Coding Lab Home Based Learning

The option to learn from the comfort of your home is now available with the launch of our LIVE HOME-BASED E-LEARNING programme.

Our complete e-learning solution includes live video conferences with our tutors, online questions, video-on-demand and everything you need to fully understand the material.

Harnessing the same technology and teaching strategies that clinched our Japan-Singapore team the Best Coding Award at the Microsoft Minecraft Cup competition, ALL students can now benefit from the availability of our E-Learning Classes. Continue to code games and animations*, design apps or pick up Python  – all from the comfort of home.

I really like Home-Based classes because I’m able to stay at home and still learn a lot of coding. If I’m facing any difficulties, my tutor can take over my screen and help me out!Lydia, 10, Advanced Computer Scientists
I love online coding classes because I can still make my projects and learn programming from the comfort of home. Ms Lynn and Ms Rachel taught me to create costumes and add health bars for the characters in my Battleheart-inspired game. So fun!Audrey, 7, Scratch 1
Home-Based Online Learning actually improves the actual learning. The teachers can mute the students when required so they can’t talk and disrupt the class, and we can pay attention and can learn more.Oliver, 13, Python 1
Not every type of enrichment translates well to online learning. But Coding Lab’s LIVE home-based learning coding class worked for us. Coding is primarily an online activity anyway. And with a smart device, kids can learn anywhere.WL Wong, Parent

*Students aged 9 and below are recommended to have parent/guardian(s) accompaniment for the first session of e-learning classes.

Why Home-Based E-Learning:

  • Learn problem-solving and pick up other 21st-Century skills to be tech-savvy in this digital age
  • Make the most of your time at home – be productive and enrich your life by learning to code!
  • The convenience of attending classes with a laptop/desktop, especially if you aren’t feeling well or simply want to learn from home… we’ve got you covered.

What you get:

  • Full access to LIVE video conferences with our experienced tutors
  • High quality delivery of lessons using specialised, professional equipment adapted for teaching
  • Online questions and forums to test knowledge, ask questions and practice
  • Video-on-demand at your fingertips to learn at your own pace and timing
  • … and more!

What you need:

  • A desktop (with webcam and microphone) or laptop
  • The focus and the drive to constantly learn from home
  • Psst, our complimentary HBL Concierge service can assist you and your child in setting up!

Check out our full suite of resources for our LIVE online classes

Hear from our students – Why they love attending LIVE online coding classes

How do I sign up for LIVE Home-Based E-Learning? 

  • For Existing students: All lessons will automatically be converted to LIVE Home-Based E-Learning. You will also have received more information via email on how to access our full suite of E-Learning resources. If you would like to find out more and require assistance to set-up for our  e-learning class, do call us +65 6528 2282 or email us at Our staff will be happy to assist you in order to ensure a seamless transition for your child.
  • For new students: Sign up directly for our LIVE Home-based E-Learning classes by selecting the class you want on our website. Under “Locations and Schedules“, select the class of your choice and confirm your class registration. Details on how to set-up and test your device will be emailed to you separately, and of course, our friendly staff are always a call away at +65 6528 2282.
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Ages 7 – 9

Ages 10 – 12

Ages 13 – 18

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E-Learning in Action with the Coding Lab Team! 

Go behind-the-scenes and see some snapshots of how we made LIVE Home-Based E-Learning a reality for all of our students.

Online Training for Microsoft Minecraft Cup (JPN-SGP), 2019.
Online Training for Microsoft Minecraft Cup competition (Japan-Singapore), 2019.
One of our LIVE video conferences in action with our students (left) and our tutors’ e-learning training (right).
One of our LIVE video conferences in action with our students (left) and our tutors’ e-learning training (right).

Our students greeting their fellow classmate attending LIVE from home!

Conducting a LIVE class on 100% Home-Based E-Learning.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact us at +65 6528 2282 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for the LIVE Home-Based E-Learning?
We offer LIVE Home-based e-learning to students aged 7 – 18. For children aged 7 to 9, we recommend a parent or guardian’s accompaniment for the first the E-Learning class to ease students into the process. From the second class, they should be able to attend on their own.

Unfortunately, we do not offer LIVE Home-Based E-Learning classes to children aged 4 to 6.

How do your LIVE classes differ from Physical classes?

For all LIVE classes, the material covered, curriculum and lesson duration remain unchanged.

Our team has worked hard to adapt our award-winning curriculum for LIVE HBL to ensure a seamless transition from physical classes to online learning. Measures we’ve taken include:-

  • Investing in specialised professional software and equipment to aid in LIVE teaching
  • Reduction of class size ratios for optimum learning
  • Access to e-notes
  • Complimentary HBL Concierge service to assist you with pre-course set-up and any questions you might have about our LIVE HBL

We would love to ease you and your child into LIVE HBL class smoothly from his/her very first session. Do reach out to us at +65 6528 2282 if you have more questions or need any help.

Are the classes pre-recorded or live?
As our student, you will be granted access to our full suite of HBL resources. Classes will be live-streamed to you via the web conference. Pre-recorded videos-on-demand can also be accessed for you to catch up or revise if you missed out on anything. We also encourage frequent home practice via our online system and course-specific forums, which allow students to submit their code for grading anytime, anywhere and have their questions answered.

I've signed up for LIVE Home-Based E-Learning class. Now what? Do I need anything?

Thank you for signing up with us! You can sit back and relax now. As soon as we receive your request, we’ll email you the details and guides as to how you can access your E-Learning classes, as well as what you should do. Our lesson materials and notes can also be mailed directly to your home, just give us a call at +65 6528 2282 or email us at if you haven’t yet requested for it.

I'm not sure how to set-up my home devices. How can I get help?

Our HBL Concierge service will be happy to assist you. Simply give us a call at +65 6528 2282 or email us at to book a complimentary HBL pre-course briefing and set-up session with us, so that we can guide you and your child through. Our lesson materials and notes can also be mailed directly to your home.

I want to do the App Inventor or Advanced Computer Scientists course(s) on Home-Based E-Learning but I don't have an Android phone at home. What do I do?
Whilst an online emulator is available for download and can be used, we would highly recommend an Android phone for these courses (P201 App Inventor 1, P202 App Inventor 2 and P21S Advanced Computer Scientists). You will be able to use your device across multiple classes in the Ages 10-12 roadmap.

Are the normal physical classes still ongoing?

We have reopened our physical campuses from July 13th 2020, with the appropriate safe distancing measures in place, offering you a choice of Physical or online classes. We encourage you to reach out to us at +65 6528 2282 or if you require assistance to set-this up for your child. Detailed instructions on accessing our full suite of HBL resources will be emailed to you separately.

Can I try out one Home-Based E-Learning class first? I'm not sure if this suits my learning style...
Of course you can! We know that as much as it can be exciting to have classes via a new style, you might also be unsure about it. Sign up for a trial and if you like it after the first class, feel free to continue with the LIVE Home-Based E-Learning. Just give us a call at +65 6528 2282 or email us at to let us know.