As we usher in the Year of the Rabbit, the Coding Lab team wants to keep our students and children safe on the internet, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 Parental Control Software for you to manage their screen time. We first launched this in 2022’s Tiger year for Tiger mums out there. And we’ve just refreshed this list to include the latest features and enhancements in 2023! 💻🤓 (Also look out for some bonus software below! 😉)

Photo of girl using a desktop at our Parkway Parade campus
Our young Scratch 1 coder navigating the online world to create her own project!

We’ve seen many children (yes, even our Scratch 1 kids!) with their own smartphones. In fact, two-thirds of Singaporean children aged 7-9 use their smartphones daily and are active on social media. Despite the age restrictions, children have their own Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Do you know what your children are doing and who they are interacting with on social media?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Here’s how you can get to the bottom of it all: Parental Control Software.

What are Parental Control Software?

Parental Control Software are applications, features or software that allow you to monitor and limit what someone does online. In the past, features were mainly blacklisting websites and checking your children’s searches. Today, it has evolved into tools that allow parents to monitor what your children are up to, control or schedule screentime, and even track the locations of their children’s smartphones – all simply by logging in to your Parental Control Software account.

That’s why we’ve got a list of our Top 5 Parental Control Software that can be great tools to help you safeguard your kids from the dangers of the web. Read on to find out which one suits your needs best!

1. Net Nanny

Available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Kindle Fire.

Paid options only.

Photo of Net Nanny's web interface.
Net Nanny’s web interface (Image Credit: Net Nanny)

We kick off the list with one of the Parental Control Software that has been around the longest. With its web-filtering technology (which allows you to control the content that your child accesses online), monitoring features, screentime management, well-designed and easy-to-use apps and web portal, Net Nanny is available on a number of platforms.

Granted, it only has paid options. Furthermore, the geofencing features, which allows you to establish boundaries around ‘safe areas’, is still rather basic. Net Nanny also lacks some features on its iOS version, but it is still considered almost as good as its Android counterpart.

  • Wide platform support
  • Web-filtering
  • Easy to use and well-designed interface
  • Runs as well on iOS and Android
  • Relatively expensive
  • Lacks some features on iOS
  • Basic geofencing features

Price: USD $39.99/year for a single Windows or macOS desktop device, USD $54.99/year for up to 5 devices, USD $89.99/year for up to 20 devices

Find out more about Net Nanny here.

2. Qustodio

Available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Kindle Fire.

Free with paid options.

Photo of Qustodio's Parental Control interface.
Qustodio Parental Control interface (Image Credit: Qustodio)

Just like Net Nanny, Qustodio is also available on many platforms. But where Qustodio really stands out from the competition are its call and text monitoring features, something that most other Parental Control Software do not offer. You can allow or block calls or specific phone numbers, and view text messages.

It offers a free option that covers one device with basic functionalities such as web-filtering, web and social media monitoring, time limits and an online monitoring dashboard. Keep in mind that features are limited for iOS, which does not include calls and text monitoring, as well as the Panic Button that would enable your child to send an SOS when they need help.

  • Calls and texts monitoring
  • Easy-to-use User Interface
  • Broad platform support
  • Extensive features
  • Relatively expensive
  • Web-filtering is not consistent
  • Limited features on iOS

Price: Free for 1 device with basic features, USD $54.95/year for 5 devices, USD $96.95/year for 10 devices, USD $137.95/year for 15 devices.

Find out more about Qustodio here.

Customers of Singtel, you’re in luck!
Get deals and discounted prices for Qustodio here

3. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Available on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS.

Free with paid options.

Photo showing Kaspersky Safe Kids's web interface.
Web interface of Kaspersky Safe Kids (Image: Kaspersky Safe Kids)

Get the best bang for your buck with Kaspersky Safe Kids, which is loaded with many key free features, such as web-filtering, screentime management, and more. Access to full features is affordable for an unlimited number of accounts and devices. As an antivirus company, the paid version also boasts features such as GPS locator, screentime scheduling and real-time alerts for accessing sites or leaving ‘safe areas’ (geofencing).

That said, its web interface is slow and the app could have been better designed. Features to block or activate web control on iOS devices are also limited. Overall, the free version is definitely worth a try to test it out for yourself before deciding whether you should purchase it.

  • Affordable and great value
  • Broad platform support
  • Extensive features
  • Unlimited devices
  • Limited features on iOS
  • Sluggish web portal
  • Unintuitive mobile apps

Price: Free for basic features including web monitoring, time limits and app management for unlimited devices, SGD$15/year for full features on unlimited devices. You can choose to get the bundle with Kaspersky’s antivirus software from SGD$35/year.

