As we resume back to Phase 3 (heightened alert) from 14 June, we hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy while staying home as much as you can for the time being. 🏠

If you’re unsure of how you can spend meaningful time with your loved ones from the comfort of home, we’ve got a line-up of exciting techtivities just for you – check ‘em out below! 

Fun Papercraft with Canon’s Creative Park

Canon has a wide range of FREE downloadable papercraft kits that are not just fun and exciting, but educational as well! You can assemble a variety of things like extraordinary crafts from NASA, locomotives and realistic animals – and by doing so, discover just how much tech has advanced for space research, gain deeper knowledge of the things around us and so much more.

It’s amazing to see how technology can bring us all together – access to such materials like this papercraft activity would be so fun to do with family and friends!

Includes: Downloadable cut-out worksheet and detailed worksheet of instructions
To find out more and access FREE activity sheets, click here.

Travelling around the World from Home

Tick off your bucket list with Google Earth or Google Street View and explore the places you’ve been wanting to visit from different angles! With millions of panoramic images to look at, you’ll get a wonderful virtual representation of the places you’ve been wanting to see. 

Isn’t that cool? And this is all thanks to the awesome advancements in technology! In fact, panoramic images are taken using specialised software or equipment that captures images with horizontally elongated fields of view.

You can even go on to, where there are up to 100 livestreams of really cool places – take the Northern Lights for example. All made readily available for your viewing pleasure. Simply click away!

Includes: Virtual representation of areas from multiple angles, livestreams, panoramic images and more
Explore the world through Google Earth, Google Street View or

Museum Hop Online

You can now not only visit and explore museums in Singapore, but also in other countries as well – all thanks to Google Arts and Culture! View digital exhibitions and go on virtual tours at famous places and galleries across the world.

Some examples include The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, and even the Borobudur in Indonesia!

They’ve even got a special segment called Google Arts and Culture Experiments created by artists and creative coders. It’s filled with digital games like puzzles, crosswords and even an art colouring book – so if you ever need a breather from work or study, you know where to go!

Check out: 5 Break Ideas for Fun and Wellness

Includes: High-definition artworks, 360° videos and more
To start museum-hopping, click here.

Watch Coding Bytes – Learn bite-sized Scratch

Have you been wanting to learn programming? Coding Lab’s latest video series Coding Bytes is the best way to learn if you’re looking for something easy and quick to digest! Follow our step-by-step tutorial videos with your little ones by your side and be introduced to the wonderful world of Scratch.

Our first video of the series – Mirror Mirror On The Wall is already up on our social media platforms, and the rest are coming your way real soon, so subscribe to our YouTube channel and do look out for them! 😉

Includes: Engaging, fun and quick tutorials on Scratch programming
Location: YouTube
Price: Free
Watch the series here.

Look Out for Learning Beautiful’s Webinars

Learning Beautiful understands the growing need to prepare young children for a future filled with technology and they’ve got beautiful material sets designed for children to playfully explore the basics of computer science. 

Not only that, they also have a series of webinars that you can watch to broaden your understanding of computer science – they’ve touched on topics like Montessori at Home, Binary and Why it’s Important as well as All About Pixels

They’ve got two more coming up soon, featuring our Co-Founder in Coding Meets Science for the month of July, so do keep an eye out for them to further your learning of this extraordinary subject – if you watch them live, you can even send in your questions and have them answered in real-time!  

Coding Meets Science Learning Beautiful Webinar Banner

Includes: Hour-long webinars (recorded)
Location: Facebook Live
Price: Free
Watch them here.

Summer Holiday Coding Camps

As we resume Phase 3 (heightened alert), our physical classes are also BACK and we’ve got limited seats left. Quickly grab your spot – we are more than thrilled and can’t wait to welcome your child to our campuses! 

We will still be offering online classes – the whole 360 package which includes LIVE conferences with tutors, video-on-demand, online questions and many more! 

Rest assured that no matter which type of class you choose, we strive to ensure that your child gets the best learning experience possible – and be nurtured into future leaders of technology. 

2021 - June Summer Holiday Coding Camps Banner

Date: 31 May to Mid August
Location: Online, Parkway Parade, Bukit Timah (KAP Mall)
Price: From $375.25
To find out more, click here.

If you haven’t seen our previous techtivity recommendations, check out our June #TechtivitiesOfTheMonth, which includes more cool tech-related activities (a printable, colourful bucket list for the family too) that you can do with friends and family at home!

(Written by Zulaikha)

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