Our dearest Coding Lab students in Singapore and Japan submitted their best projects through our International Coding Showcase (ICS) for the whole world to see! Conducted 100% online, ICS showcases our students’ talent through projects that they have done independently or through Coding Lab’s exciting courses

Our young coders aged 7 to 18 showed their tenacity and creativity in their Scratch and Python projects and we have no doubt that our bright participants will be going places in life! Learn more about our winning future leaders of technology and their awesome projects below. 

Category: Scratch Ages 7-9

1st Place: Enea Testa

Age: 9


Image of Enea Testa ICS Scratch Ages 7-9
Meet Enea, the passionate 9-year-old coder who included his dad in his video presentation.

Hobbies: Playing with my brother, reading books and coding! In my free time, I like to build things (for example, I built a zip line made out of rope, magnets and toilet paper roll) and play with my iPad.

How did you start coding? When my parents asked me if I had wanted to join an after school club, I thought that coding sounded interesting and I ended up liking it and continued doing it the following year. 

Why did you join ICS 2020? Brian, who is one of my coding teachers (at Coding Lab Japan), told me about the ICS competition and I thought it sounded fun so I picked my best project and used it. 

What have you learnt? I have learnt how to make and edit videos. As a coder, I had to think that I was not coding for myself. For example, the original game Jump did not have any instructions and I had to think about how I could help other users understand how to use it. I added text to most levels to explain what the new parts do and how to use them. It was also nice to see other participants’ projects because they gave me ideas for future projects, like how to make videos and how to present them.

The contest inspired me to continue working on my own project that I presented and I was motivated to improve the game by making new levels and adding new features. Now, I am really glad I joined because my game is now much better and enjoyable. 

Future coding aspirations: I would like to get better at Scratch and learn another programming language. I would also like to continue working on my game Jump and make new games on Scratch. I’m not sure about what I’ll do in the future but it will probably be coding-related because I really do enjoy coding!

Category: Scratch Ages 7-9

2nd Place: Itta Oba

Age: 9


Image of Itta Oba ICS Scratch Ages 7-9
Meet 9-year-old Itta, the confident coder of the colourful and vibrant Super Cat Run.

Hobbies: Coding and gaming. I create games in my free time.

How did you start coding? I thought it was very interesting, so I made the effort to start coding. 

Why did you join ICS 2020? I wanted to be able to showcase my own projects that I have worked hard on to everybody!

What have you learnt? I found out that there are so many other people who are creating projects on Scratch! The best part was being able to record the video of me showing what my game is about. 

Future coding aspirations: I would like to try and program with Python! 

Category: Scratch Ages 7-9

People’s Choice Award: Alicia Khong

Age: 8


Image of Alicia ICS Scratch Ages 7-9
Meet our youngest winner and aspiring author, 8-year-old Alicia from Singapore.

Hobbies: I like to make Scratch games (I have 200+ games in my account!). My favourite activities include reading Harry Potter books, playing the piano, playing scooter and inline skating at the park.

How did you start coding? I started being curious about computers when I kept seeing my parents and older brother spending quite a lot of time on their laptops. I always wondered what they were doing and what a computer can do. Then, I started to pay more attention to my brother when he was learning Scratch. I got really interested in it and kept asking my brother many questions on how it works and how I could learn more.

Why did you join ICS 2020? I like to see the different Scratch projects that my friends and classmates create. It is interesting to play their Scratch games and learn from each other. It has also encouraged me to try my best to create a new game so as to share it with more people. 

What have you learnt? I have learnt to source for more information like pictures, colours and ideas. I have also tried many ways to improve my Scratch projects by trial and error. The best part is learning how to present my project and speak confidently in front of the camera. 

Future coding aspirations: I want to become an author who writes books that tell stories, make games and teach robotics. This year, I plan to create a Harry Potter game with as many characters as possible. 

Category: Scratch Ages 10-12

1st Place: Nicolo Testa

Age: 10


Image of Nicolo Testa ICS Scratch Ages 10-12
Meet 10-year-old Nicolo, from Yoyogi International School in Japan, with an interest in space.

