School holidays are almost here! 😄 It’s always fun to start thinking about what we can do during our holidays. Why not combine some fun and tech-learning by participating in some techtivities? 

Starting off with November’s #TechFact, did you know that the term “robot” was first popularised by science fiction in 1920? 🤖

When Czech playwright Karel Čapek had an idea for a play with artificial workers, his brother suggested calling them robots, derived from Czech words robotnik and robota, forced worker and forced labour respectively. (Source)

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Now that we’ve learnt a new titbit, keep scrolling on to discover techtivities that you and your family can indulge in this month! ✨

Can Everyone See My Screen?

Our screens are all we see these days, whether it be for school, work or entertainment. But screens as a canvas? 🤔

“Can Everyone See My Screen?” is an exhibition showcasing artworks which use the screen as portals through which our personal experiences are mediated through technology. Expect to see art installations in the form of interactive arcade machines where you can create your own avatars, live projections of audiences and even a motion sensor-activated tracing system! 🤩

Image of Can Everyone See My Screen for November Techtivities 2022

When: until 11 December 2022
Where: SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Gallery 2
Price: Free
Learn more here.

Scentopia Self-guided AR Tour

Have some time during the weekend? Try out Scentopia’s self-guided Augmented Reality (AR) tour! It is so intuitive that you just need you and your family, along with a phone and Facebook, to explore whatever you are interested in. 🤳

Smell Sentosa’s coastal rain forest ingredients and learn about Singapore’s floral heritage through this fun tour with over 250 magical AR exhibits to take you to the hidden 4th dimension! You can even stop by at the perfume making area to create your very own scent in the form of perfumes, bath oils, room fragrances, scented candles and more. 🌸

When: Permanent
Where: 36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099007
Price: Free
Learn more here.

Pinkfong World Adventure

Pinkfong and Baby Shark needs no introduction to our little ones. Here is finally a place where they can immerse themselves in the world of Pinkfong, Baby Shark and Friends! 🦈

Our tots are sure to enjoy becoming the main stars in a Baby Shark music video at the interactive Baby Shark Wall! 🎶 There’s also various interactive games and massive ball pit for them to complete their day of fun.

Image of Pinkfong World Adventure for November Techtivities 2022

When: until 2 January 2023
Where: Let’s Play @ Marina Square, #03-208/209
Price: from $28
Learn more here.

End of Year Holiday Coding Camps

End the year with a bang with our End of Year Holiday Coding Camps! Walk in the footsteps of the tech greats with our MIT-inspired, award-winning curriculum. 

🌟 Ages 5-6: Little ones can take their first step into the world of coding by exploring Scratch Junior, adventuring with Photon the robot and tinkering with circuits. 

🌟Ages 7-9: Discover what makes Scratch programming so popular and how it can relate to Robotics, Augmented Reality, Mathematics and Biology! 

🌟Ages 10-12: Create your first app such as a Robot Shooter game, or even a messaging app like Whatsapp. Begin your journey in Python and develop your own Health Advisor. Find out the immense possibilities that the small but powerful Micro:bit device can achieve through sensors and radio communication. Minecraft enthusiasts can also join our popular Minecraft classes, where you will get to automate complex structures such as buildings and pyramids! 

🌟Ages 13-18: Teens are sure to enjoy our fun and challenging Python modules, where they will create various programs such as a Movie Age Checker and Pong game. Advance your programming skills to try out our various electives, such as Data Analytics and Web Apps! 

Sign up here or feel free to drop us an email, call us or WhatsApp us to get in touch.😊

Banner of 2022 EOY Holiday Camps

When: 21 November to 30 December 2022
Where: Online, Parkway Parade, Bukit Timah (KAP Mall)
Price: From $401.52

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Have you ever been served by a robot at a restaurant? 🍲😋 At Dignity Kitchen, a local hawker-cum-training centre, this robot 🤖 is controlled by people with disabilities. 

“We decided to turn to technology to create jobs through innovation,” says the founder. You might be familiar with its other projects, such as delivering food on electric wheelchairs 🦼, robot waiting services, and even urban farming. 🌱

Read more about Dignity Kitchen’s use of tech in enabling workers here.

If you haven’t seen our previous techtivity recommendations, check out our October #TechtivitiesOfTheMonth, which includes more cool tech-related activities you can do with friends and family!

(Written by Thinzar)

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