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As big as Tokyo 23 wards, needing to import water for its survival, Singapore is a top class developed country in the world. Built only about 50 years ago, the reason for her success are meritocracy and its biggest natural resources, people. With about 17% of her budget spent on education (compared to 7% in Japan), Singapore places great emphasis on her education policy.

In Singpoare, learning to do “coding” (programming) is currently getting lots of attention. Coding is something that is used to write programs to run in computers, but because it can also cultivate logical thinking, it is currently a topic getting attention.

Coding as a Subject for Examination

In Singapore, under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is a mathematician, is pushing forward with a “Smart Country Strategy”, where technology is key in providing convenience and efficient lifestyle. IT education is being incorporated into her education system to drive this technology push. According to OECD’s PISA (an indicator of education level) latest test results, Singapore is already showing good results, reaching an overall of 2nd place, and were placed first in areas such as Digital Reading Ability and Digital Mathematics Literacy.

The Ministry of Smart Country Strategy has already declared education as one of the key to the strategy success. Singapore’s government is supporting this motion by adding Programming as an high school entry examination subject for 19 of her secondary schools next year. On top of that, Singapore is also starting “Computing” courses with “Coding” as the center of the curriculum.

Nurturing the Next Generation

In Singapore, where end of primary school examinations can influence a child’s future education endeavors, there is a passion to adopt various learning early. Under this flow, learning to do “coding” early is catching on.

According to Coding School “Coding Lab” founder, Foo Yong Ning, he mentioned that “5 years ago, you will see only children above 12 years old coming to coding schools. However, in the last 2, 3 years, we have seen an increase of 8-12 years old attending coding classes. Recently, we are even receiving enquiries about classes for 7 years old and below, though we do not have classes for them yet.”

As a father of  2 children himself, Foo, a graduate of MIT, with experience working in Silicon Valley, “For children born in this digital era, Coding which teaches logical thinking and problem solving, and mathematics, are necessary in many aspects in Life”. Foo set up Coding Lab in 2015 and is now providing coding classes for children between 4 to 12.

Classes revolves around making games and animation, while teaching the essentials of coding. Children interact with the computer screens, learning while having fun.

According to N, parent of a 10 year old girl who studied class at the school, “While creating animations, a single error in the coding process could result in things not showing up correctly. I think building up this logical process is very good practice for the mind.

Coding is turning children into Creators rather than just Consumers

Children of this age lives in a very different environment than their parents’. Saying that, there are probably still parents afraid to expose digital media to their kids too early.

In response to that, Foo reply was “Exposing children to coding early in their lives will allow them to not be just consumers of games and/or animations, but rather, develops them to learn how things work internally and thus nurture them as creators of digital media.

N, who had enrolled her daughter to various enrichment classes before this, agrees that coding indeed helped to grow her daughter creativity. 

With English as her main language of communication, and her current development as base, Singapore is incorporating rapidly programming, said to be the third language, into her secondary school curriculum. At the back of that, this can be seen as an initiative to build up “creativity”, something that is definitely needed in the future.

We are excited to work with Playeum to bring to you a very special and exclusive Tinkering Sunday, involving interdisciplinary activities, incorporating art collages, stories, and coding, of course!

Stories from Scratch

Nuturing Future Leaders in Technology

Sunday, 18 December 2016

10:30am to 12:30pm

$43.50 per adult/child pair (includes admission to the Children’s Centre for Creativity)

For ages 5 to 12

We’ve got a Tinkering Sundays workshop carefully curated for both the parent and child to work together on an interdisciplinary challenge. With the use of a range of art and natural materials, design your own landscape, create different characters and watch your story come to live through simple animations using Scratch coding software!

Please note that tickets once purchased may not be refunded. However, it may be transferred to other programmes of the same value, subject to availability. Tickets may be transferred or reimbursed in full if the workshop is cancelled or postponed by Playeum.

Read more and Sign up here!

playeumBrought to you in collaboration with Playeum, Singapore.  

5 Survival tips for the PSLE Exams

Dear Parents,

As we know, today is the 1st day of the PSLE. For those of us whose child is taking what is probably the biggest exam (so far) in their life, it is a day of trepidation and anticipation.

I remember this day, some 20 years back , when at 5 am , I woke up and nervously went through my notes in my head, at the same time having no appetite for breakfast. Back then, I had no idea what my PSLE results were going to be, but I knew for sure that all the effort my forced studying (ahem – ‘forced’ by parents) would culminate in this big examination that would determine which Secondary school I could get into, and therefore my future.

Well, achieving a T-score of 262 and getting into CHIJ St Nicholas’ Girls school was like a dream come true. When I look back today, I have my parents to thank for disciplining me and ensuring that playful me had sufficient study time. (Thank You Daddy and Mummy, if you are reading this!)

To help us tide through these critical 5 days, here are some of my favourite tips to ease our kids minds (hopefully!) and to ensure that they remain in optimum health and mental state for their exams.

