Here in our Hall of Fame, we applaud outstanding students who have displayed exemplary performance and passion for tech! Be it participating in competitions, or coding for leisure, we provide the guidance and exposure for students to excel. At Coding Lab, each and every child has an opportunity to shine.

Ages 13 to 18

  • National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2022

    3 Silver Medallists, 5 Bronze Medallists
    Vayun Mathur, Lucia Tara Stockmann, Damian Chng, David Walton, Elijah Yong, Caleb Chia, Kai Sato, Yanjia Zhang
    25th National Olympiad in Informatics NOI 2022 for students achievements (300x300)

    The NOI is one of the biggest annual programming competitions held in Singapore for all students from secondary schools and junior colleges to participate in. During this year’s competition, participants are given 3 hours to work on 3 tasks using Python and C++. Of the many participants, only the top 5 students from each school, at each level, will be considered for medals. We are so proud of our students who won 8 medals in the Online Qualification Contest. Congratulations to three-time Silver Medallist Vayun, Silver Medallists Lucia and Damian, four-time Bronze Medallist David, two-time Bronze Medallists Elijah and Caleb, and Bronze Medallists Kai and Yanjia!

  • National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2021 

    2 Silver Medallists, 1 Bronze Medallist
    Vayun Mathur, Goh Yu Shen, David Walton
    Coding Lab Achievement Photo - 24th NOI Medals 2021

    We celebrate the achievements of our dear students as the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) is one of Computing’s biggest annual competitions in Singapore. An Olympiad medal is highly recognised for admissions to top universities around the world. During the competition, contestants are given five hours to work out solutions to 3 to 5 algorithmic tasks using C++, Java and Python. Well done to our two-time Silver Medallist Vayun, Silver Medallist Yu Shen and three-time Bronze Medallist David!

  • National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2020 

    1 Silver Medallist, 7 Bronze Medallists
    Vayun Mathur, Kushaan Mishra, James Pearman, Caleb Chia, David Walton, Faiz Ali Shoaib, Elijah Yong, and Bobis Franc Ivan Lorenzo
    Coding Lab Achievement Photo NOI - 3 Bronze First Timers
    Some of our Medallists for the NOI 2020

    record number of our students achieved medals in this year’s prestigious 23rd National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) and we celebrate their achievements! This year’s bumper crop of medallists includes 1 Silver and 7 Bronze winners who are between 13 and 17 years old! Our winning students have been learning C++ and growing with us after being spotted in their Python classes for their programming prowesses. It is truly a great sight to see them flourish and become phenomenal medallists!

    NOI spots are reserved for every school’s top students to participate, so only few can represent their school, and only the best can attain medals in the Olympiad. We’re even more proud of the fact that many of our medallists came to us as complete beginners in programming (some started at the age of 10!), and were carefully nurtured in our classes right under the noses of our eagle-eyed tutors to achieve their results. Well done!

  • Scholarship Recipient, Computer Engineering, USA

    Sarah Go, 19
    Hwa Chong International
    Coding Lab Achievement Photo Sarah

    Sarah Go, 19, has received a 4-year scholarship from the University of Texas, Austin, which is ranked 18th in the world for Computer Science. Sarah was accepted under the prestigious Electrical and Computer Engineering program, the 8th best programme for Computer Engineering. As an out-of-state student, she faced tough competition for a place in the program. Yet, her coding and teaching experience at Coding Lab allowed her to clinch a place at this top university. (Previously, Sarah had garnered an honourable mention in NOI 2018, and completed a teaching stint during Winter term.) Well done, Sarah! We know you’ll continue to excel in programming with the passion that Coding Lab has instilled in you, and we wish you all the best in USA.

  • MIT App Inventor Global Summit, USA, 2019

    3rd Prize (Beginner Category, Hackathon)
    Anthony, 12, and Aaron, 13
    Singapore American School
    Anthony and Aaron receiving their certificates for 3rd place

    Coming in 3rd for the Beginner Category hackathon at this global summit was Aaron and Anthony’s informative app. Their app, which they endearingly named ‘Trapp’, seeks to educate users on landfills and composting — Indeed, the amount of waste we generate everyday is a huge problem in today’s consumerist world!
    An outstanding students of our App Inventor and Advanced Computer Scientist classes, the boys have displayed a strong flair for coding and we’re so glad to see them shine — Impressive work, coders!

