Much like music, drawing, and sports, kids can be drawn to the world of coding early in their life. Interesting books on the subject not only help in coding classes for kids, but help promote analytical skills and computational thinking. Read about the top four books that introduce kids to coding in a fun way.

Computational Fairy Tales

Jeremy Kubica brings the world of fairy tales to the age of coding, using powerful narrative to introduce programming to young kids. The book is full of goblin attacks, kingdoms in danger, and magical curses. At the same time, kids learn algorithms, binary code, and loops. What a fun way to start your child on coding!

Coding games in Scratch

This book is a step-by-step guide to developing computer games. With a graphic design that resembles that of Minecraft, the book uses Scratch—a free programming language to teach kids how to code. Featuring a plethora of practical activities, it gets children actually started on code rather than just reading about it.

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi, an affordable but innovative computer has taken the world by storm and has inspired many coding classes for kids all over the world. The book features Linux, Scratch, and Python. This book is for kids who are simply interested in programming and coding, or who wish to take their programming knowledge one step further with a programmable hardware component.

Python for Kids: A playful introduction to programming

Voted in 2015 as the most popular programming language in the world, Python is turning out to be a popular programming language to begin coding. The tone and language of the book is very casual and irreverent, so that kids can find it enjoyable. It is the first book written by programmer Jason R. Briggs, and has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and translated by the community into Spanish, French, German, Italian and Bengali.