Coding Lab wishes your child the very best for the PSLE exams

5 Tips for surviving the PSLE

(1) Sleep Well
Pack up the assessment books and send your child to bed. A good night’s sleep is the most important in acing the exam. Revising the “life cycle of living things” for the 10th time is not going to make much of a difference; having sufficient sleep will.
(2) Stay Hydrated
Water is essential for the brains to function well. I know that we all worry about having to go to the washroom during those precious minutes of an exam. The trick is to get well hydrated the day before the exam. So, load up your child on water the day before the exam and immediately after a paper if there is a subsequent paper the following day.
(3) Eat Normally
Let your child eat the usual food he is used to. A sudden change in diet, even if it is for the better, may result in upset stomach and discomfort. If you want to start on a “better or more nourishing diet”, do at least four weeks before the exam and not right before.
(4) Relax and Destress
Yes, PSLE is stressful for both parents and child. Help your child relax by staying with the usual routine as much as possible. Offer your listening ear to your child if he looks stressed and this is definitely not the time to chide him for not having studied harder in the past. Assure him that as long as he tries his best, the results do not matter and that you will love him just as much. 🙂
(5) Take a Brain Placebo
Acing an exam is highly psychological. Give your child a little edge by giving him some supplements or fruits (that he is already comfortable with) and tell him that it will help him relax and think better during the exam.
All the best for the examinations!
Coding Lab Team

The recent #SmartNation initiative in Singapore as well as the Global trend of introducing young ones starting from preschoolers to Coding classes, have left many parents baffled and unable to keep up with the tech jargon sprouted by their preschoolers as young as 3.

Start your Child on their journey in logical thinking with our immersive and enriching preschool programme, suitable for ages 4-6, to give them a head start on coding. Involving physical activity, where they get the chance to learn logic and commands using live-sized blocks, children get to act out these commands with their classmates, with lots of running around (specially designed for active little ones!).

Themes range from Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Nature and Fairy Tales, subjects that our little ones love the most, to  engage all their senses as they are challenged to think logically, whether it is to program a fairy to fly, vanquish evil with a Wizard’s wand, or make monkeys jump on the bed at different speeds.

With our MIT-inspired curriculum and small class ratio (1:6), your child is guaranteed a strong start on their foundation in Coding and Mathematics which will put them in good stead for the Elementary/Primary School curriculum.

P/s: Did we also mention that the kids get to play with a host of uber cool tech toys? Come and join us for hours of fun at our campus!~ #SeeYouSoon!

Children's Day Workshop - 5 little Monkeys
Join us for our 120-minute Childrens’ Day Workshop! Kids get to draw, program and record sound to their own adaptation of 5 Little Monkeys, the popular nursery rhyme! Limited to 8 slots only. Sign Up!
Coding for Preschoolers
Coding with Scratch Junior and life-sized blocks
Programming on Scratch Junior
Programming on Scratch Junior
Playing with Sphero
Playing with Sphero
Coding Classes for 4-6 year olds
Coding Classes for 4-6 year olds

Best Math & Science TV Shows for Kids that are Worth the Screen Time

Dear parents,

How have your September holidays been? I hope you have been having fun with your kids, and for those studying for their exams, they deserve huge hugs and cuddles everyday. Let’s continue to encourage them to do better!

After their exams are over, you may want to let them relax, unwind and if you’d like, here is a nice list of Tech and Math related TV shows to keep them engaged. Enjoy!


Best Math & Science TV Shows for Kids that are Worth the Screen Time


Inspired by Silicon Valley, enjoy professional board-room style teaching in a rustic, cosy environment in full air-conditioned comfort. Our new dream campus is a tech oasis, nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Upper Bukit Timah Road, where we conduct various coding classes for kids aged 4-12.

Now your kids can experience the same high-quality teaching with our MIT-inspired curriculum and small class-sizes (Max 8) at our brand new campus.

At our Tinker corner, we scour the market for the latest and best-in-class tech toys to engage and excite your child. They will surely want to keep coming back for more!

Bonus: Parking is free ♥♥♥ + there’s a Pokemon-Go Gym at the nearby Spruce @ Bukit Timah, Old Fire Station restaurant for Mummy and Daddy battlers!

Be the first to experience this geek-jam environment at our special 2-day Beginner I class: 18-19 August 2016 (PSLE Oral Days) – Special 2 Full-Day camp (Ages 8-11).

Lower Primary classes (Ages 7-9):
Upper Primary Classes (Ages 10-12):

Blog - New Campus Recep

Coding is the New Literacy. We welcome you to our new geek-jam campus, set in the lush landscapes of Bukit Timah.

Blog - New Campus Recep Zoom In

Set in a rustic, natural environment, with professional equipment provided, your child will experience a tech oasis in full air-conditioned comfort.

Blog - New Campus Boardroom

Experience board-room style classes coupled with best-in-class teaching with our MIT-inspired curriculum. 

Blog - New Campus Tinker 2

Welcome to our Tinker Corner, where we constantly scour the market for the best selection of coding toys to excite kids and keep their passion alive!

Blog - New Campus Tinker 1

Imagine endless hours of fun and building with your aspiring young leader in technology.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child at our new campus!

Tech Toys for Kids: Age-appropriate technology for babies and toddlers (without screen time!)

Hi Parents, hope you are having a great weekend! In today’s digital age, our kids are exposed to technology way before us. How can we help them to pick it up at a pace that we think is suitable?

Here are some tips and tricks to occupy your young ones, starting from birth and up that I wrote for Sassy Mama.

How do you introduce technology to your kids? Share your experiences with us too! 🙂



Tech Toys for Kids: Age-appropriate technology for babies and toddlers (without screen time!)