B.Sc. Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, NTU
Business Manager, NTU SPMS Youth Expedition Project

Briana’s passion for teaching ignited when she first became an adjunct educator. Being a people-oriented person, she prioritizes having a healthy relationship with her students, and remains open and approachable for every question that they might have. With much affinity with kids, she is able to establish a comfortable and stress-free environment for them to enjoy learning

As a graduate from NTU with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Briana has always taken a logical and scientific approach towards any issues in life. This mental model nurtured herself into being an educator here at Coding Lab – With a systematic methodology not only for her main competency in coding, but also in enhancing the students’ ability to internalize materials.

Briana strongly believes the good that Coding Lab is doing for the new generation. While technology is at a revolutionary stage, The Digital Age is limitless and has only just begun. She is thrilled to unleash the potential in her students and help them become leaders of their generation.