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Coding is the New Literacy

We believe that every child should have the chance to code. There are many things that children will love about coding; creating their own game, app, making their own animated stories and the many other endless possibilities by harnessing today's rapidly evolving technologies.

Give your child a headstart in the Digital Age
Ages 7 – 9

Students ages 7-9 attending Scratch Coding Class at Coding Lab Singapore

Designed for children (age 7-9) who are either completely new to programming / coding or have some basic knowledge, our courses equip your children with lifelong skill that is important for the future.

Our programme strengthens your child’s logical and problem solving skills which are useful in many aspects of life, be it immediately in their studies (e.g. Mathematics Problem Sums, Science, etc) or in the future.

Ages 10 – 12

Four students looking at a computer during class at Coding Lab

Designed specifically for children (age 10-12), we have various courses of varying difficulties to cater to your child’s needs. On one end, we have courses which are suitable for students who are completely new to programming / coding and on the other end we have advanced courses for students who are ready to take their understanding to the expert level.

Ages 13 – 16

Students in Coding Lab Python S102 Class

We have a full suite of classes that cater to the needs of students with varying level of programming knowledge. The courses are divided into three key levels: (1) Foundation, (2) Algorithm and Building Blocks and (3) Electives. By the end of the classes, our students will learn about Game Development, Big Data, Computer Modelling & Simulation and Artificial Intelligence.

Preschool (Ages 4 – 6)

Start your child on their journey in logical thinking with our immersive and enriching preschool programme, suitable for ages 4-6, to give them a head start in coding. Involving physical activity, where they get the chance to learn logic and commands using live-sized blocks, children get to act out these commands with their classmates, with lots of running around (specially designed for active little ones!).

Nurturing Future Leaders In Technology

Ever wondered how much kids enjoy coding and what they learn during our classes? Our young tech stars say their piece in this short clip below. Enjoy!

You can watch more interviews and show cases in our testimonial page.

Why learn coding?

Steve Job's Quote on Learning to Program

“Coding is the new literacy. To thrive in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create and express themselves with digital technologies.”, Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab and director of the Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten research group


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