Signing up for various post-exams activities is a wonderful way to look forward to an enriching school holiday season after the exam season is done and dusted! With the holiday season starting, it is time to discover new ways to have fun with technology. Regardless of whether it’s with family or friends, the tech-activities for this month serve as a great way for us to kick back and relax!

Recycle N Save

A new initiative by the National Environment Agency and F&N, Singaporeans can now come together to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle by disposing of their used plastic bottles and aluminium cans. For your consistent recycling efforts at the many Reverse Vending Machines across Singapore, you stand to receive several rewards such as NTUC coupons!

This reminds us of the Smart Bin that Vayun, our Silver Medallist (NOI 2020), invented when he was just 13 years old! Think about what goes into the making of such inventions and the lines of codes…

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Multiple locations across Singapore
Price: Free
To find out more, click here.

Hello From The Wild Side

Go on a Zoom date with animals! As we are shifting to a new normal, Singaporeans have found new ways to bring our favourite destinations to us right in the comfort of our homes. The Singapore Zoo is now bringing their beloved animal ambassadors to virtual visitors from Singapore and beyond by giving them a chance to see them in their habitats, go behind-the-scenes, and chat with their keepers.

There are different ways to engage with the furry friends including personalised messages, backstage passes and interactive group sessions!

Mondays, Thursdays to Sundays
Price: From $50
To find out more or book a slot, click here.

Year-End Holiday Coding Camps

Why not pick up a new skill or continue where you left off this holiday? There are many workshops and camps to attend that help inculcate useful skills in students while being immersed in a fun environment. We have several camps for students to enjoy coding, a useful skillset, to equip themselves as part of a technologically-savvy generation in a globalised world!

23 November to 30 December 2020
Parkway Parade, Bukit Timah (KAP Mall), Ang Mo Kio (The Grassroots’ Club), Online
Price: From $37.45
To find out more, click here.

Psst! Students who sign up together with their friends can get 12% OFF when you use our promo code SUPERCODER to purchase 2 or more classes!

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(Written by Lakshmi Suresh)

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