Coding Lab® Presents: A Showcase of our student’s achievements from our coding classes. From creating games and mobile apps, to achieving an Olympiad award in less than six months after learning to code – who knows, your child could be next young talent!

Alicia NYGH

Coding Lab Student Feature: Alicia, 16, Nanyang Girls' High School

Meet Alicia. At 16 years old and with just two years of coding, she came up with the novel idea of a program that would allow drivers to check the availability of public carparks – and breathed life into it in just two hours during her Data Analytics class.

Surya, student of coding lab, feature picture

Coding Lab Student Feature: Surya, 14, Raffles Institution

Surya Nayar, 14, is no ordinary student. At his young age, he can count Python and C++ programming skills under his belt. This savvy student wrote his own stock rating algorithm after attending a Masterclass on Data Analytics with us.

Ian in class

Coding Lab Student Feature: Ian, 14, Hwa Chong Institution

Introducing Silver Plus, a facebook for the elderly created by our very own Ian, 14. The idea which was conceived and designed entirely by Ian, was to enable our elderly to engage with each other, make new friends, and even play games across their mobile phones.

Dylan, 12 NUS High

Coding Lab Student Feature: Dylan, 12, NUS High

Meet Dylan, who was already programming in Python at the age of 11. An avid learner who has written solutions to problems that students typically encounter at the Pre-U level, he will be enrolling at NUS High in 2020.

Josephine - RGS - Coding Lab Testimonial

Coding Lab Student Feature: Josephine, 14, Raffles Girls School

Meet our talented student, Josephine, 14. A member of her school's Infocomm club, she started with Coding Lab in 2017, where she was first introduced to Python programming. She has since progressed upward and can now count programming in C++ as another skill under her belt.

Sarah and her family, trekking in the USA

Coding Lab Student Feature: Sarah Go, 17, Hwa Chong International

Meet Sarah, our talented young coder. Starting from ground zero, she has come a long way - after all, she clinched an Honourable mention at the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) in March 2018, in just less than six months of learning to code.  

Lauren in Python class

Coding Lab Student Feature: Lauren Yeo, 14, Methodist Girls' School, (IB) Programme

Meet Lauren, the child music prodigy who, at the age of 9, sang at Carnegie Hall after winning 1st place at the American Protégé International Voice Competition in New York. Also a self-confessed Science nerd, and a member of her school Science Club and MENSA, Lauren is living proof that arts and science can go together.  

Coding for kids - What do children learn?

What does a quality Computer Science education entail? What do kids learn at Coding Class? How can this help them at school? Experience the joy and wonder of creation as our kids bring you through the experience of a coding class with Coding Lab. Regardless of ages 4 all the way to 18, there's never a dull moment!

A National Day ScratchJr Animation by preschoolers

"Count on Me, Singapore" - How do we raise our Singapore Flag to move up continuously? Our 4-6 year olds learn to code with National Pride, belting out a familiar favourite.


Our student, Jake was featured in #ALittleSomebody, by Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报. Congratulations to Jake and his cute family! We are glad his brother liked the game. Doing our part to train up our young coders to become future leaders in technology!

William and Joshua Teach Coding Part 2: Math and Reaction Time (Playing the Game)

In this 2nd video, William tries out Joshua's game. Will he beat his score? Watch to find out. Also, meet our wacky bunch of kids! Jazzing up Saturday Afternoons at our Tinkering Garage class.

Joshua and William Teach Coding : Math and Reaction Time with Makey Makey

Our students, Joshua and William are back! This time, they are going to teach us how to code! In this video, Joshua takes us through his code, explaining how he programmed and designed his game, which measures the speed of reaction time, with variables that display key stats (Fastest Time, Average Time, Total TIme, and more).

Who is Faster? A 2-player battle with Makey Makey

Who has the faster reaction? Watch our 2 students, William and Joshua pit their skills against each other in this fun game coded by Joshua during one of our Tinkering Garage sessions. Using Play Doh and Makey Makey for the physical input, they must compete to hit the buzzer faster and earn enough points to win the game! Beware: Hitting the buzzer before the Go button shows will incur negative point penalties.

Learning how to code with a Train Adventure

As part of the Official Opening of the Bukit Panjang Library, we conducted a series of coding workshops for preschoolers. The theme, Train Adventures with Code provided loads of fun and entertainment as they learnt how to program their trains.

App Inventor Dec Holiday Camp 2016

Ever wondered how much kids enjoy coding and what they learn during our App Inventor classes? Our young tech stars tell you more in this short clip below. Enjoy!

Coding with Pororo @ Pororo Park

Exclusively at Pororo Park, make your favourite characters spin, twirl, hop or jump, or even do all 4 at once! Add your own music, backgrounds, and voila! your child’s very own Pororo story is formed.

A Cold Christmas

Feeling lonely on Christmas Day, she dozes off and dreams a beautiful but sad dream about The Little Match Girl. When she awakes, a wonderful surprise awaits her and she gets her dream Christmas. Watch this touching tale that will tug at your heart, as you experience the warmth and joy of the Christmas Spirit. Animation Drawn and Coded By: Chylene Ng, 12 years old Music Composed and Performed By: Su Yin Koh

Code x Tinker Camp!

We provide high quality teaching with a challenging MIT inspired curriculum in a tech-immersive environment. Watch how our students learn with us in this exciting video.

Art x Coding Summer Surfing Camp Showcase

Our 11-year-old student, Denzel brought his art masterpieces to life using code at our Summer Surfing Camp in June 2016. Try out his original 2-player game! In this exciting beach race, choose to be either a plane or a crab, then try to beat your friend by getting more points by touching the flower or the starfish first. Fastest fingers win! Try it here.