  • POSB i.Code National Competition 2019

    1st Prize and Most Innovative Award
    Team ajdisjd, Stephanie, Sandra, Yuxiu, 15 years old
    CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Secondary)
    1st Prize + Most Innovative Award, Team ajdisjd (CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School)


    Congratulations to our students, Stephanie, Sandra and Yuxiu from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School whose project titled ‘The Sounds of Singapore’ came in at First place and also scored the Most Innovative Award at 2019’s National [i.code] competition, triumphing more than 40 Secondary Schools who took part from all over Singapore!
    These girls have been with us for the past 2 years, starting from our Intermediate to completing our Advanced App development courses and it is truly heartening to see how much they have grown, combined with the result of their passion, hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work!

  • The Young Technopreneurs For A Sustainable 2030 Challenge 2019

    Top 15 Finalists and Best Documentation Award
    Team Carbon Footprint (Dawn, Cherie, Yu Ying)
    CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Secondary)
    Top 15 Finalists and Best Documentation Award, Team Carbon Footprint (CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School)

    A huge round of applause to our students, Team Carbon Footprint, for making it to the Top 15 Finalists and winning Best Documentation Award — and the opportunity to develop their hackathon ideas further with $3000 in seed funding!

    Organised jointly by Temasek Foundation and Science Centre Singapore, The Young Technopreneurs For A Sustainable 2030 Challenge saw over 40 teams from various schools designing prototype solutions to achieve sustainable development.

    The team designed an app which tracks the carbon footprint of its user, based on the products purchased and consumed, simply by scanning the product barcode. Users would be allocated points based on a competitive leaderboard system to encourage sustainable consumption which would be used to redeem rewards in the future.

  • National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2019

    Youngest Medallist
    Elijah, 13
    Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
    Elijah receiving award for youngest medalist, NOI 2019

    Meet Elijah – The youngest medallist for the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2019, one of the most prestigious competitions for coding, organised annually by the National University of Singapore (NUS).
    Modelled after the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), the ultimate international computing competition, NOI works in line with the national goal of inculcating an IT-savvy Singapore, seeking to stimulate interest and awareness of the intricacies of coding within schools. The nation-wide competition consists of a 5-hour session whereby each participant is made to solve solutions for various programming tasks, and then judged based on their accuracy and execution.
    Young(er) and starry-eyed, 13-year-old Elijah has grown from the then inquisitive Primary Fiver into one of Coding Lab’s most stellar teenage talents. We identified him when he was still in Primary School and he has since flourished in our NOI C++ Training programme (Course by invitation only). We are all immensely proud of his growth over the years. Keep it up!

  • National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2019

    David, 14
    United World College
    David receiving medal in NOI 2019

    David, 14, started on our basic Python course in mid-2018 and quickly progressed through the levels with his passion in programming. We put him in our NOI training programme where he flourished and continued to challenge himself to practice hard and learn more. We are incredibly proud of his success – achieving Bronze on his first try at the NOI. Way to go, David!

  • National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) 2018

    Honourable Mention
    Sarah, 16
    Hwa Chong International
    Sarah and her family trekking in USA

    Another of our eminent representatives at the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), Sarah is proud to have clinched an Honourable mention at the annual competition in March 2018, in just less than 6 months of learning to code.
    First introduced to coding through the Python meets Math course, Sarah was deeply inspired by her patient instructor Mr. Foo, whose passion for coding was, in her own words, contagious. Upon completing the course, she gained the courage to explore and a fervent interest to dive deeper into the realm of code — one of which was by taking up NOI as a challenge.
    Besides experimenting with algorithms, Sarah also enjoys baking and taichi fan in her free time. She is also a proud owner of Discus fish.