Find out more about Kaspersky Safe Kids here.

Editor’s Note (Jan 2023):
‍‍Several software updates for Kaspersky Safe Kids have since been released in 2022 for both Mac and Windows, improving the application performance and fixing several application issues. Find out more about this here.

4. OurPact

Available on Android and iOS.

Free with paid options.

Photo showing OurPact's app interface.
App interface of OurPact on iPhones (Image Credit: OurPact)

Looking for the best app control for iOS? Look no further than OurPact. This is the only Parental Control Software that offers this level of iOS functionality, with user interface and app management being its strongest features. Schedule screentime for your child and block all apps with a simple button.

It is important to note that installation requires a computer. Some key Parental Control Software functions of OurPact are lacking, such as limited web-filtering and no monitoring of texts. If your family is iOS-first, there are currently no alternatives that offer anything close to this level of control over iOS devices.

  • Best parental control software for iOS
  • Great user interface
  • Excellent app management
  • Limited web-filtering and monitoring
  • Complicated installation requiring a Windows or MacOS

Price: Free for 1 device with basic features, USD $6.99/month for Premium for 20 devices and all but one premium feature, USD $9.99/month for Premium+ for 20 devices with the full premium feature set

Find out more about OurPact here.

Editor’s Note (Jan 2023):
‍‍OurPact has since released new, enhanced family locator features for both iOS and Android devices, enabling parents to get real-time GPS updates on the precise locations of their children. Find out more about this here.

5. Norton Family

Available on Android, Windows, iOS.

Paid options only.

Photo showing Norton Family's web and app interfaces.
Norton Family’s web and app interfaces (Image Credit: Norton Family)

Rounding off our list is a brand known for its antivirus software. Norton Family offers a comprehensive range of features, such as monitoring, scheduling screentime, and geofencing, with the goal of encouraging parents to teach their children healthy online habits. Its web-filtering is one of the widest with 47 content categories to choose from, such as Alcohol, Drugs, and Mature Content.

The app management works well, though only for Android devices. It is also not compatible with macOS. While it is easy to set up, the web portals are not the most well-designed ones, and its mobile apps are not exactly user-friendly. It is relatively affordable if you are considering getting its suite of antivirus programmes bundled together with Norton Family.

  • Excellent web-filtering and monitoring
  • Unlimited devices
  • Easy setup and installation process
  • Relatively expensive
  • Poor mobile apps accessibility and web design
  • Limited iOS features and does not work on Macs

Price: From SGD$69.99/year, bundled with Norton’s antivirus software.

Find out more about Norton Family here.

Editor’s Note (Jan 2023):
‍‍Norton Family’s price has reduced to S$29.99 per year for the first year. Then, S$44.00/ year bundled with Norton’s antivirus software. Find out more about this here.

Generate a Family Agreement on internet and technology use together!
The Smart Talk encourages parents and children to talk about ground rules for internet safety.
Click here to get started!

2023 Update!

To herald this new year, we have updated this blog with more alternatives of highly-rated and effective parental control software that may be suitable for your family! We have found that the following parental control softwares have unique features that make them good additional options for parents to consider. 👇

6. Kidgy

Available on Android, Windows, iOS.

Good for parents with younger children below 13. Free and paid options available.

Photo showing Kidgy's web and app interfaces.
Kidgy app interface (Image Credit: Fanappic)

We love how the Kidgy application is both user-friendly, and an effective parental control software which can help to monitor your kids’ messages, calls and apps’ usage online! It provides comprehensive one-page reports on messaging and app-usage details, and enables you to block dangerous sites through its internet filter.

What’s more, the Kidgy app also includes unique and valuable features like a Panic Button for emergencies, GPS Location Tracking for safety and even a Daily Schedule Planner to help educate your child on organising their daily tasks!

  • 24/7 Customer Support via phone or email
  • Daily Schedule Planner
  • Kidgy Geofencing helps set precise safe areas and alerts you when your child leaves these safe areas
  • No time limits
  • Relatively more expensive

Price: Free with upgrade option of S$13.98 per month

Find out more about Kidgy here.

7. Google Family Link

Available on Android, Windows.

Excellent free option and possible complement to your primary parental control app

Photo showing Google Family Link app interface.
Google Family Link’s app interface (Image Credit: Mezha Media)

For parents that would prefer a more basic and intuitive option, Google Family Link is a free app that comes with most of the functionalities needed in a parental control software. It is hassle-free and easy to set-up, providing clear instructions and descriptions for both parents and children.