Nurturing Future Leaders In Technology

Ever wondered how much kids enjoy coding and what they learn during our classes? Our young tech stars say their piece in this short clip below. Enjoy!

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all families out there! Watch this excellent animation, done by our 11-year old student, Khair, which is inspired by his mother's traditional homemade cooking. It certainly brings back fond memories of yesteryear as we celebrate Hari Raya this year with our families! "This animation shows the atmosphere during Hari Raya Eve in the kampong. My mother used to tell me that when she was staying in the kampong to cook Chicken Rendang, she had to catch the chicken first before she could cook it. This is how I got my idea for the animation." Khair, 11 years old, Catholic High School (GEP)

I will tell my friends as I think they will enjoy it a lot

"I would enjoy to come back for Beginner II as I like this program a lot. I will tell my friends as I think they will enjoy it a lot”, Avinash, Scratch Beginner I Programme, Coding Lab Singapore

It Will Help Me In My New School

"It has been a pleasure in this coding class. I've met new friends and I learned alot. It will help me in my new School, UWC International", Max, Scratch Beginner I Programme, Coding Lab Singapore

The Impossible Maze Game by Avinash, 9-years old

Want to test your reaction speed? Try Avinash's challenging maze game which promise to frustrate even the most persistent. Hear Avinash demonstrate and explain how he developed the game.

Catch the Balls Game by Yan Liang, 11-years old

Yanliang developed this augmented reality (AR) game which utilises the webcam - use your hand to catch the balls while avoiding the bomb.

Coding has a lot of Mathematics

"Learned lots of new things… I used mindmaps… Coding has a lot of Mathematics. We think a lot", Tobias, Scratch Intermediate Programme, Coding Lab, Singapore

Clear the Maze by Alisya, 9 years-old

Clear the maze with Alyssa as she takes you through her game which she developed with Scratch after attending the Scratch Beginners course with Coding Lab

I Learned Much More than I Know Before

"After one week of this course, I feel that I learned much more than I know before”, Esther, Scratch Beginner I Programme, Singapore

Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

As we enter the month of August, we prepare to celebrate Singapore's 51st Birthday. Singapore has one of the highest digital penetration in the world, and our young continue to inspire us with their creative spirit. Watch this National Day animation and game by 9-year-old Xavier Lim, one of our Beginner II students, who got inspired after he attended the National Day Parade preview last Saturday. Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore!

I met new friends and I learned a lot

"It has been a pleasure in this coding class. I met new friends and I learned a lot. It will help me in my new School, UWC International", Max, 9 years old, Singapore

Gotham City: No Man's Land by Tobias, 9-years old

Take a look at this video featuring our young 9 year old Batman fan, Tobias, who came up with his very own game after only 5 days of coding at our March camp. Join him in shooting down umbrellas from the evil Penguin, and you can even explore a miniature version of Gotham city on this map.

Bat out of a Bat by Jake, 8-years old

Follow Jake as he brings you through Bat out of a Bat, featuring a giant bat which shoots out miniature bats at an object which grows bigger, and then starts to move haphazardly after it reaches a certain size. Follow him as he brings you through his lines of code to make all these happen. With cool music in the background to boot, this game will certainly bring lots of fun to aspiring sharp shooters!

It was very fun and I learnt a lot of new stuff

"I enjoyed the class, it was very fun and I learnt a lot of new stuff... I will recommend this course to my friends..”, Tobias, 9 years old, Singapore March 2016 Holiday Programme

I can get a head start on Algebra

"I think it is very useful in school as I can get a head start on Algebra on coordinates… which I'm not supposed to learn now. I'm supposed to learn it in P6 I guess..”, Jake, 8 years old, Singapore March 2016 Holiday Programme

lol-2 - a Medieval Fantasy by Ethan, 11 Years Old

Come along with Ethan on a military fantasy mission, where you control a helicopter, capable of shooting arrows to vanquish ghosts and dragons amidst a medieval backdrop. Defeat the Lion King if you are able!

It is Important to Teach Them to Solve Problems

"They enjoyed the course so much. And I think it is important to teach them (the children) how to analyse and solve problems”, Mrs Chan, mother of two students

They teach you step-by-step

"It is really great. You learn how to code games and they teach you step-by-step”, Tiara, Perth Australia holiday programme

Pillow Power Game

Tiara, our participant of Jan Perth holiday coding camp for beginners, developed this graphic adventure game, Pillow Power during the 3-hour Hackathon on the last day of our program. Try her game here.

I [now] understand pretty much what every [Scratch] block does

I did it in school... and I tried [Scratch] a few times at home but I never really understood it. [After the workshop] I understand pretty much what every [Scratch] block does”, Flynn, Perth Australia holiday computer programming for children

This Little Platformer

Flynn, our participant of Jan Perth holiday coding camp for beginners, developed this RPG game, This Little Platformer during the 3-hour Hackathon on the last day of our program. Try the game here.

Collect the Apples Game

At the end of day 2, Flynn developed this simple but very fun "Collect the Apples" game. You can play this game here.

I'll definitely recommend it to my friends

"The programme was really good … I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends”, Issac Mitchener, Perth, Australia holiday coding for children programme

Basic Survival Game

Isaac, our participant of Jan Perth holiday coding camp for beginners, developed this action game, Basic Survival, during the 3-hour Hackathon on the last day of our program. Try the game on Scratch here

Programme is really useful

“.. the programme is really useful… will definitely come back for the intermediate class”, Lachlan, Perth Australia computer coding and programming for Kids Holiday Camp

It was fun and I learned a lot

"It was fun and I learned a lot - how to make computer games... I will definitely tell my friends to come", Cameron, Coding for Kids Holiday Camp, Perth Australia