  • IMDA i.Code National Competition 2018

    Merit and Most Popular Award
    CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Secondary)
    Poster on Nuitrition Facts, An Alexa Skill

    Also participated in the i.code National Competition 2018, our two teams Team Trio Dorito and ajdisjd from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ are pleased to have won the Merit Award and Most Popular Award respectively.
    Tasked with the goal of solving real-world problems with Alexa skills, these two teams sought to lighten the load of teachers with the Teacher’s Assistant App and promoted healthier lifestyles with a Nutrition Facts App.
    It was an absolute joy for Coding Lab to have mentored these students in Advanced App Development, for their enthusiasm really rubs off. Armed with a goal of bettering society on one hand and a solid foundation in code on the other, these students are certainly off to a bright future!

  • IMDA i.Code National Competition 2017

    Best Presentation Award
    Team TrendSetter
    Dunman High School
    Dunman High students with their poster at iCode 2017

    Team TrendSetter from Dunman High unite as one in their vision of revolutionising the delivery of news in today’s world. Their app, which won Best Presentation Award in the i.code 2017 National Competition, sought to combat the time restraints of our fast paced society by providing bite-sized news and data on the go.
    It was an absolute pleasure for Coding Lab to have mentored these students in Advanced App Development.

  • IMDA i.Code National Competition 2017

    Most Popular Award
    Team Light Ray
    CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Secondary)
    Poster on HeartWare, An Android App

    In the i.code National Competition 2017, our team from St Nicholas Girls’ School, Team Light Ray, sought to keep users on track with their daily health routines by programming an app to manage and set reminders. Their app have thus achieved the Most Popular Award.
    We are pleased to have taught this talented group of girls Intermediate App Development. When you mix brains and creativity together, you can achieve anything. Keep it up!

  • Built a Stock-rating algorithm

    Built a Stock-rating algorithm
    Surya, 14
    Raffles Institution
    Surya having fun with an ancient typewriter

    Intrigued by financial markets at the tender age of 14, Surya incorporates his knowledge of Python to formulate a stock-trading algorithm, after attending our Masterclass in Data Analytics and Media Insights.
    Having just started his coding journey with our basic Python (S101) course in 2017, the Raffles Institution student has since progressed to S121 and C++ programming. Our ambitious student seeks to further refine his project which he has developed during the workshop with a graphical user interface (GUI) and full forecasting. He also seeks to draw on real-life market data, use machine learning to predict stock price behaviour and implement a feature where the program could scrape the web and build a database of events which may cause stock prices to change, and better advise users.
    Besides the stock-trading algorithm, Surya is actively involved in various coding projects. He trains for the annual National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) with Coding Lab. Outside of class, he reads on data structures and algorithms, and has created accounts on multiple competitive programming websites such as TopCoder, CodeForces, CodeChef and

  • Built a Facebook app for the elderly

    Ian, 14
    Hwa Chong Institution
    Ian In Class

    Utilising his coding skills for the greater good, our young student, Ian, is proud to conceive a meaningful app for the elderly all by himself. At just age 14, the Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) student has launched his very own app, Silver Plus, which fosters engagement within the elderly community.
    We remember Ian as an intelligent child back when he started off with our basic Python (S101) course in 2017 and he has since then mastered more languages such as C++ programming. He is likely to go far in his endeavours to give back to society while harnessing his technological prowess.

Ages 7 to 12

  • National Thinkers Challenge (2022)

    Top 3 – Most Feasible and Sustainable Award
    Woodgrove Primary
    Coding Lab Students' Achievements - National Thinkers Challenge

    This year, we had the opportunity to coach Woodgrove Primary, who won the Most Feasible and Sustainable Award in the National Thinkers Challenge 2022 by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan! Out of 52 teams, the team placed in the top 3 teams, and clinched 1 out of the 5 awards presented. This competition aims to let students think of innovative tech solutions to reduce food wastage, and the students created a prototype mobile app incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Congratulations to the team who worked hard on their mobile app! We are proud to be able to mentor these young talented coders and see the amazing work that they have created at the end of the journey.

