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LIVE E-Learning Classes

Ages 7 - 18

Live E-Learning Classes for ages 7-18

Pick Up Skills and Be Tech Savvy
Learning to code teaches you so many skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking and other 21st-Century skills. We’ve even included Math in our award-winning curriculum.
Join in our LIVE Classes
You’ll still get to learn alongside your classmates, interact with them, and get the guidance of our passionate tutors as though they are right there beside you.
Learn from Home
Get productive with the convenience of attending classes from home. Minimise contact with others and make the most of your time and enrich your life by learning to code!

Why kids LOVE our LIVE E-Learning Classes

Learning from home has never been this simple.

You're learning the language of computers. Why not do it through computers? Experience our award-winning curriculum from the comfort of your home.

Our complete e-learning solution includes live video conferences with our tutors, online questions, video-on-demand and everything you need to fully understand the material.

Harnessing the same technology and teaching strategies that clinched our Japan-Singapore team the Best Coding Award at the Microsoft Minecraft Cup competition, ALL students can now benefit from the availability of our E-Learning Classes. Continue to code games and animationsdesign apps or pick up Python  – all from the comfort of home.

Not every type of enrichment translates well to online learning. But Coding Lab’s LIVE home-based learning coding class worked for us. Coding is primarily an online activity anyway. And with a smart device, kids can learn anywhere.WL Wong, Parent

Get a glimpse of our Online Coding Classes

Not sure how to navigate the Zoom platform to attend your online coding classes?

Our Junior Coder Mitchell shows you that it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
What do you have to know about Zoom before you attend your online coding classes?

What you get:

  • Full 24/7 access to LIVE video conferences with our experienced tutors
  • High-quality delivery of lessons using specialised, professional equipment adapted for teaching
  • Online questions and forums to test knowledge, ask questions and practice
  • Video-on-demand at your fingertips to learn at your own pace and timing
  • ... and more!
What you need
  • A desktop (with webcam and microphone) or laptop
  • The focus and the drive to constantly learn from home
  • Psst, our complimentary HBL Concierge service can assist you and your child in setting up! Sign up here.

How do I sign up for LIVE E-Learning Classes?

For Existing and New Students

  1. Simply sign up for our class like how you normally would! Choose the age group here, and navigate under “Locations and Schedules".
  2. Details on how to set up and test your device will be emailed to you separately.
  3. Of course, our friendly staff are always ready to assist you.

Call us at +65 6977 9641
Email us at
Chat with us via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

I really like Home-Based classes because I’m able to stay at home and still learn a lot of coding. If I’m facing any difficulties, my tutor can take over my screen and help me out!Lydia, 10, Advanced Computer Scientists
The attendance of the online classes was made easier by the instructors that were patient, knowledgeable and professional. My son enjoyed the week-long coding session during his school term break and looked forward to engaging his classmates and instructors daily. He would recommend other kids to take the program as well to advance their coding knowledge. Teck Boon, Parent

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Ages 7 - 9

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Ages 13 - 18

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is there an age limit for the LIVE E-Learning Classes?

We offer LIVE E-Learning Classes to students aged 5 – 18. We look forward to welcoming your child with us! For younger ones who require help to get started online, register for our complimentary 30-minute onboarding session here.

Are the normal physical classes still ongoing?

We usually have both physical and LIVE E-Learning Classes available.

Our offerings are always in line with the latest restrictions from MOH, and there are times when we will have to offer our classes fully online. The latest status update can be found at our Official Coding Lab Covid Advisory Page.

Rest assured that our Coding Lab 360 online platform ensures that you will not be missing out on anything as the duration remains unchanged and we continue to bring the same award-winning curriculum to your child. We encourage you to reach out to us at +65 6977 9641 or if you require assistance to set this up for your child. Detailed instructions on accessing our full suite of HBL resources will be emailed to you separately.

How do your LIVE classes differ from Physical classes?

For all LIVE E-Learning classes, the material covered, curriculum and lesson duration remain unchanged. Our team has worked hard to adapt our award-winning curriculum for LIVE E-Learning to ensure a seamless transition from physical classes to online learning.

Measures we’ve taken include:
– Investing in specialised professional software and equipment to aid in LIVE teaching
Reduction of class size ratios for optimum learning
– 24/7 access to e-notes
Complimentary HBL Concierge service to assist you with pre-course set-up and any questions you might have about our LIVE E-Learning classes

We would love to ease you and your child into our LIVE E-Learning class smoothly from his/her very first session. Do reach out to us at +65 6977 9641 if you have more questions or need any help.

