B.Eng. Computational Engineering Science, NUS
Minor in Language Studies (German)

Nikita is currently an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, specialising in Computational Engineering Science. Her hobbies include assembling metal and paper model kits, relishing the satisfaction of completing the intricate builds. She also likes to complete jigsaw puzzles or play with Rubik’s cubes in her free time to unwind. 

Nikita believes in the importance of developing computational thinking skills through learning to code, which also stimulates critical thinking and improves problem solving skills. She is excited to help her students understand coding beyond the textbook and help further their skills in real-world situations. Nikita strives to impart these essential skill sets to her students, and ensures that class is enjoyable for all. 

B.Comp. Computer Science, NUS
M.Comp. Computer Science (AI Specialisation), NUS
Software Engineer at Padlet (Singapore)

With 5+ years of experience developing software, Anand began his career building fintech products for PayPal, before entering edutech as a software engineer at Padlet.

Anand’s first foray as an educator was during his undergraduate at NUS as a Teaching Assistant for Programming Methodology and Discrete Math courses. At Coding Lab, Anand was an instructor for foundational coding, before focusing on training students in Competitive Programming.

As a firm believer in lifelong learning, Anand enjoys understanding and teaching from first principles. Through his teaching, he hopes to inculcate the same interest in computational thinking that drew him to computer science as a discipline.