  • Hwa Chong Infocomm Challenge (2022)

    3 Platinum Awards and 4 Gold Awards
    Aidan Sin, Ahmad Dzuizz Annajib, Isaac Khong, 12
    Fu Yu Zhong, Nicholas Lam, Tan Zheng Kai, Evan Chua, 12
    Coding Lab Students' Achievements - National Thinkers Challenge

    We’re proud to announce that 7 of our Coding Lab students have achieved 3 Platinum Awards (the highest honour) and 4 Gold Awards (the second highest honour)! The annual Hwa Chong Info-communications Challenge (HCIC) aims to ignite the interest of primary school students in the field of info-communications, as well as to recognise young talents in the areas of programming, coding and robotics.

    Congratulations to our students! The competition comprised 2 sections that tested them on programming logic, robotics knowledge and Python programming language. It is an honour for us to be able to mentor these young talented coders – with some of them even starting their coding journey with us at a tender age of 9. We are proud that they have excelled and we celebrate their achievements! We look forward to seeing what else they will code and achieve, and we’re always here to support them every step of the way.

  • Direct School Admission (DSA) to School of Science and Technology

    Darius Yong, 12
    Horizon Primary School
    Students' Achievements - Darius Yong DSA to SST

    Kudos to our student Darius, who was offered a place in the School of Science and Technology (SST) via the Direct School Admissions! The keen learner first began with our App Inventor course in February 2020 and breezed through our curriculum to our S200 Advanced Electives. With his dedication and passion for coding, he even took home the Most Innovative Award at our International Coding Showcase 2020, when he combined his love for programming and Mathematics into a project.

    We’re so proud of him and we’re sure that SST is a fitting school for him with the institution’s highly accelerated Mathematics and Science programmes. We wish you all the best, Darius!

  • Direct School Admission (DSA) to NUS High School of Math and Science

    Javen Lim (left), Wang Jun Min (right), and Justin Ling, 12
    Anderson Primary School and Henry Park Primary School
    Students' Achievements - Javen, Jun Min and Justin DSA to NUS High

    Our warmest congratulations to our students Javen, Jun Min and Justin, who were successful in their Direct School Admissions (DSA) into NUS High School of Mathematics and Science! We’re so happy and excited for the journey that lies ahead of our talented young coders, and we’re sure that they will excel in whichever path they choose.

    Javen first joined us when he was 7 years old, and as one of our invited Gifted Coders, he had an impressive offer of admission to 3 schools – and ultimately chose to enter his dream school. With his hard work, charisma, talent in programming and his artistic flair, he has coded many spectacular projects and even won Merit (Best Game Design) in our Young Coders’ Global Hackathon.

    When Jun Min began learning to code with us, he was barely 7 years old. The avid coder and clever boy was also invited to join our Gifted Coders class, where he gradually progressed to Python coding. With his coding abilities, he won 3rd Place (Junior Category) in the Young Coders’ Global Hackathon and was offered direct admission to 2 schools and eventually decided on NUS High School, which matches his interests in Math and Science.

    We remember Justin’s first Scratch class with us back in 2017, and with his remarkable coding progress, he was selected to join Coding Lab’s Gifted Coders class in 2019! It’s amazing to see him leap his way up to our extensive S200 series and now his success into NUS High School.

    Congratulations once again to our coders! We wish them all the best in their new school and hope that they will treasure every moment that is to come.

  • Direct School Admission (DSA) to St. Joseph’s Institution

    Aarhan Saluja, 12
    St. Stephen’s School
    Students' Achievements - Aarhan Saluja DSA to SJI

    Aarhan, our passionate young coder, has been offered a place in St. Joseph’s Institution under the Direct School Admissions Scheme for his talent in Innovation. He has come a long way with us, from inventing apps and taking his first steps in text-based Python programming, to receiving the Merit Award in our International Coding Showcase 2020, he has grown and built up his stellar portfolio in our coding classes and is now able to enter his dream school!

    Congratulations Aarhan, we are absolutely delighted and excited for your upcoming tertiary journey and to see all the projects that you will continue to dream of and create. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavours!

