How is the Coding Lab ® Curriculum different from other schools?

Designed by our Global Industry Experts, Our Award-Winning MIT-inspired curriculum develops computational thinking and creativity of expression in children of all abilities.

With a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning and the application of key mathematical concepts, we have trained thousands of students globally in Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

We have won numerous awards for Best Coding Curriculum.
– Four-Time Winner, Best Coding Curriculum (Parents’ World Magazine)
– Voted Best Coding Programme (Young Parents’ Magazine)
– Awarded Best Coding Curriculum (Singapore’s Child)
– Awarded School of The Year, Computer Science (Little Magazine)

Is the Coding Lab ® Curriculum suitable for my child?

Every child is different, and our way of teaching recognises this. Our tutors are trained to inspire complete newbies to program, to challenging gifted students in their work. Every child can learn to code, and the Coding Lab ® programme is rigorously designed to fit their different ability levels and learning styles, such that every child can create programs they can be proud of.

Meet some of our students or check out our student achievements here.


What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Coding Lab ® teachers are typically hail from Top Universities such as MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, Cornell, SUTD, NUS, NTU, SMU and so on.

All teachers undergo intensive training in educating students the Coding Lab ® way, as well as the curriculum before they are assigned to a class.


What is the difference between Holiday Camps and Regular Weekly classes?

There is no difference in the content covered for either Holiday Camps or Regular Classes. We run both types of classes to cater to the different needs of students, and the material is exactly the same for the same module (Eg. P101 Scratch 1) covered. Parents may choose a combination of classes that suit their schedule best.

What is the difference between 5x2H, Accelerated, or 2-Day Camps? I am unsure of which format to pick for my child.

We run classes in different formats to cater to the varying needs of students.

5x2H: This class is run in 5 sessions of 2 hours per session
2-Day Camp: This class is run over 2 days, and covers the same curriculum as a 10-hour class. Lunch is provided.

5×3.5H (Accelerated): This Class condenses a 10 x 2 hour (20H) class into 17.5H and is offered only to students between the ages of 10-18.
3-Day Camp: This class is run over 3 days, and covers the same curriculum as a 20-hour class. Lunch is provided.

My child is 6 years old this year. Can I send him for P101 - Scratch 1?

We would recommend that your child start with our preschool programme, which will build him a solid foundation before he moves to P101- Scratch 1. Due to the motor skills required to operate the computer (Keyboard typing/mouse handling), it is recommended that your child only starts the P101 class the year he is turning 7 (Primary 1 / Year 1). He/she is also recommended to take our Basic Computer Skills course to familiarise himself with the use of a computer before commencing Coding classes.

My child is turning 10 this year. Should he do App Inventor or Python?

We would recommend both. Our curriculum is structured to expose children between the ages of 10-12 to both a syntax-based language (Python) as well as app creation and UI/UX design (App Inventor).

Students may start their journey with either App Inventor (P201 and P202) or Python Junior (P205 and p206), which are a necessary foundation to our Advanced Computer Scientists Roadmap, which challenge students to apply what they have learned across a variety of disciplines.

What is your average class size?

Our classes have the maximum teacher to student ratio of the following:-

Preschool (Ages 5-6) 1:6
Primary School (Ages 7-12) 1:8
Secondary/JC (Ages 13-18) 1:10

We keep our classes small so that every student benefits from maximum personalised attention.

Does Coding Lab ® offer Trial classes?

Whilst we believe that students will benefit fully from a full course of at least 10 hours, we understand that sometimes you may be interested to find out what they learn in class. We therefore offer 2-Hr Themed Workshops which include Parent-Child bonding sessions and the occasional trial class. Slots can be booked directly online and are subject to availability.

Does Coding Lab ® offer 1-to-1 classes?

Yes, we offer 1-to-1 classes and we can customise a course to fit your needs and schedule. Call +65 6977 9641 or email to enquire about our rates.

What are the fees like?

Our fees range from $395 to $845 for a 10-20 hour session.

What do students need to bring to class?

Coding Lab ® provides all equipment for our classes. Students just need to bring stationery, a water bottle, and a jacket (in case it gets cold). Apart from that, just come and have fun and enjoy the lesson!

I want to sign up but am unable to confirm the time slot as the school holiday schedule is not out. What should I do?

As fellow parents, we understand the challenges that you face in planning for your child’s holiday schedule. On our end, we will try our best to accommodate requests to change time slots, subject to availability. Go ahead to sign up to secure a place and drop us an email/call. If there are available slots, we will allow you to make the switch.


What is the company’s Public holiday policy?

Our centres will be closed on Public Holidays. Any lessons that fall on Public Holidays will be made up in the following week as per the planned Schedule.

What if a student misses a class? What is the make-up policy?

