In this year’s prestigious 24th National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), we’re proud to announce that our students have attained 2 Silver and 1 Bronze! We celebrate the achievements of our dear students as the NOI is one of Computing’s biggest annual competitions in Singapore. Well done to Vayun, Yu Shen and David!

Coding Lab Achievement Photo - 24th NOI Medals 2021

Presenting to you Coding Lab’s 24th NOI medallists:

Vayun Mathur, 16Two-Time Silver Medallist
Goh Yu Shen, 16Silver Medallist
David Walton, 16Three-Time Bronze Medallist

NOI spots are reserved for every school’s top students to participate, so only few can represent their school, and only the best can attain medals in the Olympiad. The Coding Lab team is so proud of our young coders, Vayun and Yu Shen, for bagging 2 Silver Medals this year!

You might have heard of Vayun, one of our outstanding students, who was featured on Google and international news network CGTN before. He has performed well once again and we congratulate Vayun on clinching the Silver Medal yet again!

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Congratulations to our outstanding students! We also thank Coach Guangxuan for his dedication, training and guidance of our students.

Whilst we celebrate our students’ success in this arena, we recognise that competitive programming is merely a subset of the full scope of programming. Many of our students have achieved success in wider aspects; whether it’s creating a Stock Rating Algorithm, a Real-Time Carpark Tracker, a prize-winning app or attaining an overseas scholarship to read Computer Science at University, we’re here to support our students every step of the way.

Interested to find out more? Check out the Python Programming and Elective courses we offer for Secondary school and Junior College students.

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