How is the Coding Lab ® Curriculum different from other schools?
Is the Coding Lab ® Curriculum suitable for my child?



What are the qualifications of your teachers?



What is the difference between Holiday Camps and Regular Weekly classes?
What is the difference between 5x2H, Accelerated, or 2-Day Camps? I am unsure of which format to pick for my child.
My child is 6 years old this year. Can I send him for P101 - Scratch 1?
I want my 10 year-old to learn Python. Does he/she still have to go through your Scratch programme?
What is your average class size?
Does Coding Lab ® offer Trial classes?
Does Coding Lab ® offer 1-to-1 classes?
What are the fees like?
What do students need to bring to class?
I want to sign up but am unable to confirm the time slot as the school holiday schedule is not out. What should I do?



What is the company’s Public holiday policy?
What if a student misses a class? What is the make-up policy?
What is the schools’ cancellation and refund policy?



What achievements do your students have?



What are the Locations of your classes?
What are your operating hours? How can we contact you?
Can my kid really learn programming? Will he/she be able to understand it?
What is coding?
Why should my child learn coding?
How will coding help my kids in school?
How old must my child be to learn coding with you?
Why is there a placement test for your non-introductory courses?