Hobbies: I really enjoy reading. I normally read fictional books and in my free time, I like playing on my iPad. My favourite game is Roblox where I play in the available environments, but I also enjoy designing in the Roblox Studio with my brother Enea (who came in first in the 7-9 category).

How did you start coding? My mom informed me that there was a coding club at my school (Yoyogi International School) and I have always wanted to code, so I joined. 

Why did you join ICS 2020? It seemed fun and because I really like coding, I really wanted to join ICS. It was also a good opportunity to make a video for a wide audience and I always wanted to try that. It was real fun! 

What have you learnt? I learnt how to make videos and I can say that it is not an easy thing to do. As a coder, this competition has helped me to code differently. I had to think about other people playing the game so I had to design the game with some user interface. For example, I added different game-modes and I also made a version for my little cousins Ettore and Elia in Italy.

All ICS participants were very good and watching their videos and their projects gave me some ideas for my next game. In my opinion, the best part was making the video because I like recording and editing.

Future coding aspirations: I recently started to code with Python and I would really like to continue with it. I have also started using the turtle module and I can’t wait to make my first game with this. I also learnt a bit about making games with App Inventor. 

On Scratch, I’m making a studio called Cat Series with my brother Enea, Itta (who came in second in the 7-9 category), and another friend named Noah.

I also study space and would like to be a space scientist!

Category: Scratch Ages 10-12

2nd Place: Wang Jun Min

Age: 11


Image of Wang Jun Min ICS Scratch Ages 10-12
Meet the 11-year-old aspiring game designer, Jun Min.

Hobbies: My hobbies are playing computer games, coding, creating games, exploring Maths and cycling.

How did you start coding? I started when I was in Primary 1 by participating in a holiday programme (Scratch 1). From there, my interest was ignited and I started experimenting more on my own. I went on to join regular classes the following year! 

Why did you join ICS 2020? My teacher encouraged me to participate, and I had already coded many projects. I had started coding a new clicker game just before the deadline and I wanted to give it a shot. I felt it was a good opportunity to practice my presentation skills as well.

What have you learnt? I saw a wide variety of games from the other participants and it inspired me to diversify the games that I code.  

Future coding aspirations: I hope to be a game designer in future. I may even want to combine different genres of games to create a new type of game! 

Jun Min previously won 3rd Place in our Young Coders Global Hackathon 2020 (Junior Category). Read his feature here.

Category: Scratch Ages 10-12

People’s Choice Award: Andrew Goh

Age: 11


Image of Andrew Goh ICS Scratch Ages 10-12
11-year-old Andrew amazed with his interactive game that used augmented reality!

Andrew previously won Merit (Best Storyline) in our Young Coders Global Hackathon 2020 (Junior Category). Read his feature here.

Category: Python Ages 10-12

1st Place: Kyran Tan

Age: 10


Image of Kyran ICS Python Ages 10-12
10-year-old Kyran stood out with his Clockc program and innovative video presentation skit.

Hobbies: My hobbies are reading, coding and playing online games such as Roblox. I sometimes create my own Roblox game using Roblox Studio and Lua Programming. I will also occasionally create some Python projects for my own use. 

How did you start coding? My mother introduced me to Scratch Junior when I was 6 years old. It is a program where I can drag and drop blocks to create a project. I was fascinated with what Scratch could do and was hooked on coding ever since. 

Why did you join ICS 2020? I joined the International Coding Showcase as I wanted to make full use of my school holidays and challenge myself to create a project that is both practical and useful. 

What have you learnt? As a coder, I learnt not to give up, even if I am faced with challenges. I have also learnt how and where to find the resources for my project, such as StackOverflow and YouTube. I got answers to my questions through these sources, and even learnt other new things along the way. 

The best part of participating in ICS 2020 was not only the self-satisfaction I derived from solving problems, but also the enjoyment and fun that I got from video editing, something that was totally new to me at that time. 

Future coding aspirations: I am planning to create another program for people who use Maths frequently in their lives. 