  • Direct School Admission (DSA) to NUS High School of Math and Science 

    Kieran Ho, 12
    Nan Hua Primary School
    Students' Achievements - Kieran Ho DSA to NUS High

    Our bright young student has been offered a place in the prestigious NUS High School of Math and Science under the Direct School Admissions Scheme. Kieran began his coding journey with us when he was 11 years old, and has since breezed through Python to the S200 Electives (for ages 13 to 18). Aside from his own independent coding projects, he also actively took part in our competitions, garnering an impressive coding portfolio over two years. 

    Notably, NUS High School offers highly accelerated mathematics and science programmes and is home to many National Olympiad in Informatics winners. No doubt, Kieran is well-suited to this school. We are so proud of you, Kieran! We hope that you’ll continue to excel in your new school, and keep coding.

  • Direct School Admission (DSA) to NUS High School of Math and Science 

    Tan Jake Ian, 12
    Catholic High School (Primary)

    Jake has been with us since he was 8 years old. Jake went from building his own projects on Scratch to our S200 Electives (for ages 13 to 18). He even caught the attention of Lianhe Zaobao, getting featured on #ALittleSomebody at the age of 9. Congratulations, Jake! We’re extremely proud of our little coder (who’s not so little anymore), and we believe that he will continue to excel and move forward in his journey to becoming a future leader in technology.

  • Direct School Admission (DSA) to School of Science and Technology 

    Christian Kwek, 12, and Bobby Lee, 12
    Eunos Primary School, Tao Nan Primary School

    Bobby Lee and Christian Kwek, both 12, have gained direct admission to Singapore’s specialised School of Science and Technology with their outstanding coding portfolios. The two began their coding journeys with us and have worked their way up to taking on Python 3 and S200 Electives (for ages 13 to 18) respectively. We are thrilled to see these young minds further develop their education in the technological field! Well done, boys! 

  • Hwa Chong Infocomm Challenge (2019)

    1st Position
    Ang Jun Ray, 12
    Tao Nan School
    Jun Ray receiving his 1st Position Award

    A huge round of applause for our student Ang Jun Ray, who amongst all other Primary Six students from schools across Singapore, emerged as champion in the HCI Infocomm Challenge 2019!
    The 12-year old boy has come a long way from the inquisitive student two years back. Step by step, he conquered each and every course of our learning roadmap, finally acing our Python S111 course at the mere age of 11.
    Today, having already completed S121, the humble coder continues to hone his programming skills with S121P. Jun Ray has been nothing but enthusiastic, bright and most of all, hardworking. We couldn’t be more proud. Keep up the hard work, young coder!

  • MIT App Inventor Global Summit, USA, 2019

    2nd Prize (Best Poster Award)
    Anthony, 12, Adam, 12, and Joshua, 10
    Singapore American School
    Anthony, Adam and Joshua with their winning poster (2nd Place)

    Competing with a global pool of participants, these 3 boys represented Singapore and flew all the way to MIT and clinched the 2nd Prize for the Best Poster Award – a FIRST for Singapore! Their app and poster was based on the rise of ride-hailing services and their associated risks, where the team sought ways to monitor and improve passenger safety. And so came the app “Roadsafe — A Better Driving Initiative”, which allows ride-hailing companies to objectively measure their drivers’ performance and safety profile.
    Under the guidance of their tutors, the team set about working judiciously on their app and poster for the conference, which utilised Data Analytics to build a mathematical model to rate drivers’ performance using data collected from mobile phone sensors.
    Always energetic and inquisitive, these boys have truly done Singapore proud and they have never failed to impress their tutors during their App Inventor and Advanced Computer Scientist classes. Keep it up!

