What better way to spend time with the whole family while having fun and learning at the same time? In line with our aim to nurture future leaders in technology, we have prepared several #Techtivities for the family to enjoy and discover how technology is a part of many things in our lives! 🤩

Starting off with a #TechFact, did you know that Apple Computer Company was incorporated by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976? Apple would go on to revolutionize the tech industry with the IPhone, and it is still one of the top tech companies today! (Source)

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Now that we’re learnt a new titbit, keep scrolling on to discover techtivities that you and your family can indulge in this month! ✨

Singapore Air Force Museum

Are your kids huge fans of planes and fighter jets? The Singapore Air Force Museum is the perfect place for them to visit! Learn more about the Republic Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and be fascinated by the various defence vehicles and technology systems that help defend our country. 🚁

What tech is here? 🤔
🧑‍💻 Be a pilot and execute combat manouevres at the three-player simulator with a realistic panoramic screen to show the pilot’s point of view, all with the help of Augmented Reality! 🧑‍✈️
🧑‍💻 See and touch various aircrafts in real life with the help of multimedia and 3D models! 😃
🧑‍💻 Use the multimedia touchscreen digital console to find out all about the aircraft of RSAF! 🛩️


When: Permanent
Where: 400 Airport Road, Singapore 534234
Price: Free
Learn more here.

Children’s Museum Singapore

At Singapore’s first ever children’s museum, your little ones will never be bored! Engaging all of our little ones’ senses, all the exhibits are perfect for them to have fun and learn more about Singapore’s history. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

What tech is here? 🤔
🧑‍💻 The museum’s mascot, Wonderbot, is a virtual robot powered by Artificial Intelligence and will be guiding our tots through their journey back in time with various tasks and interactive panels! 🤖
🧑‍💻 Be a ship captain at The Voyage in Time, where our little ones can experience sailing on a ship in different weather conditions, and many more! ⚓
🧑‍💻 How does a predator hunt for prey? Hunt for prey as the Spotted Wood Owl at Imagine a Garden: An A-maze-ing Exhibition through multimedia games powered by Augmented Reality! 🦉


When: Permanent
Where: 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
Price: Free (for Singaporean and PR)
Learn more here.

Action Motion

Do your tweens and teens just want to stay in front of their tech devices all day? Are they sporty types? Action Motion will present them all an active challenge they cannot resist! Get through various obstacle courses at this adventure playground at your own pace – chill or competitive, there’s something for everyone! 👍

What tech is here? 🤔
🧑‍💻 Get an enhanced indoor playground experience with various Augmented Reality (AR) powered games and score points! 😄
🧑‍💻 Up for a challenge? Be part of the leaderboard and record your fastest time through the obstacles course with the help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in wrist tags! 🏃


When: Permanent
Where: HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir
Price: from $35
Learn more here.

2-Hour Easter Coding Workshops

Are you ready to celebrate Easter with us in The Coding Lab Way? Join us for our exciting 2-hour Easter themed workshops for ages 5 to 9 – Grab a friend to join the fun as we’ll be coding exciting games that you can enjoy with your loved ones after class! 🥳

🥚 Ages 5 to 6: Become the Easter Bunny and catch their colourful decorated Easter Eggs! Students will pick up key coding concepts such as loops and conditionals along the way.

🐇 Ages 7 to 9: Program a fun and exciting game for your loved ones to play along – control the Bunny to collect eggs that appears randomly on your game screen! Students will pick up key coding concepts such as loops, clone and sensing.

These are perfect for beginners wanting to dip their toes into the world of coding. Give your child an immersive coding experience with us, and grab your slots!

Sign up here or feel free to drop us an email, call us or WhatsApp us to get in touch. 😊

When: 8 April 2023
Where: Online, Parkway Parade, Bukit Timah (KAP Mall)
Price: From $65

Sign up for your Coding Lab class now!

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Singapore has achieved yet another technological breakthrough! Through harnessing AI, the detection of cross-border smuggling and maritime firefighting emergency response 🌊 is now greatly enhanced and expedited.

Check out how the eXaminer, the latest technology, helps to detect illegal items across borders and how an unmanned surface vessel could help to bolster Singapore’s emergency response capabilities here!

If you haven’t seen our previous techtivity recommendations, check out our March #TechtivitiesOfTheMonth, which includes more cool tech-related activities you can do with friends and family!

(Written by Thinzar)

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