Can my child really learn to code through online classes? I'm not too sure.

We believe that every child should learn to code, and our team works towards ensuring that this can be easily achieved through our LIVE online classes. As coding is the language of computers, learning to code online is possible!

  • Our small class sizes allow our tutors to focus their full attention on each and every student, so help is available for any issues faced.
  • We also encourage students to share their screens at all times, especially if they are having trouble, so that our tutors can guide them through their thought processes and codes in real-time. 

We strive to nurture future leaders in technology, and that is not only limited to coding. We have worked hard to ensure a 100% seamless transition to online classes, which our students can attest to. They gain computer literacy and the ability to independently do online learning. In fact, most of our students who have attended our online classes have no issues doing MOE’s HBL, which is much more complicated than our LIVE classes. 

Rest assured that we are here to help you through navigating online learning. Before your class, you can sign up for our complimentary 30-minute HBL Concierge service with our friendly Enrolment Consultant here, which will provide LIVE guidance and ensure that you have everything that you need set up.

I don’t have a laptop or suitable device for my child.

MOE has implemented full-scale Home-Based Learning (HBL) across all Singapore schools. Therefore, your child is highly encouraged to get a suitable device for learning online, which can also be used to attend our LIVE E-Learning Classes. To nurture his/her further knowledge in digital readiness (schoolwork, coding, etc), every child is encouraged to get his/her own personal learning device to further their individual learning. 

*Under the National Digital Literacy Programme, all Singaporean secondary students can purchase a Personal Learning Device with the Edusave top-up of $200. 

I want to do the App Inventor or Advanced Computer Scientists course(s) on Home-Based E-Learning but I don't have an Android phone at home. What do I do?

Ideally, an Android device (phone or tablet) should be used for our App Inventor classes (P201 App Inventor 1, P202 App Inventor 2 and P21S Advanced Computer Scientists). The iOS version for Apple users or an online emulator can still be used, though certain features may not function as well. Thus, we recommend the use of an Android device, which can be used across multiple classes in our Ages 10-12 roadmap.

I'm busy and do not have time to sit with my child for class. Can he/she do online classes alone?

Yes, we fully understand. Rest assured, our online classes allow kids to learn independently! In fact, you can sign up for the complimentary 30-minute run-through here with us so that we can guide your little one through the set-up and they will be able to attend our classes. No need to worry about any difficulties faced during class, our tutors will be there to help them out – and our small class sizes ensure that everyone is keeping up with the lesson!

Did you know?
Our students are encouraged to share their screens with the tutors at all times. Tutors can take over their screen, and help them along with their code. It is as though the tutors are right beside them, guiding them through! This is only possible with coding, because all the work that is done, is done on-screen! 

Most students who have attended our online classes have no issues doing HBL with MOE, which is much more complicated than our LIVE teaching experience. Our team understands the difficulties of navigating online learning on your own, so we have worked hard to ensure there is a 100% seamless transition to online

My child prefers face-to-face classes and cannot concentrate on online lessons.

MOE has implemented full-scale Home-Based Learning (HBL) across all Singapore schools. At Coding Lab, we have experience teaching kids aged 4-18 online – and have made it simple for everyone to grasp with online tools. 

Most of our students are engaged and learn coding through fun in our age-appropriate classes. What better way to learn coding than to use related technology to pick it up? Every hour of class, we will take a compulsory eye break to inculcate and instil good eye care habits in all of our students. We all know the benefits of having breaks – it gives us a breather and helps us to be productive and stay focused. We enforce eye breaks in our physical classes, and we will continue to do so in our online classes.

Current Students

I've signed up for LIVE Home-Based E-Learning class. Now what? Do I need anything?

Thank you for signing up with us! You can sit back and relax now. As soon as we receive your request, we’ll email you the details and guides as to how you can access your E-Learning classes, as well as what you should do. Our lesson materials and notes can also be mailed directly to your home*, just give us a call at +65 6977 9641 or email us at if you haven’t yet requested for it (*Only available for students in Singapore. For overseas students, courier charges apply).

Are the classes pre-recorded or live?

As our student, you will be granted access to our full suite of HBL resources. Aside from classes being live-streamed to you via video conferences, pre-recorded videos-on-demand is also available for you to catch up or revise if you missed out on anything. We also encourage frequent home practice via our online system and course-specific forums, which allow students to submit their code for grading anytime, anywhere, and have their questions answered by our tutors.

