Tiny Hands, Mega Minds. At Coding Lab, we believe that one’s age and size do not matter when it comes to coding and tinkering. At preschool ages, it’s important to select educational toys for our budding tots. Here are some great ideas for a headstart in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)!

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Hands-on, screens off! Think building blocks – tiles – but magnetic. You have Magna-Tiles. 

These 3-dimensional magnetic building sets stand by encouraging and integrating math, science, creativity and imagination. The vibrant tiles have magnetic sides that come in various shapes and sizes for your child to connect them together with a ‘click’ sound. A butterfly, a castle, your child can build anything! The simple idea behind Magna-Tiles is that if you can click it, you can create it. 

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$29.90 to $249.90 at Playhao, Pupsik Studio, The Children’s Showcase and Le Petit Society

The Learning at Home Set

Let your kids learn how computers work… without using a computer.

Developed in and inspired by Montessori classrooms, these wooden toys designed at MIT impart computational thinking. The hands-on materials that ethically manufactured in USA include wooden binary towers, circular logic gates that represent Boolean logic, and binary trees – all computer science concepts. You’re never too young (or too old) to start learning the basics! With this, you can truly learn beautifully with your tiny techie. 

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$235 (Launch Special) at Learning Beautiful Singapore

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

It’s not just another app. Change the way that your children interact with the iPad! 

Simply set up your device, then let your toddler play with the physical, tangible game pieces in front of it. Before you know it, those pieces are showing up on the iPad. Four games are included for your toddlers to improve their reading, storytelling and fine motor skill development. 

For older ones (up to 12 years old), you can choose from the many other games, such as Math, Coding, Business, Spelling and Drawing. For $39, you can even get themed sets, such as Disney princesses, The Incredibles 2, Mickey Mouse and Friends, as well as Frozen 2! 

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$129 at Playhao and Real Cool Tech

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