We’re proud to announce that 7 of our Coding Lab students have achieved 3 Platinum Awards (the highest honour) and 4 Gold Awards (the second highest honour)!

The annual Hwa Chong Info-communications Challenge (HCIC) aims to ignite the interest of primary school students in the field of info-communications, as well as to recognise young talents in the areas of programming, coding and robotics. This year, the competition was held on the afternoon of 26 May 2022, with Primary 6 participants from Singapore and the equivalent of Primary 5 or 6 students from overseas centres.

Presenting to you Coding Lab’s 7 Award Winners at the HCIC:

Photo of Platinum Trophy and Hwa Chong Institution logo for Hwa Chong Infocomm Challenge 2022

Platinum Awards

Aidan Sin, 12
Ahmad Dzuizz Annajib, 12
Isaac Khong, 12

Photo of Gold Trophy and Hwa Chong Institution logo for Hwa Chong Infocomm Challenge 2022

Gold Awards

Fu Yu Zhong, 12
Nicholas Lam, 12
Tan Zheng Kai, 12
Evan Chua, 12

Congratulations to our students! The competition comprised 2 sections that tested them on programming logic, robotics knowledge and Python programming language. We are proud that they have excelled and we celebrate their achievements! We look forward to seeing what else they will code and achieve.

Coding Lab Students' Achievements - 7 HCIC 2022 Awards

Our students – Aidan, Isaac, Yu Zhong, Nicholas, Zheng Kai and Evan – many of whom started coding with us from as young as 8 years of age, started from Scratch and we are thrilled to see their efforts and coding abilities being recognised. We are also happy to have Dzuizz joining our National Olympiad in Informatics class in July to continue his exciting learning journey in programming!

You may also recall Isaac Khong, one of our students who won Social Impact Award and Judges’ Choice (Most Innovative) in our International Coding Showcases (SG-JP) held in 2020 and 2021.

Read Isaac Khong’s blog feature with his sister Alicia here and catch his video interview too!

Whilst we celebrate our students’ success in this arena, we recognise that competitive programming is merely a subset of the full scope of programming. Many of our students have achieved success in wider aspects; whether it’s creating a Stock Rating Algorithm, a Real-Time Carpark Tracker, a prize-winning app or attaining an overseas scholarship to read Computer Science at University, we’re here to support our students every step of the way.

Interested to find out more? Check out the Python Programming and Elective courses we offer for Secondary school and Junior College students.

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(Written by Cheryl Tang)

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