I'm not sure how to set-up my home devices. How can I get help?

Our HBL Concierge service will be happy to assist you. Simply give us a call at +65 6977 9641 or email us at to book a complimentary HBL pre-course briefing and set-up session with us, so that we can guide you and your child through. Our lesson materials and notes can also be mailed directly to your home.

My internet connection is not stable. What should I do?

A stable internet connection is required for our LIVE online coding classes and HBL for MOE schools. Here are three things you can do: 

  1. Try restarting your modem and router by turning off the main switches, waiting 30 seconds to 1 minute, then turning it back on again.  
  1. Troubleshoot your slow internet connection. 
  • SingTel Broadband Users: troubleshoot here or call 1688 (available 24/7).
  • StarHub Broadband Users: troubleshoot here or call 1633 (available 24/7).
  • M1 Broadband Users: troubleshoot here or call 1627 (available 24/7).
  1. Consider these 5 tricks to strengthen your Wi-Fi from
  • Find the ideal spot for your router. It should be in the centre of your house and high on a wall or top shelf, in an open space with no walls, obstructions or other signal-interfering equipment (eg. cordless phones, old Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, reflective/metallics surfaces).
  • Update the firmware. These regular updates have security patches and other improvements. Some routers have built-in update processes and older models may require you to download firmware files. 
  • Time for an upgrade. If you frequently face network-related congestion issues that cannot be attributed to a slow broadband connection, your router might need an upgrade.
  • Wi-Fi extenders aka Wi-Fi boosters or repeaters. These improve Wi-Fi coverage by receiving wireless signals from your router and repeating them using powerful amplifiers and antennas. 
  • Mesh networking devices. A mesh network comprises separate routers called nodes that use Wi-Fi to communicate with each other, each providing a full Wi-Fi signal in each room they are placed in. However, these are more expensive than Wi-Fi extenders. 
I only have an iPad. Does my child need a laptop for class?

For MOE’s HBL, a laptop is needed for a number of platforms to load. Therefore, it is recommended to get a laptop for your child, which can be used for all online classes, especially in these uncertain times of COVID-19 online learning has become commonplace.

What is this complimentary HBL Concierge service? Where do I sign up?

We understand the difficulties of attending E-Learning Classes for parents and students. If you are worried about whether your child can navigate the Zoom platform for class, our friendly Enrolment Consultants will schedule a 30-minute LIVE call to get your child set up and run through everything that he/she needs to know before class.

This includes:
– How to join a class
– Navigating the Zoom interface
– Downloading the relevant software
– Answering any queries that you might have!

Register for our complimentary 30-minute onboarding session here. You can also call us at 6977 9641 or email us at if you have any other queries.

I am worried that it might be too much screen time for my kid.

We fully understand, being parents ourselves. That’s why we’ve ensured right from the start, even for our physical classes, to inculcate and instil good eye care habits in all of our students. 

All of our students take compulsory eye breaks for every hour of classes with us. We recognise that this also gives everyone a breather and the added benefits of being productive and staying focused on classes.

How will my child concentrate for the entire duration? Are there breaks?

Our classes are a mixture of teaching and hands-on learning, where students code and solidify the concepts that they have learnt, then have discussions and reflections to reiterate what they have learnt. The mixed learning will ensure that our students are engaged and have a true understanding of their codes. 

To ensure that classes are manageable and productive, we have also instilled in our students the importance of taking eye breaks after every hour of class. We all know the benefits of having breaks – it gives us a breather and helps us to be productive and stay focused. We enforce eye breaks in our physical classes, and we will continue to do so in our online classes.

During breaks, our Educators will encourage students to drink up, go to the washroom, and look out of the window. We have also compiled a list of wellness resources to guide them through caring for their physical and mental well-being. This will be done through class activities such as eye exercises, simple stretches and deep breathing to promote relaxation and meaningful exercises that they can do at home.

How do I download Zoom and create an account?

Don’t worry, we know the difficulties of navigating a new platform. Our Teacher Edmund breaks it down step-by-step to guide you through downloading Zoom and creating your very own account. This video is especially useful for little ones between the ages of 4 and 9! ⁣

Still not sure how? Register for our complimentary 30-minute onboarding session here, call us at 6977 9641 or email us at if you have any other queries.

Last updated: SGT 1710, 12 July 2021.


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