We nurture future leaders in technology, so we recognise that it’s important to be tech-literate in today’s world. Here are some tech gift ideas to keep our teens curious and hungry for more knowledge:

Raspberry Pi

Nope, we’re not talking about raspberries or the magical 3.14 number. 

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable, pocket-sized computer that could be the key to unlocking the door of physical computing. You can connect it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Learn with Scratch, use Python, make websites and more!

It makes picking up computing more accessible and seamless, so people are able to harness the power of computing to solve problems and express themselves creatively.

Find out more and get free learning materials here.

From $35 from Argon and Cytron

Laptop or Tablets

Remember the moment you first got your own desktop or laptop? 

Our ACS student exploring the course

Perhaps now is the time for your teen to experience that moment too. Many of us have fond memories of tinkering with our own blogs, using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, playing Maple Story, navigating Friendster and the old Facebook. Whether it’s a laptop or tablet that you purchase, it will be a great time for your teen to take on the responsibility of a device, hone his or her typing skills, get familiar with technology and have knowledge and information at his or her fingertips! 

Psst, Apple fans! Tertiary students (University, Polytechnic, JC, ITE) can get Apple Education prices.

Kiwico Crates and The Afterschool Club Boxes

At a complete loss as to what fun and enriching presents you should get, and you only know the child’s age? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The STEM projects and kid-friendly content by KiwiCo is delivered in a crate. Whether you’re interested in Science and Tinkering or Art and Design, monthly, 3-month, 6-month and annual subscriptions, they have it all! With so many crate choices, they have filtered it by ages and various interests for you to narrow down the perfect one.

Or #SupportLocal and get curated STEAM boxes from The Afterschool Club. Whether it’s a one-off or subscription that you choose, each box aims to provide educational and fun activities for kids to do – and their boxes are also broken down into the different ages and categories if you’re spoilt for choice. 

From $20.16/month from KiwiCo, $28/box or $29.67/month from The Afterschool Club

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(Written by Cheryl Tang)

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