  • MIT App Inventor Global Summit, USA, 2019

    Joshua, 10, 2nd Prize (Advanced Category, Hackathon)
    Adam, 12, 2nd Prize (Beginner Hackathon)
    Singapore American School
    Adam, Anthony and Joshua receiving their certificates for 2nd place

    With Nature, Environmental Issues and Human Ecology as the hackathon theme, coming in 2nd place for the Beginner category was Adam’s utility app which calculates shower water usage based on water pressure — Very innovate indeed!
    Joshua’s recycling app which informs users what’s recyclable and what’s not won 2nd Place for the Advanced Category. User intuitive and meaningful, his app stood out a cut above the other participants.
    Adam and Joshua are both regular students of our Advanced Computer Scientist roadmap and have shown tremendous potential and improvement since their App Inventor days. They continue to shine on a global stage as their share passion for coding with everyone. Congratulations, boys!

  • IMDA Code::XtremeApps:: National Hackathon 2019

    1st Prize
    Aahan, 8, Leah, 10, and Ziv, 11
    Tanglin Trust School, Methodist Girls School, Yew Tee Primary
    Aahan and Leah on stage to receive their 1st place award (Ziv: Absent)


    Aahan and Leah on stage to receive their 1st place award (Ziv: Absent)

    Meet our three talents who have surpassed all expectations with their outstanding performance at the IMDA Code:Xtreme Apps (CXA) 2019 Hackathon!
    The CXA hackathon is organised annually by IMDA to challenge minds and inspire innovative solutions for current issues. The theme was “Digital Transformation for a Better World”, and the focus was on improving the sustainability of the world we live in with new innovative and transformative digital solutions. Participants addressed real-world challenges related to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
    They’ve come so far since joining our introductory Scratch 1 courses and have displayed immense potential with quick progression and regular practice through our Young Computer Scientist courses of varying difficulty. Practice makes perfect indeed!

  • National Microsoft Minecraft Cup 2019, Japan (Tokyo)

    Best Coding Award
    Team Coding Lab
    15 students from Japan and Singapore
    Best Coding Award - Minecraft Cup 2019 (Tokyo, Japan)

    Congratulations to our students for achieving the Best Coding Award at the Minecraft Cup 2019 in Tokyo, Japan! The transnational team consisted of students from Coding Lab Japan and Coding Lab Singapore.
    Their project CodeTropolis, was selected to win out of more than 130 participating entries.
    Our student representatives attended the award ceremony at Microsoft, Japan where they received the certificate for the award. What a great result for all the hard work put in by the students, tutors and everyone from the team. Fabulous job!

  • Brands’ Inter-School Robotics Competition 2017

    Champion (Overall 1st Position)
    Coding Lab Gifted Coders
    Coding Lab Gifted Coders receiving top prize for Inter School Robotics Challenge

    Our team from our Gifted Coders Programme emerged as champions in the Inter-Primary Robotics Competition, held jointly with Brands Singapore. More than 30 schools participated in the selection round, and only 5 finalists were chosen. Participants were accessed based on their algorithm, speed, and creativity in dressing up the mBot. Excellent teamwork and effort, students!

  • A Little Somebody (2017)

    Lianhe ZaoBao Feature
    Jake, 9
    Catholic High School (Primary)
    Jake In Class

    We are proud to have one of our students, Jake, featured on #ALittleSomebody, by Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报. An avid gamer, Jake capitalises on his passion for computer games to formulate his own. At just the age of 9, the child prodigy has programmed many of his own games, ranging from his favourite game which he endearingly names Bat in a Bat game, a birthday app for his dad, to a Minecraft inspired game for his little brother.
    Jake is the youngest student in the Gifted Coders Programme, as he has been scouted for his strong analytical and problem skills ever since he joined a short starter course with Coding Lab. Keep it up!

  • Appjamming Competition (2019)

    Top 6 Semi-finalists
    Jake, 10 / Raphael, 11 / Andrew, 9
    Coding Lab team at MIT App Inventor Competition

    Jake (10), Raphael (11), and Andrew (9) unite as a team and have emerged as the Top 6 semi-finalists in AppJamming 2019, with their innovative quiz app about different cultures all over the world.
    The AppJamming Summit (AJS) is an international app design competition for young app developers around the globe to demonstrate their creativity and programming prowess through mobile app creation. Established in 2014, the AJS has since then engaged over 400 students from various countries and has equipped a new generation of young coders with relevant coding and presentation skills.