This app is perfect for families that would like another app to support and complement their existing primary parental control software, or for those that would prefer not to spend money on such software.

  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Excellent and detailed app filtering for Android and Chromebooks
  • Set daily screen time limits and restrictions for timings like bedtime
  • The kids’ app is only available on Android and Chromebook (while the parents’ app is also available on iOS and web browsers)
  • Limited web-filtering and video supervision

Price: Free

Find out more about Google Family here.

As a coding school, we know that it’s important that we let our little ones continually explore the digital world while also staying safe and vigilant. The use of Parental Control Software allows us to be aware of what our children are up to online, to limit screentime and prevent stranger danger – ultimately, it is up to us, as parents, to educate them on healthy online habits that will stay with them for life!

Coding Lab wishes everyone a blessed Chinese New Year! We wish you success and good health. 🧧

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Written by Oliver Zhang, edited by Thinzar Htet and Gracia Goh

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The roaring Chinese New Year is approaching and we’re ready to welcome it together with a brand new list of fun techtivities (tech activities) that you and your loved ones can do for the month! 

For February’s #TechFact, we’re going back to 1964 when the first computer mouse was created! Back then, it was only made out of a rectangular wooden shell, a circuit board and two metal wheels. 

Image for #TechFact (February Techtivities)
Take a look at the mouse you have today. How different is it compared to the first one invented? 🔎

Now that we’re all warmed up, keep scrolling to discover techtivities that you and your family can indulge in this month! ✨

Chingay Parade

The Chingay Parade is back again this year to celebrate its 50th Anniversary with the theme ‘Ignite Our Dreams’. 🌟 Started in 1973 as a street parade to celebrate the Lunar New Year, it has evolved into an annual iconic event that showcases Singapore’s rich and unique multi-ethnic cultures! 

The event will be streamed live online and on social media channels. Huddle up the whole family on 12 February to watch vibrant floats, dancing dragons, performers of different races in their traditional costumes and more on your digital devices! 💃🕺 It’s so amazing to see technology still giving us the opportunity to see such events in these unprecedented times. ✨

Photo of Chingay Parade

When: Saturday, 12 February 2022
Where: Streamed online
Price: FREE
Learn more here.

Apple Workshops

Ever dreamt of making music? Fancy yourself a creator? Or thinking of making TikTok Magic? (Yes, Coding Lab is now on TikTok too! Find out who got us smiling here.)

You can take free workshops at the three Apple stores across Singapore and even online! In the short sessions, you’ll get to create something as you learn alongside industry experts, known as Creative Pros. Whether it’s iPhone videos or photoshoots 📹, iPad music skills with GarageBand 🎶 or art and design 🎨, you can bring your own Apple devices or it’ll be provided! It’s time to take you and your family’s digital skills to the next level.

You can even get access to on-demand videos from Creative Pros here – so you can learn from the comfort and safety of your home.

Photo of Today at Apple

When: Weekly
Where: Apple Stores (Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands, Jewel Changi Airport) and Online
Price: FREE
Learn more here.

Energy Story

Bring your energetic little techies down to learn all about how humankind harnesses energy to work! They’ll embark on an adventure to learn about how energy has been used over the years, and how we must work towards a cleaner and more sustainable future with it. 

They’ll learn about Singapore’s own energy sector with its four main switches – natural gas, solar power, regional power grids and low-carbon alternatives in a fun and exciting way with tech! You and your little one will certainly be more energy-savvy by the end of the day. 🌤️

Photo of Energy Story (Feb Techtivities)

When: Permanent exhibition
Where: Science Center Singapore
Price: $19 – $35
Learn more here.

Magical Shores

Magical Shores has been back since 26 November 2021 and it’s here to stay! Experience Siloso beach like never before as it turns into an interactive light and sound spectacle. 🏖️

Get to see your little tech whizz marvel at art produced in real-time due to the tracking of wind speed and people’s movements. 🎨 For optimum viewing experience, a reservation is required before coming down! 

Graphic of Magical Shores at Sentosa

When: From 26 November 2021
On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Eve of Public holidays and Public Holidays
Session 1: 7.30-8.45pm
Session 2: 9-10.15pm
Where: Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Price: FREE
Learn more here.

Welcome 2022 Weekly Coding Classes

It’s not too late to sign up for some weekly coding fun! Led by our team of caring and passionate educators, your little one will have an awesome time in class. We’ve also got new and revamped colourful workbooks that will make learning how to code so much more fun and enjoyable! 🌈

Your child’s safety is of our utmost importance, which is why the sanitising of classrooms and safe distancing will be put in place at all times! You can even opt for Online classes. Sign up here or feel free to drop us an email, call us or WhatsApp us to get in touch! 

