The fastest learning happens from ages five to twelve years. If you want your kids to learn to code, you should enrol your children in kids coding classes as early as possible. Learning programming helps kids think analytically and develop their problem-solving skills. However, there are still many misconceptions about who should learn to code. For instance, some parents have a misconception that one should have extraordinary IQ and math skills to be able to learn to code. Even many schools in Singapore have not made it a part of their curriculum as yet. Here are some common myths about kids learning to code.

Kids are too young to learn to code

Age is no bar for anyone, including kids, to learn to code. In fact, many governments all over the world are considering whether they should include kids programming classes in the school curriculum. Writing code is a healthy exercise for the mind and with the introduction of visual languages like Scratch and Alice, it has become much more interactive and easier for the kids to learn to code. Nowadays, kids can even learn to code on online platforms that combine gaming with coding.

Young girls should not be encouraged to code

Another rumour floating in the coding world is that girl children should not be taught to code. Computer science is wrongly seen as a subject only for males. In fact, the world’s first programmer, Ada Lovelace, was a woman. The lower ratio of female programmers to male programmers should not discourage you from sending your daughter to kids programming classes. It can help them think better.

Coding requires a lot of time

This is not true because children can pick up programming quite easily. Teachers often do not integrate coding into the curriculum because of the little classroom time. The fact is that coding can easily be combined with other conventional subjects. However, coding classes outside school can engage kids better, by way of interactive games and activities.

Coding needs expensive devices and technology

Introducing kids to coding need not be an expensive process. Some websites offer free resources, lessons and tutorials and apps like Tynker and LightBot to make coding fun. The Raspberry Pi computer is an affordable tool to start with. By sending your kids to coding classes, you can expose them to beginner-level hardware and technology. If all kids in a class do not have their own kits, collaborative coding projects can help.


It should be taught only to aspiring computer programmers

This is a blatant lie, as knowledge of computer programming is desirable in most fields today. It is estimated that by 2020, most job descriptions would require candidates to have basic IT skills. Thus, why computer programming courses for kids in Singapore is on a rise. Even otherwise, computer programming is a lucrative and rewarding career option.