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Recent years have seen a spike in efforts in digital technology and the building up of artificial intelligence. In response to the government’s urges for a SmartNation, schools, students and parents are moving towards computational learning in preparation for the future job market.

“Technology is transforming every sector of the economy, with students and parents responding to the emerging tech-driven future,” says Dean of NUS School of Computing Mohan Kankanhalli. In the past three years, there has been a surge in demand for computing-related courses at the undergraduate and graduate level at the National University of Singapore.

1 Dean NUS

“Everyone should learn to code, even if they don’t intend to work in the technical field in future,” exclaims 14-year-old Vayun, who has already mastered 6 different programming languages under his belt. The avid coder aspires to pursue a career in robotics or AI (Artificial Intelligence), and strongly believes in the value of code in today’s digitalized world. “Learning to program prepares your brain and helps you understand how to tackle complex algorithmic problems. Other than the realm of software, there are many situations in life where we would need problem solving skills.”

2 Student

Vayun is among thousands of Singaporean students picking up coding in order to keep up with the digital wave. In response to the surge in demand, private education centres have, too, multiplied in recent years, offering coding classes for children as young as 4 years old.

3 Candice

“Back in our corporate days, my co-founder and I both encountered automation in the office, but we realised a lot of people didn’t know how and were still doing tons of manual work,” Candice Wang, Coding Lab co-founder explains. “If they had been introduced to programming, say, even basic excel VBA when they were younger, their work would have been made easier.” And so came the birth of Coding Lab, one of the pioneers of the coding enrichment market.

4 Literacy

A business hub in the heart of Asia, Singapore is quickly attaining its goal of becoming an innovative centre with the technological shift, together as one.