Hello 2022! Banner for Jan Techtivities

When: From 4 January 2022
Where: Online, Parkway Parade, Bukit Timah (KAP Mall)
Price: From $401.52
Sign up here.

This month’s tech news is about marine autonomy (in this case, underwater robots!) that are able to perform safe underwater inspections with the help of artificial intelligence. Thanks to technology, such underwater inspections can be done with minimal human involvement as real-time deep learning algorithms enable the robots to adapt to the ever-changing conditions in the water. 🤩

Image for #TechNews (February Techtivities 2022)
What a cool invention made by BeeX Autonomous Systems!  

If you haven’t seen our previous techtivity recommendations, check out our January #TechtivitiesOfTheMonth, which includes more cool tech-related activities you can do with friends and family! 

(Written by Zulaikha)

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Coding Lab Student Feature: Justin, NUS High School of Math and Science

In another exciting student feature, we have Justin, a bright-eyed boy passionate about Mathematics and Coding, who entered NUS High School of Math and Science. Let’s get to know our Gifted Coders graduate who started learning to code at the tender age of seven! 🤩

Photo of Justin on holiday
Justin smiling happily while on holiday.

Hi Justin! Congratulations on entering NUS High through DSA! How do you feel about this achievement?

I felt very happy (and relieved) as I have always wanted to get into NUS High. In fact, it was my dream school ever since my family drove past some years back and the word “Math” caught my attention. Later on, I chanced upon a YouTube video that featured Pi digits on the aluminium panels above the concourse. Being a Math enthusiast, I was very fascinated. I was over the moon when I finally received the Confirmed Offer letter!

“After I learnt how to code, I was able to understand how games are created. It is fun to know what goes on behind the scenes!”

Tell us how you first got started with coding. What do you like most about it?

Photo of Justin and friends in class (1200x628)
Justin (far right) and his friends in the Gifted Coders class.

My parents thought that I would enjoy coding so they signed me up for Coding Lab’s Scratch holiday programme when I was seven years old. I enjoyed designing games using Scratch and playing other users’ games!

Later on, I was spotted by my tutors to be accelerated and was invited to join the Gifted Coders’ class where I learnt Python programming language. What I enjoyed most about Python is how I am able to create programs that can solve Mathematics problems.

“The current world is technology-driven, hence it will benefit us if we understand how to code in order to stay relevant. It also teaches us how to think logically.”

Why do you think learning to code is so important?

Photo of Justin
An avid Math lover, Justin finds it gratifying to solve problems with code.

Coding is what we use to invent machines, robots and video games. Without coding, we will not be able to enjoy apps like Zoom, GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda. I mean, just imagine how these things have benefited us during the pandemic! 

The current world is technology-driven, hence it will benefit us if we understand how to code in order to stay relevant. It also teaches us how to think logically.

What are the difficulties you faced while learning to code and how did you overcome them?

When I first started Python, I found many errors in my code. I had to constantly seek help from my teacher and over time, I gradually understood the reason behind my errors and I learnt how to debug independently without her help.

“Debugging has helped me learn how to troubleshoot whenever I face a problem. Every time I manage to do it, it feels very shiok!”

What is your favourite project and why?

I enjoy how the aliquot sequence works, so my preferred type of code is one that calculates the aliquot sequence works of a number. My favourite project is the one I did for my Gifted Coders graduation, which can solve simultaneous and quadratic equations! Check it out below.

How has coding made a difference in your life?

Photo of Justin on holiday 2
In his free time, Justin enjoys listening to music, doing science kits, playing card or board games with his sisters, cycling with his family and playing with the Rubik’s cube.

After I learnt how to code, I was able to understand how games are created. It is fun to know what goes on behind the scenes! With my Python knowledge and my passion for Math, I was even able to code a program that calculated the sum of factors for every number. I was also able to create Math problem-solving programs using Python and I found it to be truly rewarding indeed!

Do you have any advice for young people like you who are learning to code?

I would highly recommend young people to pick up Python, especially with Coding Lab’s Python programme! The language is very relevant in today’s technology-driven world and with it, you’re able to create solutions for real-world problems!

Thank you for sharing your coding journey with us, Justin! We are so happy and proud to see you grow from the bright 7-year-old Scratch student – that we invited to our Gifted Coders class – to a Python pro, and is now in our S200 Advanced Electives. We hope that Justin’s story will be an inspiration, and we look forward to what he will achieve in the future! 😉

(Written by Zulaikha)

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We are honoured to be the winner of multiple awards.
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