug their codes themselves so that deep understanding of concepts can happen. Under the watch of our nurturing educators, students will be guided to present their final projects to the class at the end of every module. After all, they should take pride in every line of code they write. 

The beauty of our curriculum is not what language we choose to introduce, but the rigorous practice of problem-solving. This also involves creativity, in dreaming up original solutions, and the determination to follow through on a coding project. These perseverance and logical skills are fundamental to all coding languages, and indeed, in life!

Want to find out more? Meet some of our students or check out our FAQs.

Note: This module is the starting point for beginner coders. Students who have background in programming may contact us to book a placement test, to determine if you may be accelerated to the most appropriate module.

Lynette loves her Scratch 1, 2 and Advanced. There is a need to code. There is a need to compute and put in the logic for actions to take place and determining the actions. Behind each automation, there is a lot of coding.Wan Soon, Mother of Lynette, 9 years old
My daughter has just completed her Scratch 1 course. She absolutely enjoyed the classes and was excited to share with us what she has learnt and what she can do. She is looking forward to her Scratch 2 classes.Daphne, Mother of Alicia, 7 years old


Introduction to and exploration of Scratch
Understand Motions and Events
Learn about (x, y) coordinates
How to initiate events with different user input

Control of characters using Commands
Relative versus Absolute commands
Setting sizes
Give instructions to your Characters

Step-by-step Animation
Loops and parallelism techniques
Customize costumes, colours and pick music

Creation of in-game variables
Score, Timer

Class Format

5 x 2 Hours
5 sessions, 2 hours per session
Weekly / 5 days intensive
$395 ( $426.60 w/GST)
2 Full-Day Camp
2-day, full day camp | 9am-4pm
Lunch and snacks provided
$445 ( $480.60 w/GST)

For Students

Ages 7 to 9
No prior experience required

Course Structure

All materials and equipment provided
Maximum 1:8 Instructor-Student ratio
10 hours

Locations & Schedules

Bukit Timah

9 King Albert Park (KAP Mall) #02-21, 598332

Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #10-06, 449269

Coding Lab Online

Learn from the comfort of your home

[Live Online E-Learning]

United Square

101 Thomson Rd #03-03, 307591

@The Learning Lab

Seletar Mall

33 Sengkang West Ave #02-18 to 21, 797653

@The Learning Lab


Hear from our students!

We sit down with some of our dear students and ask them what they love about coding and what inspires them. These passionate and curious young minds are the reasons why we keep the fire burning to nurture future leaders in technology every day.

ICS Student Feature: Wang Jun Wern, 7, Merit Award

Watch 7-year-old Wang Jun Wern present and explain how his exciting groceries list can help one’s daily life. This impressive Scratch project won him the Merit Award in the International Coding Showcase 2020, and shows how much one can do with Scratch and an idea!

I can get a head start on Algebra

“I think it is very useful in school as I can get a head start on Algebra on coordinates… which I’m not supposed to learn now. I’m supposed to learn it in P6 I guess..”, Jake, 8 years old, Singapore March 2016 Holiday Programme

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