I have a huge interest in coding, so my future occupation will definitely be coding-related. I hope to be a software application developer, where I can create, test and upgrade apps for others to use. 

Category: Python Ages 10-12

2nd Place: Keian Teh

Age: 11


Image of Keian Teh ICS Python Ages 10-12
11-year-old Keian presented his Python turtle program with charisma and confidence.

Category: Python Ages 10-12

People’s Choice Award: Dhanvin Mohan Ram

Age: 11


Image of Dhanvin ICS Python Ages 10-12
Meet 11-year-old Dhanvin, our Overall People’s Choice winner with more than 400 votes.

Hobbies: My hobbies are reading, watching Minecraft coding channels and experimenting with different apps.

How did you start coding? I started coding in my school CCA (Robotics Club) as I was keen to understand how coding works and to experiment with different robots and machines.

Why did you join ICS 2020? My parents encouraged me to join ICS 2020. Since I had a short time to meet the deadline, I submitted a Python project that I had coded earlier.

What have you learnt? By participating, I learnt to create a video presentation for a project. From the other participants, I learnt how to improve my presentation skills and also got to learn the Define, Listen For functions and new files for importing to Python.

Future coding aspirations: I would like to create Robots that can be used in the medical field. In my free time, I would like to be a Minecraft coder and post videos on YouTube about it.

Category: Python & Electives Ages 13-18

1st Place: Kieran Ho

Age: 12


Image of Kieran Ho ICS Ages 13-18
Meet 12-year-old Kieran and watch him explain the codes behind his two-player card game.

Hobbies: I like reading, but mostly, coding.

How did you start coding? I started coding after being introduced to it by a friend when I was in primary school. Ever since then, I have fallen in love with coding.

Why did you join ICS 2020? I decided to join ICS as I was quite bored during the holidays and decided to try something fun. I also felt like I should try it out as I like coding, and I want to show my coding skills to more people.

What have you learnt? I liked ICS as there was enough time for me to complete the project, and it was fun seeing the other participants’ projects. I think this allows us to see more of others’ work, to gain inspiration after the competition for possible future projects. The best part was finally finishing the presentation and knowing that I had completed my project. It gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Future coding aspirations: I might consider participating in the next coding competition, and possibly pursuing a coding-related job in the future.

Kieran previously won Merit (Most Promising Young Coder) in our Young Coders Global Hackathon 2020 (Senior Category). Read his feature here.

Category: Python & Electives Ages 13-18

2nd Place & People’s Choice Award: Kenneth Gunawan

Age: 14


Image of Kenneth Gunawan ICS Python Ages 13-18
Meet the enthusiastic and curious 14-year-old Kenneth, and see how he used PyGame to create his Tic Tac Toe game.

Hobbies: My hobbies include playing table tennis with my dad, playing the saxophone, watching movies, playing video games, and of course, coding.

How did you start coding? I began learning how to code by myself when I was around 13. I was learning C+, but I didn’t really enjoy it as it was quite difficult to keep up with, so I took a break until I began learning again when I was in quarantine. I began learning Python with Coding Lab, and I’m super satisfied with where I am now and how much I’ve learnt.

Why did you join ICS 2020? My mom was the one who shared with me about ICS. By that time, I had already made the program that I wanted to share. I love being able to share my projects, and I’m happy that I won a prize for doing so. 

What have you learnt? I used PyGame to code my program, so I had to learn how to use it. I actually taught myself PyGame before I went on to learn it again in Python Perfect 3. Besides that, I also had to learn how to create a video, things like recording the screen and my voice at the same time, which took me a while. 

Future coding aspirations: I’m always looking forward to learning more Python, and I hope I’ll be able to use it to create a useful program that anyone can use in the future. 

This concludes our International Coding Showcase 2020! View the full list of winners here, which includes our commendable Judges’ Choice and Merit award winners.

The Coding Lab team would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all of our participants. It was truly a joy to see them growing in abilities and confidence, and we hope that our students continue to nurture their talent and love for coding. 

Keep an eye out for our future events! 👀

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(Written by Cheryl Tang and Zulaikha, Designs by Zenia Cheong)

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