Diploma in Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering, NYP
NYP Director’s List, Outstanding Academic Performance (2014/2015)
ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)

Having an interest in teaching since young and a diploma in electrical and computer engineering at NYP, Rachel is excited to be able to pursue her passion by teaching coding to the younger generation.

She finds it fulfilling when a child accomplishes their goal, be it solving a simple bug or creating a program. Every child has their own learning style and she always tries her best to find a suitable teaching approach. There is a heartwarming feeling when a child expresses their affection or appreciation, be it through a comforting hug or a photo.

International Olympiad in Informatics Coach & Team Leader (2020)
Singapore National Coach for NOI (2015 – 2018)
International Olympiad in Informatics (Silver)
National Olympiad in Informatics (Gold, 2nd Position)

Guangxuan is a competitive programmer. His burning passion for competitive programming led him to represent Raffles Institution and Singapore in numerous prestigious olympiads in Computing, Physics, and Mathematics. He was also part of the team that was awarded the 1st Place at Shopee’s I’m the Best Coder Competition (2019).

Beyond achievements, Guangxuan has trained countless medalists in Olympiad in Informatics Courses (NUS). He is devoted to nurturing the next generation of competitive programmers, to keep the culture of teaching alive for many years to come.

B.B.A. Information Systems, UOW
NEC Asia Pacific
Ministry of Home Affairs

Evan started his coding journey at the age of 15, first taking Computing as a GCE O Level subject, while also being actively involved in his CCA, InfoComm Club as a committee member, imparting his skills about animation and game design to his juniors and participating in various national competitions.

This fuelled his interest in teaching coding, where he enjoys sharing knowledge and imparting new programming skills to students.

He strongly believes that coding is not just learning about technical skills, but rather learning and applying one’s knowledge and creativity to solve problems.

Master of Education (Developmental Psychology), NTU
B.Sc (Hons) Psychology (Second Class, Division One), Cardiff Metropolitan University
Ministry of Education

Salena’s passion for teaching was cultivated when she was teaching in primary schools. Having interacted with many students and thus developed an increasing curiousity in children’s development, she pursued a higher degree education at NTU and graduated with a Master of Education.

Having taught core subjects for a few years, Salena decided to broaden her horizon and challenged herself to learn and teach programming at Coding Lab.

Salena hopes to impart the art of programming and uses her academic knowledge to ensure that students are able to learn effectively and enjoy the process at the same time. The light of understanding and excitement that shone in the children’s eyes after they have understood the lesson is always heart-warming to see.

MSc Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Economics, University of London
Volunteer, National Civil Defence Cadet Corps

Edmund graduated with a Master of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics. He has always loved solving challenging problems and has participated and won awards for several Mathematical Olympiads during his Primary and Secondary years in school.

Previously an Assistant Field Instructor with National Civil Defence Cadet Corps, Edmund has experience working with students, through which he developed his passion for teaching, being able to motivate and nurture them into future leaders, knowing that every action he takes impacts the future generation.

B.B.A. Business Analytics (Hons), NUS
NUS Business School Leadership Development Programme
National Junior College Student Council

Lakshmi is currently an undergraduate pursuing a Business degree at the National University of Singapore. She loves to read, write and draw, while dabbling in entrepreneurship, technology and community service. Serving as a publicity officer in several events throughout her school years, she found her strengths in marketing and communications.

Through her internship at Coding Lab in education and marketing, she realised she could integrate her strengths while working towards a social cause she cares about, and she hopes to be able to reach out to more students through Tiny Thinkers as she believes every student should learn computational thinking.

B.A. Sociology (Hons), NUS
Methodist Girls’ School (International Baccalaureate)
President, Tiny Thinkers

Thinzar is currently an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She likes working with children and discovered her passion for teaching through her volunteer experience as a tutor to children during her school years.

As an educator at Coding Lab, Thinzar has discovered the importance of computational thinking in different areas of life, not just in coding. She believes it should be a skill learnt since young and wishes to impart computational thinking skills to children. Her passion for teaching and empowering the next generation led her to volunteer to lead Tiny Thinkers, a social cause to impact underprivileged children.

She hopes to be able to continue imparting knowledge to students as a teacher throughout her career.

B.Sc. Life Sciences, NUS & University of Dundee (Joint Degree Programme)
Raffles Institution
Head of Talent Acquisition, Tiny Thinkers

As a clinical researcher under the Duke-NUS Pre-Medical Course and Joint Degree Programme for Drug Design, Shravya’s grounding in Bioinformatics has helped her to realise the importance of coding and computational thinking in various career pathways, such as Life Sciences and Medicine.

Especially in a globalising world anticipating new technological innovations, she believes in the necessity to develop computational thinking amongst the young so that they are better prepared for the future. She is passionate about ensuring that every child, regardless of his/her financial background has access to developing computing skills, hence her involvement in Tiny Thinkers as the Head of Talent Acquisition.

She enjoys working with children and gains satisfaction when her students are able to understand and apply the concepts taught in class.

B.Eng. Computer Engineering (Hons), NUS
ECE Student Council
Anglo-Chinese School (International Baccalaureate)

Hovan’s passion for teaching blossomed when he was 15. With the addition of two younger brothers into the family, Hovan was tasked with the guidance of his toddler brothers. He instilled in them not just knowledge but also discipline, morality and almost everything else about being human.

Ever since Hovan started his university journey and has delved into the depths of programming, he has decided to fuse his passion for teaching with his newly found love for programming.

With the aim of not only imparting the art of programming and logical thinking, Hovan also enjoys helping new students take their first baby steps into the pool of coding.

BSocSci Sociology (Hons), NUS
Uber Singapore Technology
River Valley High School

As an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore pursuing a Sociology degree, Yin Xuan found her passion in working with children and educating the younger generation when volunteering in mentorship and tutoring programmes in school. Fuelled by her passion and the excitement of her students when they understand a concept, she thrives as an educator.

At Coding Lab, she teaches and finds it extremely gratifying when her students look forward to and enjoy coming to each and every class. Yin Xuan believes that computational thinking is something that can and should be incorporated into every child’s life, and involves herself in developing the curriculum for all students to have an enriching experience.