Unless absent for medical reasons, a communication lead time via email to of at least 2 weeks is required prior to missing the class, in order for arrangements for a make-up class to be made. We will try our best to slot in students into a suitable replacement class, subject to availability and timings at our centres. The final make-up time slot will be decided upon by Coding Lab ®.

What is the schools’ cancellation and refund policy?

In the event that the class is confirmed, no cancellations or refunds will be allowed. However, students may move their credits to another course of their timing, to be communicated via email or phone call at least 2 weeks before the course starts.


What achievements do your students have?

As a global Coding school with presence in Singapore, Japan and Australia, we believe in international opportunities for our students to showcase their work. Whether it’s presenting a poster and winning a hackathon at a global summit at MIT (USA), achieving the Best Coding Award at the Microsoft Minecraft Cup in Japan, or emerging as champions at multiple local National competitions such as the National IMDA Hackathon, Hwa Chong Infocomm Competition and annual i.code competitions, we’ve got you covered.

Our students have achieved numerous awards and accolades in the technology arena.


From creating a stock-rating algorithm or a carpark lot real-time tracker , or even a facebook for the elderly – who knows, your child could be next young talent!

View our parents and students views on our classes here.


What are the Locations of your classes?

Coding Lab ® classes are held at various locations all over Singapore. Classes for ages 7-18 are conducted at our Bukit Timah and Parkway Parade campuses, and holiday classes may be conducted at The Learning Lab (TLL) @ United Square and Seletar Mall. We also have Live E-learning classes available!

Our Junior Coders Programme (Ages 5-6) is conducted exclusively at our Bukit Timah campus, and we hold holiday classes at The Learning Lab (TLL) @ United Square. Currently, our Junior Coders Programme is a physical class with no online option available.

We also partner with various corporate organisations and schools across Singapore. Our past clients include Cisco, Brands’ PSA, National Library Board, Etonhouse, Modern Montessori International, Raffles Girls’ School, Victoria Junior College and many more.

What are your operating hours? How can we contact you?

Our typical operating hours are from 9am to 6pm daily. Whilst we welcome walk-ins, it is best to book an appointment before coming down to any of our centres. You can also call our hotline at +65 6977 9641. For more information, visit:

Can my kid really learn programming? Will he/she be able to understand it?

Learning to code or to write a program is like picking up a new language or a new instrument. In today’s digital age, it is critical that our children start young so that they can thrive and become confident creators of technology. Many tech greats started at a young age; Bill Gates had his first foray into programming at the age of 13, and Mark Zuckerberg created a network of computers at the tender age of 10.

Students learn life-skills such as problem-solving and logical thinking, and most importantly; computational thinking – the ability to break down a problem and give step-by-step instructions to a computer to solve.
At Coding Lab ®, our curriculum is especially designed to inspire and nurture students to develop an interest in coding. Just like any new area of study, the way the lesson is structure and taught play a huge importance. We firmly believe in starting our students off in the right manner, whether they aspire to be a Computer Scientist, or they are a preschooler writing their first line of code.

What is coding?

Coding is instructing the computer to work in a language that it understands. There are various coding languages that a computer uses; just like how we use English or our Mother Tongue to communicate with our family and friends. The fundamentals of all these languages are the same – the ability to break down problems into smaller pieces (decomposition), think logically and give step-by-step instructions (algorithmic thinking) to the computer.

Why should my child learn coding?

Coding is considered the “new literacy” by many education institutions around the world. Educators and experts agree that it is an important subject that every child needs to grasp in order to thrive in school and life, whether or not they eventually pursue a career in Computer Science. Logical thinking and problem-solving are also important skills that they pick up in the course of learning to code.

How will coding help my kids in school?

With the nation’s drive to train up students and workers who are Future Ready, it is common for students to have had some exposure to coding in their schools. Our program enhances what has been learnt, and accelerates your child’s learning. Small class sizes will allow your child to ask questions easily. Our experienced instructors will also provide your child with personalized attention and our progressive series of coding classes will move your child to an advanced level of understanding, which goes beyond the curriculum taught in public schools.

How old must my child be to learn coding with you?

Our coding classes are designed for children from the ages of 4 to 18. Our structured curriculum roadmap takes them through their programming journey with age-appropriate exercises that nurture and challenge them at each level.

Ages 5-6: Junior Coders’ Programme
Ages 7-9: Scratch, Young Computer Scientists
Ages 10-12: MIT App Inventor, Python Junior, Advanced Computer Scientists
Ages 13-18: Python Meets Mathematics, Advanced Electives
Academics: IB Coaching, GCE ‘O’ Level Coaching, NOI (By Invitation Only)

Why is there a placement test for your non-introductory courses?

We want to ensure that every student who comes to our class benefits and learns. Hence, it is vital that your child is enrolled in the right course to provide them with the right level of challenge. We will need to assess his/her foundation level as the curriculum offered by other avenues may be different.

We also offer bridging lessons for your child if he/she needs to build their foundation before attending our non-introductory courses.