App Inventor 2

Ages 10 – 12

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Master the Art of MIT Mobile App Development
Review of MIT App Inventor 1 knowledge and solve more problems in MIT App Inventor 2 (Take it up a notch)
Be exposed to the Right Tools
Learn the components that you need to build your ideal app: Maps, sensors, Social, Web viewer, Notifier and how to store the data.
Solve Real-World Issues around us
Create a Text-to-Speech app for the deaf community or a fun game for your friends to play.

Mobile Mastery

Mic testing, 1, 2, 3. Spearhead your child’s growth in the field of mobile app development today! Delve into an array of functions on the MIT App Inventor 2 Platform such as Voice-to-Speech and GPS tracker to develop sophisticated phone applications of your child’s desire. The limit is but their imagination.

App Inventor 2 will uncover the detail-oriented side of students as they enter the process of wireframing to strive to build an app that can solve a real world problem. Our fun-packed activities in the course will break down complex design and programming concepts to bite-size for students to digest. Watch as your child master the art of mobile app creation!

Halloween App by Vedant, 12, App Inventor (P201+P202)
Write codes and invent apps you’ll love.
Obliterate the Mini Things by Tan Jun Yao, 12 years old, in App Inventor 1+2 (P205+P206)
Like to think out of the box? Why not invent out of it?
P201+P202 - Stop Climate Change - Ian Tang
Get a taste of text-to-speech assistive technology.

Completing this module is a prerequisite for the Advanced Computer Scientists programme. Students also need to have completed our Python Junior modules (P205 and P206).

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Exceptionally good! The curriculum helps you learn fundamental coding and logic.Aaron, 12


Quick Review
Review of App Inventor 2 Interface
Brainstorm time for a complex app creation

Learn to use various media components
Voice Recognition

Booleans and Conditionals
Logical Operators

Design Thinking
Introduction to phases of Design Thinking (Observation, Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, User Feedback, Iteration, Implementation)


Class Format

5 x 2 Hours
5 sessions, 2 hours per session
Weekly / 5 days intensive
$450 ( $486 w/GST)
(Accelerated) App Inv 1+2 - 5 x 3.5 Hours / 3 Day Camp
P201 & P202: App Inventor 1 & App Inventor 2
5 sessions, 3.5 hours per session / 3-Day Camp (9am – 4pm)
$755 ( $815.40 w/GST)

For Students

Ages 10 to 12
Completed P201 or
Passed a placement test with Coding Lab

Course Structure

All materials and equipment provided
Maximum 1:8 Instructor-Student ratio
10 hours duration

Locations & Schedules

Bukit Timah

9 King Albert Park (KAP Mall) #02-21, 598332

Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #10-06, 449269

Coding Lab Online

Learn from the comfort of your home

[Live Online E-Learning]

United Square

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@The Learning Lab

Seletar Mall

33 Sengkang West Ave #02-18 to 21, 797653

@The Learning Lab


Inventing Apps to Achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Our students had a blast learning to code their very own apps. Curious about what they created in the hackathon at the end of class? Check out the apps and real-world solutions that our students presented in their project showcase!

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