Coding is the new literacy. We’ve all seen the might of technology and coding seems to be the next ‘it’ thing. Here are toys that can help to pique your child’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).

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Recall your Chemistry classes where you had to visualise atoms and particles? Chances are, your kid will have to go through that someday too – and here’s how you can make their understanding of it easier. 

Inspired by real-world architecture and used by mathematicians, research scientists, physicists, and at NASA, the idea for Zometool began in 1969. Boxes come with parts of colourful pieces of different sizes – similar to the ball-and-stick models, but with more varied shapes and lengths – that can connect to one another. Kids are then given the freedom to discover and explore the endless possibilities that they can build with the open-ended creation system that imparts complex STEAM concepts and also improves spatial awareness. 

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Arduino Starter Kit

This kit is for the more serious tech tinkerers to dip their toes in STEAM and to self-learn even more with Arduino. 

We often have curious parents asking if we teach Arduino here. Our answer? If they can do basic programming (Scratch included!), then they can transfer that knowledge to Arduino. These kits have hardware (i.e. programmable boards, sensors, mechanical parts) and open-source software, which introduces concepts such as electricity and Arduino code. Activities and tools include sensors, buttons, and more! 

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Take coding one step further with one of the world’s smallest programmable computers. 

Image of children trying out the maze game with Micro:bit controls

Pop two AAA batteries in, and you’re ready to create your projects. The pocket-sized computer has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and a compass, which you can work with Scratch, Python, Microsoft MakeCode, and more. Created by news agency BBC, it was distributed to children in the United Kingdom – Singapore is following suit with select schools – to heighten curiosity and interest in coding. Join in the fun! Make a random number generator, light-up compass and more – like what we do in our Young and Advanced Computer Scientists courses!

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